Day 43-Story Week-Race To The Sun

I was originally going to have this week be a combo of local events and then a story I craft from a word prompt. After taking a gander at the city’s official event calendar instead of the newsletter, I realized that unless y’all want to hear about trash bash or the next time my buddies band is playing, I’ll just stick to a story-for tonight at least.

Secondly, I was going to do my story off a word prompt but decided to go off a picture prompt for my first attempt. 😊


As her eyes popped open, it hit her that she might already be too late. She hurled herself out of the bed, as quietly as she could, so as not to disturb her sleeping roommates. Hurriedly, she threw on some clothes, grabbed her iPhone and flip flops and raced down the stairs and out the front door of the rental she shared with eighteen other women that weekend. Four of her party were on the balcony, enjoying their morning coffee as she blew past them with no words. She knew they were aware of her  motives, she’d been telling them all week that this was on her list of things she wanted to do.

She almost fell down the stairs of the cabin in her rushed state, and the other ladies hollered at her something like, “whoa, you ok?” She yelled back “yeah, I’m alright” and walked as fast as her short little legs could get her there. She could see the sky starting to change and kept thinking, ” I’m not gonna make it!” Still, she pushed on, only a few more feet now and she would be on the beach. All at once she crested the top of the dune and saw her acquaintances standing on the beach. They heard her approach and called out, “Hey! You made it!” Out of breath and overjoyed at the fact that she did indeed get there in time,  she greeted them as she took up the perfect position.

They all did, they had talked about wanting to do this just yesterday while meeting for the first time at the beach. “They” were a nice family visiting from the Houston area that struck up a friendly conversation with her as she was getting some sun and enjoying some beach time. The ladies she was with on this trip were all members or former members of a group called Sertoma that she was in when she had lived close by just a few months previously. They knew she was more about beach time than they were, so they gave her her space when she would just take off with little notice. Now she was here again, together with this other nice little group of people, all on a quest to get the sun rising over the ocean and catch it on film.

She had finally done it, as many times as she had been to one beach or another in her lifetime, this was a first for her. It had been hazy and at first, even though she’d been on time, it didn’t look good-like God was mocking her and saying, “can’t get it this time either” but then the haze cleared and there it was. She tried to adjust the size of the picture so it would show up but not have the image be blurred. She should have brought her “real” camera but the iPhone would have to do. She was proud of her efforts and so happy she bypassed coffee and conversation to get the amazing shots that nature provided….once one got their butt out of bed early enough to capture the beauty.

image image image