BBQ, Birthday Dinner Party & Reunion Wrap-Up

I think it’s safe to say that this particular Lexington Marine Reunion has been a most enjoyable experience for all who came and celebrated together. Last night at dinner we also celebrated Barbara Wilson’s birthday with presents, good food, happy tears and lots of laughs….and desserts! Wait until you see the size of the bread pudding they serve at the place we are dinner last night!! The place was called County Line Rd BBQ and it was pricey  but very good.

First order of business once the waitress took our order was to surprise Barb with her gifts. I was unaware we were going to to that, however, so we gave her her gift later. Here she is getting her blingy Texas hat, so she never forgets San Antonio or the great time she had there.

Can’t eat BBQ with your bling-y bill in the way!
Barb and Sharon sharing some good story

After consuming what seemed like tons of meat, some people just had to have dessert!! Claudette started it by ordering a delicious blackberry cobbler a-la-mode and so two others followed suit. The waitress was kind enough to bring everyone extra spoons so we could all sample a bite. Thanks a lot lady!!! Then, unbeknownst to Chuck, the bread pudding he ordered fed about 10 people!

Bad camera angle, this thing was way bigger than that!

Does Chuck look perplexed or what? (My hubby’s words) He literally shared this bohemoth with the whole table. Rich and I were so stuffed, we had to walk back to the hotel!

We have to thank the Delgato family for their wonderful gifts, including covering the meal  for the birthday girl and Claudette, they are the most generous, sweet folks. “Gigi” and his wife Tonni and their kids showed such hospitality, maybe because they as a family are so blessed. The Lord has been very good to them-Tonni is a four time cancer survivor. She is beautiful inside and out!

A couple of beauties!

Unfortunately the party had to end as they needed to get home but not before expressing their gratitude at seeing their old Marine buddies. I truly hope it goes another year so my husband doesn’t miss out next time! Once we got back to The Crockett, we convened at Ernie’s for a nightcap, small talk, and the next Astro’s game. Which we won!!! Then we said our goodbyes since the Miles family had to leave early to make their flight, and Ruthie isn’t an early riser. We did get to say bye to Chuck at breakfast, I think he beat a hasty retreat lest we see him get emotional. You can tell these people really share a special bond that can’t be broken by time, distance, or loss.

Come back tomorrow when I share our side trip home at the famous Silos at Magnolia in Waco, Texas! A true example of extreme decadence! Thanks for stopping by!



Day Three Lexington Marine Reunion-Shopping, Dining, Celebrating

As the morning temperatures progressed from cool to slightly warm, we departed the hotel for a different kind of shopping experience at The Pearl Brewery shopping mall.

The Pearl Brewery and shopping mall
My pretty cappuccino design

First of all, the farmer’s market was taking place and evidently some kind of bring-your-doggie-dressed-for-Halloween event as well! We must have seen every breed imaginable, dressed up in their finest attire and they were so well behaved too! I wish I would have thought to take pics of them, however, we were all about which boutique to hit first once I made my way through what goodies the farmer’s market had to offer. I came away with some lovely and tasty coconut macaroons-totally Paleo which is right up my alley!

From there our group proceeded to several cute but pricey boutiques, stopping after a while for a coffee break where I enjoyed my first “real” cappuccino. Such talented artisans in that place! If I sleep tonight, I’ll be lucky! We all tasted something different from green tea to some lovely ice cream and coffee confection.

Too soon it was time to summon our second Uber of the day, what a great way to get around San Antonio effortlessly! Thanks to Rich and Barb for footing the tab on those little rides! While we waited I snapped a shot of some converted silos outside of Nao Cafe and close to the Emma Hotel.

Nao Latin Gastro Bar

It’s late and I have much to tell about the birthday girl’s dinner celebration so you’ll have to join me tomorrow when I finish up this little reunion tale, until then buenas noches!