Reaping Rewards and Recovering

Good morning everyone and may I just say how lovely it is to be feeling better today after staying in bed all day yesterday. I was suffering from symptoms of a UTI, which I seem to have flushed out by using my essential oils and drinking tons of water. Want to know which ones I used and how? Just remember, this remedy is not approved by the FDA, nor am I suggesting anyone else try it without talking to your healthcare provider.

I awoke early with that urgent need to pee. Rushing to the bathroom next to the guest room (where I was sleeping due to my hubby’s snoring) I relieved myself….and there it was, at the end of the stream, the old, familiar pain. UGH!!! How did this happen? I can only assume it’s the result of letting my guard down, drinking too much alcohol over the summer and consuming way more sugar than I have since I went Paleo. So, this is what I did:

I drug my bloated, painful belly (and the rest of me) into the kitchen and made my go-to drink for flushing out the germs: 2 T ACV, 2 T pure lemon juice, 2 T raw honey, 1 T Ceylon cinnamon into a small mug of steaming hot water. Drank that down. Then I made my second large glass of water with a drop each of lemongrass and grapefruit essential oils. They work together to kill the bacteria, help ease the pain and reduce the inflammation. The next glass I made I used peppermint oil to try to fight the bloat. See, I don’t want to have to take antibiotics or pay for a doctor’s visit if I can fix things myself with what God intended us to use.

After a light lunch, I put one drop of oregano oil in a warmed mug of chicken broth, held my nose and drank that down. Not gonna lie, it tastes awful but here is what it does:

  • reverses or reduces bacterial infections
  • kills fungal infections
  • kills parasites
  • reduces inflammation
  • kills candida
  • reduces tumors
  • gets rid of allergens

Now, if the compound in oil of oregano, carvacrol can do all that, why should I take harmful antibiotics and risk all those unwanted side effects? In fact, I’m probably going to do it again today, just for good measure and make sure I’ve rid myself of all the potential trouble makers. Studies suggest that oil of oregano can even eradicate E Coli, the very bacteria that is probably reeking havoc on my body. Now, how does it get to your bladder you might ask? Well, I certainly know the rule about always wiping from front to back, every woman knows this, right?! But! There are other ways it can get there because our urethra is so close to our anus.

Urethra is the yellow highlighted part
See how close the two are?

Sorry guys, I should have warned you at the beginning that this was mainly a talk geared for us women, then again, it may help you understand just what your wives and/or girlfriends are going through when they complain about another UTI. I thought maybe the fact that I put on my bathing suit over the weekend without washing it first might have also been a contributing factor. Trust me, it’s clean now!!

Anyway, the point is, I feel so much better today that I once again will get back on the little to no sugar train again because as you all know from my earlier posts-sugar is the devil and no good will come from over indulging in too much. So back to no (or very little) alcohol 😔, stop with the cheating by eating chips and salsa and go back to my strict ways when I first became Paleo.

One more thing, this is very important: never use just any old essential oil!! Especially if you plan to use them like me. Only use trusted oils recommended by your healthcare provider or aromatherapist. I have used several different brands that I know to be pure, 100% therapeutic grade essential oils. As of late, I have been using a new source from a company that has been around a very long time. If you want to know more about this company, pm me and I will tell you how to get them or order them for you, whichever you choose.

Ok, now for the rewards part of the post. Some of you know I have an aerogarden and I have been growing cherry tomatoes and jalapeño peppers this time. Last year I grew Herbs and had basil coming out of my ears!! Anyway, I walked in the dining room this morning and was greeted by this:

Ripening is finally taking place!

I didn’t think they were ever going to ripen, but persistence pays off! (Also pruning) My peppers have not come yet but they did flower. The aerogarden is so simple, just make sure it has water ever day and when the lights indicate it’s time to feed the nutrients, do it. I was hoping that I would have enough tomatoes and peppers to make my own salsa (I can control the sweetener that way) but it looks like I won’t be putting the grocery store out of business any time soon.

Well, that’s it my lovely peeps, I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday and I will see you probably on Friday. Please hit me with any questions or concerns by commenting and I will answer you as soon as possible. Drink your water now and have a great day!!




Buying Guide-Herbs & Essential Oils Super Bundle

*This post contains affiliate links, please see my disclosure.

Hello, it’s Kim here from Kimmy’s Patio to tell you guys about a deal I wish I had been given way back when I first started exploring the world of essential oils and herbal remedies. See, about three years ago, I was getting ready to go on my very first cruise and began to study how to naturally get myself in better shape. I researched everything I could get my hands on, deciding to try the Paleo lifestyle and discovering essential oils along the way.

The problem was, I had to do all the research myself, spending hours reading and searching the internet for books, webinars, and videos, it would have been so much easier if all of that information had been in one handy spot. Had someone told me how much time and money I would have saved by purchasing everything I needed to know about my new passion in one complete bundle, I would have happily bought it on the spot!

