What's With This Weird Weather?

It’s August in Texas, the rain has been coming down since sometime before the sun came up and the temperature is 72 degrees currently. What the what??? This is NOT our typical summer day, in fact, I can’t remember a time when it was cool and rainy on the second day of August, however, I’m sure there’s a weatherman out there who would dispute my sketchy memory.

I took a pic out in the backyard and it looks more like a fall day than the dog days of summer, but hey, I’ll take it! I’m sure we will be back to sweltering soon.

A gloomy but cooler day


Yesterday I took yet another course, this one from Udemy since it was an offer I couldn’t refuse, $10 for a course on how to write White Papers. (Normally $90) Now, I don’t know about you guys that are writers, but I’m not crazy about the prospect of crafting an 8-10 White Paper, especially if it’s a technical one, but then I read how much you can make and I decided…ok!

The cool thing is, they are different than any other job a copywriter does in that you get to become an “expert” on a subject you know nothing about sometimes. Therefore, they are the most interesting of all our projects. Yesterday, for the exercise the course asks you to do, I had to do research on how companies profit by the use of mini-videos. I learned a lot but realized I knew a lot too, due to the rabid popularity of U-Tube and Instagram videos, not to mention the crazy 6-minute “vine” videos you sometimes see on Facebook. Business   owners are realizing the huge potential of marketing this way, according to studies, and that was what my project was about.

I have not yet completed it because I am waiting for feedback on a question I asked the instructer. Unfortunately, my favorite teacher at Udemy passed away, you still get the course delivered by him since it was previously recorded, but now his mentor answers your questions. His name was Len Smith and he had this wonderful English accent and such a unique way of teaching, I will miss him dearly. That was my third course on a copywriting subject that I’ve taken with him as the instructer.

The next thing I did was to join Crowd Content and apply for some jobs writing and editing. I sent off my first submissions and now I have to wait until they are approved by the staff. Say a prayer please that I am accepted, then I can start bringing in a little bit of income for my writing. Thank you ahead of time!

Well, I’m off to take my Dad for his check-up with his cardiologist, following that brief hospital stay a few weeks ago. I’m sure he is fit as a fiddle now, but he likes to hear it from the horse’s mouth. I will keep you all updated, if you have any questions about anything I’ve talked about here, let me know in the comments.