Day 88- A Couple of Updates

Earlier in the week, I shared some news about my Dad and my hubby. Just a quick update on my Dad- He had to be catheterized again (as I anticipated), and he will need surgery in a couple of weeks, due to the results found in the tests they performed on Tuesday. We are hoping it is a solution to the problem and he can do without the catheter in the future, however, if this turns out not to be the case, he is resigned to learn how to self-cath for temporary relief. He understands this and has made his peace with it.

Yesterday, I went on the great gluten-free beer hunt, searching four different establishments and, to my surprise, I found the one I want my hubby to try…in three different places! Sprouts stores have a pretty good selection of gluten free beers, including Omission, the one I talked about in my post the other day. Goody Goody Liquor had a few, however, they charged more. Same for Whole Foods in Colleyville, they are expensive on all of their offerings, so I traipsed off to find Central Market because I heard they will let you “create your own 6-pack”, this was not the case at the Southlake store. In fact, I couldn’t find any assistants and when I did get some direction, could not find any of the beers in singles. I wanted him to try one to see if he liked it before committing to a whole 6-pack. Alas, this was not to be, I will probably go back to Sprouts and pick up a 6-pack of the Lager Omission offers and try to find a different gluten-free beer to try myself, since none of the other stores offered the Treason Ale by Dogfish Head.

It was interesting that I did find a few to choose from though, and I’m sure as it catches on, there will be more. I can’t wait to see his reaction and share it with you guys. Meanwhile, I’ll just sip my latest cabernet I picked up from Goody Goody, called Darkhorse. It was pretty good as I remember from past experience. It’s allowed on Paleo if y’all remember me saying so once upon a time…as well as vodka, tequila…anyway, now I sound like a lush so I’ll be quiet and go try to dream up a story for the writing prompt “scissors”. Any suggestions?? I’d appreciate some, the due date is midnight tomorrow if I want to be featured on The Weekly Knob this week. Comment below and I’ll be watching for them on the pato. 🙂

Day 85-Family Matters

It’s only Monday and the tone has been set for the next two weeks! Family medical issues became the focus as fast as you can say party time….is over! First, I took Dad in to get his catheter removed, he was so exited to have that done! Tomorrow, however, we go in for some tests to determine if his bladder is just weak, or shot. If the latter, he may have to have it put back in and/or learn how to self-cath. What a bummer. We will get it all figured out, of that I’m confident.

Then, I got news from my beloved, that his week ain’t shaping up that well either. His PSA, prostate specific antigen, which marks for prostate cancer, was a point higher than two months ago. On top of that, he had his consultation with the surgeon that is going to work on his eye. See, he had basal cell carcinoma removed about a year ago from the inside corner of his eye. Sad part is, they didn’t get it all. So, he has to have the rest of it removed. Next Thursday. All day. My sweet Stephanie understands and I’m so glad her family is there to help her when I can’t be. I’m hoping we can get through the surgery on his eye before they want to do a biopsy on his prostate. Please say an extra prayer for my guys, they mean the world to me!

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade! Luckily, I’m able to help take Dad to appts. and I will be there to take my hubby to get his surgery done. If there is a scheduling conflict, hopefully my oldest son or my brother can help me out. I’m praying all goes well for both my guys, and we can get back to our normal shenanigans around here-you know, knocking back cold ones and playing round after round of pool. If by cold ones you mean iced water with lemon and flavored iced teas that is 😉

In the words of George Micheal and then later Limp Bizquit, you gotta have faith!