Had I had this handy library of information at my fingertips, instead of spending several months searching for the things I needed on my own, I would have had success much sooner. For me, everything was trial and error. I learned it, and it did work for me, but how did I know who to trust? I just had to hope I’d done my homework, and luckily, I had happy results. I lost weight by eating caveman style, I had more energy because I learned which essential oils to use and how to use them. But that can all be different for you. What I have to tell you about today is the most comprehensive, most complete, best value for your money bundle of resources and information ever put together on the subjects of herbal remedies and essential oils. I’m so excited for you because you get everything you need: 16 ebooks and printables, 10 e-courses, and 4 bonuses in several different product categories:

  • Everyday Products
  • Family Products
  • Products for illness and injury
  • Products for safety
  • Wellness Products

…and so much more. Are you struggling with weight issues? Allergies? Loss of sleep? Lack of energy? Find all the remedies to these problems and more within the bundle. You can feel confident knowing that the teachers and other resources were hand-picked, qualified sources that take the guesswork out and put the knowledge in, and discover useful tips, delicious recipes, and super tutorials along the way.

I discussed what a great deal this was on the blog this morning but I wanted to go into greater detail on it here tonite. Today is the start of a six-day promotion, after which, the price goes up. So I wanted to share the opportunity with you as soon as possible to grab the deal at the low price, courtesy of Ultimate Bundles. Before I get to that though, let me show you just a few highlights of what comes in the bundle:

  • Essential Oil Ingestion: An Evidence Based Approach-For anyone wanting to know more about the controversial practice of ingesting oils, Jessie Hawkins talks about the validity and safety issues among other topics relating to EO’s ($79 value)
  • DIY Herbal Apothecary: Your Blueprint to Reconstruct Your Medicine Cabinet by Christine Dalziel ($197 value) for anyone wanting to trade out their traditional medicinal remedies for herbs and the illnesses they treat.
  • Edible and Medicinal Flowers: 8 Healing flowers that boost energy, heal skin, activate digestion and turn any meal into a celebration by Kami McBride ($47 value)
  • Cancer, Nutrition & Natural Healing eCourse by Sayer Ji ($39 value)
  • How to Host an Essential Oils Make and Take Party by Rachel Zupke ($6.99 value)
  • Herbal Cookery E-Course: Getting Herbs to the Table by Kathie N. Lapcevic ($37.00)

…and that’s only the tip of the iceberg!! For the low cost of $29.97, you get everything I listed and a whole lot more. Remember, there is 16 e-books in all (worth $134.80), 10 eCourses (worth $627.88) and 4 bonuses (worth $106.84)! Want to learn more?

Click on the banner and it will take you straight to Ultimate Bundles where you will see everything you get, all in one place.

What happens after you decide to purchase? Well, if you take advantage of this great deal-which you should-you’ll be taken to a page to fill out your payment info and then you will also have an opportunity to purchase a copy of the Gut Health Super Bundle for $29.97! Imagine getting that deal before anyone else!!

I want to also let you know that they offer a satisfaction guarantee, if for any reason you decide this isn’t for you, you get your money back. So, if you are ready to get this super comprehensive, best ever bundle package deal with everything you need in one place, just click the link here:

Herbs & Essential Oils Super Bundle

Thank you for checking out my buying guide. Leave me any questions in the comments or drop me an email if I can help fill in any blanks.


*Disclosure: Mentions of associated products, services, or businesses within the content of this blog may or may not be noted as an affiliate in every reference. I only choose to promote products, services, or businesses that I have used and or trust.




Day 230-Free Days-Sunday Happenings

I so hope you have enjoyed the beautiful day this has been! Sunday in our part of the world got up to 80 degrees, and was spent working on the blog, the yard and dinner for family. Now, to be honest, Dave did the yard, I worked in the office and cleaned up after dinner, but hey-it was still a team effort…go team Smyth, lol.

The family, sans Chris, enjoyed thick, juicy Angus beef from Sams, baked potatoes (some of us had sweet) and salad. Unfortunately, Chris opted to go play disc golf with his friends, which is his choice of course, but he missed out for sure! I did try to help him out before he left by preparing him a special foot soak to treat his athletes foot (poor thing has a chronic problem) and dab treatment with specific essential oils. The foot soak had Epsom salts, tea tree oil, lavender oil, eucalyptus and peppermint, along with baking soda in warm water with apple cider vinegar. After he soaked for five minutes, he dried them well and I dabbed them with a cotton ball that had a few drop some of lavender and tea tree oil. These oils are anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, and some, like lavender, provide anti-inflammatory benefits. I sure hope it helps, but truthfully, he should do the treatment every day.

