How to Make Use of Bad Bananas and More Stolen Tips and Tricks

Ok, maybe not bad bananas, just overripe ones, they are the sweetest you know! Oh, and I call them stolen tips and tricks because I find these great little nuggets of information on Pinterest, or Instructables, or other peoples blogs…

Anyhoo, next time you have a couple of bananas laying around that look like they are ready for the trash heap, don’t do it!! Instead, make use of your brand new mini-muffin tin like I did, and create a delicious breakfast or snackable banana nut muffin (or 24)! I got the recipe from The Real Food Dieticians on Pinterest because I wanted a grain free/Paleo option and I was in a hurry. Normally I comb my own pins for a recipe, but I literally typed Paleo banana muffin recipe into the Pinterest search bar and these are what I got! Win-win!

Used my own pics

These tasty little morsels used the perfect amounts of nut flours in that they were not grainy feeling, but more like bread texture like you want a muffin to taste/feel like on your tongue. There is literally no sweeteners save for the bananas in them and they are just perfect! I modified the recipe to include walnuts instead of chocolate chips, took my own pics and voila!

Looking pretty good on this plate

I had to borrow some eggs from my sweet next door neighbor, so she is definitely getting some muffins in return. I also shared some with my dad and Sean yesterday and I will eat the rest for the week’s breakfast. They are ok on the counter up to 3 days but will keep in the fridge for up to 2 weeks (not gonna last that long!) I cannot reprint her recipe, so if you click on the link up there, it will take you straight to her recipe page!

Be sure to give them lots of water too!

I was talking to my grandbaby’s mom the other night and she said she was not taking to cows milk so well, so I told her she might ask the dr. if she could use nut milk instead. That made me wonder if it was safe for one-year-old babies so I looked it up. The results were surprising! Every site I looked at said regular cows milk is the best source of protein, calcium, and calories for toddlers 1 to 3. They are supposed to get 500 mg of calcium per day, which can be in the forms of milk, yogurt, cheese, cottage cheese etc.

The reason you don’t want to feed them coconut milk (as the primary milk source) is that the extra calories may make them feel fuller so they may not eat the other foods they may need. Also, it has less protein than cows milk and very little calcium. Pasteurized goat’s milk is an ok but very expensive alternative to cow’s milk. (I know from experience, her daddy had to drink it). Don’t give them too much fruit juice at this stage either, it causes diarrhea, tooth decay and excess weight gain.

So what should I tell her? Try to put the milk on cereal, or give it as a snack in a cup with other foods, try some cheese, yogurt, or cottage cheese and don’t stress if she isn’t drinking bottle after bottle of milk. That baby is healthy, just look at her! Sprinkle cheese on her veggies, choose desserts (low in sugar) that are made with milk like puddings and custard. From time to time she can have nut milk in a small quantity, and personally, I don’t agree with the soy recommendation. I’m not a fan of soy, but that’s a post for another time.


My last tip is on the current diffuser blend I’m using (smells so heavenly) to make the house smell like fall and also keep the allergens at bay. It is taken from Real Oil and I love the blend and how it makes me feel. I use my own oils but they have oils for purchase as well. I have not tried theirs yet but I may in the future. The blend was what they call Home Sweet Home and you put these in your diffuser:

3 drops of Frankincense

2 drops of Cinnamon Leaf

3 drops of Grapefruit

3 drops of Orange

Omg! it not only makes the house smell wonderful, it also clears up the sinuses and helps relieve stress and anxiety. Frankincense alone has so many other benefits, just be sure you are using quality oils, 100% pure, therapeutic grade,  please. You can find many of their other wonderful diffuser recipes by clicking the link. (I am not affiliated with Real Oil btw)

That’s all I have right now just so you know, Barbara made it back home safe and sound, Claudette is feeling great and my son Sean had dental surgery yesterday and I should probably check on him later. :0 Dad and I need to go pick up his repaired hearing aid and I have so much to do before 3:30 when we go do that, so bye everyone and I’ll see you next time on the patio!


Day 32- Product Week- Other Butters- Sun Butter, Almond Butter

Man, I used to love eating peanut butter! Since I began living the Paleo lifestyle however, I’ve had to find alternate nut butters and I’m about to discuss two of my favs. The first one I tried was almond butter. It was all natural with no added sugar or anything and to me, it tasted kind of rancid. Must have had a bad nut in that batch, the next time I tried it, it was good. The brand was Maranatha  and that’s what I stuck with…for awhile.


It was ok tasting until I found another butter at Sprouts. It’s sunflower butter and it has 3 grams of sugar,  per 2 tbsp, 200 calories, 7grams of protein and 7 grams of total carbs. To me, it’s the closest tasting thing to peanut butter that I’ve found and has become my go-to snack or lunch enhancer. The brand is simply Sun Butter Natural Sunflower Butter and it can even be found at Walmart! That cuts down on trips to the health food store, where things can get pretty pricey. Why does it cost so much to eat healthy? I have a theory.😒


You can tell I really enjoy it by the nearly empty jar! I eat it on Granny Smith apples, baby carrots and add it to my smoothie (if it’s a chocolate one), yum! The good thing to know is that you have other choices if you are staying away from peanuts, whether because of an allergy or dietary restrictions, and, it’s delicious! Before I found this sun butter, I used to add a smidge of raw honey or 100% maple syrup to make the almond butter more palatable. Plus, it was very hard to spread and the oil content in sun butter makes it a breeze.

Don’t me wrong, I’ll still use almond butter for a recipe from time to time, I just like sun butter better! It’s a matter of taste. This sun butter is also soy free, tree nut free, gluten free, dairy free, non GMO and is made in the USA! I don’t worry about the fat and calories because I usually only eat a tbsp, not two. The sugar is so low, I don’t concern myself with that either-it comes from dehydrated cane syrup and the only other additions are salt and Vitamin E ( natural mixed tocopherols to preserve freshness).

It stacks up pretty equally to peanut butter in terms of calories, except sun butter has 4 grams of fiber and peanut butter has 2.  They have equal amounts of protein and similar carbs. The reason I don’t eat peanut butter is because peanuts are a legume, something people on Paleo avoid. The reason is the harmful lectins and phytic acid they contain. They and all beans or legumes give you gas, which is reason enough for me to avoid them. Peanut butter causes so many allergies for some people, there is growing concern that aflatoxin present in peanuts and other crops like wheat and rice, could be the culprit of these allergies.

Lucky for me, I never was a huge bean eater anyway, save green beans and sometimes black beans like you find at Mexican restaurants. Oh, and occasionally, at bbqs I might have a small spoon of Ranch Style Beans with jalapeños. Anyway, I hope this has been an informative talk and you do try another nut butter and let me know how you liked it. As always, questions and/or comments are welcome, so join the discussion. Until tomorrow, when I talk about nut flours, you all have a pleasant evening. I’m going to go sit on the patio.😉