Day 13-8-Ball Pool by Miniclip

Lucky for all you who love the games out there, I decided to do one more! Heheh. For those of you who love action with a competitive edge, today’s game is 8-Ball Pool by Miniclip.

image image image image

I decided to save space and put the pics together, it’s pretty self explanatory if you’re a pool player. I like this game because it’s very realistic and does not take long for you to build your skill levels and rank up. Second, I like that you can choose to play against either a random player, one of your friends, or in a tournament setting.

Through the game, there are bonuses too, like your pool cue auto-charging, and there a shop where you can use your coins earned to buy new pool cues, convo-packs (so you can talk to each other) or the hourly bonus earnings you can pick up.

Theres also the Vip club for players who have leveled up or purchased coins. This membership earns you more free coins on your bonuses plus more advantages.

This is a great app for those who enjoy a skill game such as pool, bowling, ski-ball and the like. I’ve played all those but stuck with this pool game because I like the challenge and all the options. Short post tonight being it was a late one getting to bed last night and this girl’s tired. I hope you’ve all enjoyed game week and also watching the Olympics. Jeez, I’m so tired, I forgot what next week’s theme was going to be. I should really utilize that calendar huh? Tune in anyway, maybe we’ll all get a surprise, lol. Nite all! 💤