Now, everyone is gone and I have the evening breeze flowing through the living room, as I Watch Shades of Blue and compose this blog. A perfect end to a joyful weekend. Join me this week for my regular daily features and to hear the outcome of my appointment with the ENT and kidney doctor, which will hopefully end my doctor chores for the month. See you mañana, on the patio! 😎

Day 80-What R U Tired of? Week-Minor Annoyances


I’m so glad I blogged early yesterday because I spent most of the day in agony with muscle spasms in my back. I wore my Dad’s back brace that he kindly loaned me on a separate occasion last week! I’m sick of dealing with my stupid back, if it isn’t one thing-my hip out of joint-it’s another, like these too frequent back spasms. The pain goes right over my kidneys, making me worry that it’s them hurting and not my back, except for the fact that I felt the exact moment when it happened. I was reaching for the soap while in the tub when….like a lightening bolt of pain, one second was all it was, resulting in a long day of pain. Same thing happened last week while I was helping Stephanie with her stretches. All I did was bring her legs back up on the bed, the action of the muscles in my back resulted in another spasm so bad I had to sit down and work on getting breath into my lungs. I tried ice, which helped temporarily. Yes, I know I should probably go see a chiropractor but that’s an expensive and time consuming bother right now at this very busy time of the year.

Yesterday afternoon, I could take it no more and finally went to Walgreens and got some Percogesic, an OTC medicine with a pain reliever+mild muscle relaxer.

Surprise shopper at Walgreens yesterday
Surprise shopper at Walgreens yesterday

(seeing this funny sight at Walgreens yesterday slightly lifted my spirits)

It helped, but I’m still sore this morning. Personally, I think all this is stemming from my couch, which wasn’t cheap by the way, and while it fits our space perfectly, it is impossible to sit comfortably on. We are constantly shifting positions, trying to fluff the deep seated cushions, moving the oversized pillows, nothing helps. Anyone want a huge couch that seats eight people-albeit, tall people, “comfortably”? Anyhoo, I’m currently writing this blog from my husband’s old recliner, which may or may not be a better seating alternative. I’ve got my coffee and the diffuser going with some orange, lemongrass and bergamot essential oils, and it smells heavenly in here! By the way, here is in the game room where the recliner is and right now, the minor annoyance is the sun coming through the blinds and right in my eyes! -sigh-


What's the Best Essential Oil-Frankincense

This post is taken from my blog on Kimmy’s patio dated 8/15/16. It has been modified.

Frankincense is one of the oldest and most powerful of the essential oils, some claiming it even cures cancer! I use it for prevention, energy, clarity and concentration. It is the way I start most every day, a drop of this and one of lemon in my water, which I then sip on throughout the day, wakes me up and gives me a pep in my step.

Essential oils such as frankincense can be used in this way, inhaled straight from the bottle or diffused in a diffuser. It can also be used topically with a carrier oil such as almond, fractionated coconut, or jojoba and rubbed on age spots and scars to lighten them, or the forehead and neck to help with concentration and promote spiritual awareness. Essential oils pass through the skin making them transdermal, where they can then enter into the circulatory system and cells. This is what makes them so powerful and some compounds in essential oils have such small molecules, they can pass through the blood-brain barrier. In addition, healing through the olfactory system is what is known as aromatherapy and therefore simply diffusing certain essential oils can help speed up getting over a cold or prevent one in the first place. Frankincense is one such oil. It is one of the ancient oils the wise men brought to Jesus as a gift along with Myrrh.

The highest quality essential oils are Certified Therapeutic Pure Grade Essential oils and one should make sure they buy from trusted brands recommended by their doctor or aromatherapist. I’m not allowed to go into brands I like here, but honestly, I have tried several different brands I know to be trustworthy and I have my favorite among each of them.Because they are quality, they cost more, depending on the oil and which company makes them, but you can’t take chances with your health, so buy the best. I have personally had such good luck with mine, I come close to panic when I run out!

When I first started using them 2 or 3 years ago, I did so to improve my health and aid in my weight loss efforts. Frankincense and lemon are my magic bullets, I don’t want to be without them. More energy meant that I could increase my exercise, and they also provided added benefits like elevated mood, reduction of inflammation, and getting over my depression meant that I could wean myself off my anti-depressants, which I did with my doctor’s approval.

Speaking of doctors, Dr Axe has a great book that is my go-to for all things essential oils called The King’s Medicine Cabinet, which I borrowed some of the material presented here on this post. It is a free download and has an abundant amount of helpful information, reference charts and history on essential oils.

If you could have an oil with so many benefits in your arsenal, this would be my top choice.  No matter how you choose to use it, internally (upon approval from your doctor of course), topically, or with a diffuser, do try this wonderful powerhouse of an essential oil and let me know if you don’t enjoy an increase in energy, better mood, and heightened spiritual awareness. Pm me for brand names I recommend or stores where you can find good quality essential oils. Please educate yourself with Dr. Axe’s book and other resources I would be happy to suggest.