Christmas Trees and Cold Weather

Brrrrr, good morning all from a very cold Kimmy’s Patio! It started out a chilly 22 degrees this morning and has now warmed up to a balmy 38 degrees, lol.

Oh yes, and I started the day by getting peppermint essential oil in my eyeball via my contact: lesson here is Wash hands after handling essential oils during oil pulling and before inserting contacts!!! Now on to the rest of my post.

It seems I have been setting up Christmas trees all week, and that is fine, I like to do it. First, I helped my dad and Sean (my oldest) set their tree up…

Dad and Sean looking for the plugs to turn on the lights

Once we got it up and decorated, it was really pretty. He still uses all the old ornaments from when we were kids and when Sean was little. That’s very cool.

The finished product

At first I thought he should go get new stuff, but after seeing his tree and how pretty it was, it is nice that he kept all that stuff all these years. Some people really care about tradition, I am more of a new-theme-every-year kinda girl.

Yesterday my brother called and asked if I would help with his tree, I did and then forgot to take any pictures. Doh!!!

I did take a pic of my breakfast though featuring the egg cups I made with the nutritional yeast flakes. They were good, but that orange was horrible! Super sour and weird texture, I kind of bit into each slice for a bit of juice and wound up tossing them out.

Egg cup and a bad orange

The night was not a good one for sleep, both my husband and I were up at different times, one of those, I snapped this pic of the radar, weirdest thing I’ve ever seen, southern Texas getting snow when we were not, however, we had no moisture to create any.

Strange weather in the south

That’s the news for today, wish me luck trying to get some of my flash fiction pieces accepted for publication, I got a rejection yesterday but I think it might be because I did my cover letter wrong. I will re-submit today and see how that goes. Happy Friday everyone, stay warm now, ya hear?!



What To Name This Post?

Good morning everyone and how are you today? I hope you all had a pleasant weekend and my prayers are going out to all those affected on the east coast with Irma and also those in the northwest dealing with forest fires.

We have not been back to work on the house yet, preferring to visit family and friends, some day we will get on with our remodeling. Friday night I was visited by a tickle bee

See the tiny bee on my fingernail?

You can also see my nails needed to be redone, which my sister-in-law, Connie took care of for me on Saturday.

Fabulous work!
Nails by Connie

Saturday night we finally got to go see our friends Kerry and Michelle in their new (temporary) home in an RV community in Grapevine. We had a great time and I took a few pics but they were kind of dark.

Michelle and Kerry’s RV
The view from their spot on Lake Grapevine
Back into the park

Life is calm and quiet here, with most people chilling inside their mobile homes, walking around the park or down by the water. We hung out a while, Michelle took me around the park on her new golf cart and showed my their more permanent spot they will move to in a couple of weeks. Then they will stay until mid-December, leave the park for 2 weeks and after that, they can return to their spot. That is life in an RV campground for a while until they decide they want to live in a house again. There is a playground, washer and dryer’s, a restroom and even a small store inside the park. I figure I could last a month, tops!

Yesterday I grabbed the ideal dress to wear to church, noticing right away what a perfect match it was to my nails!

Like I planned it, really I didn’t!

Way to go Cowboys by the way! We had my dad and Dave’s mom over for dinner yesterday, but they went home before the game. I hate late games for that very reason. My boys evidently celebrated the event at a friend’s house, hopefully, they were on their best behavior!

Please keep us in your prayers as my mother-in-law has yet another procedure this morning to drain the fluid from her lungs. Keep our friend Billy in your prayers as well…he was hurt in a motorcycle accident after striking a deer, broke both legs below the knees and could possibly lose his left leg. Pray the doctors can keep that from happening and continue to pray for the victims of Harvey and now Irma.



Weekend Wrap and Countdown to Fun

Good Monday morning everyone! Before I start my post, let me pause and ask for a prayer from you all for my mother-in-law, Claudette, who is waiting on biopsy results. She has not been feeling well for weeks and had a biopsy of two lymph nodes Friday, let’s pray they come back negative!

Alright, this weekend was busy with family work and fun, starting with attending to MoMo’s house since she’s been under the weather. My son Chris showed up which came in handy since we had a hose come loose from the washer and a small flood to contend with. Since he works for Belfour Restoration, he knew just what to do! It is always nice to have him there to help his dad with the heavy-duty stuff. I folded several loads of laundry (actually I hung it) and cleaned things in the kitchen and vacuumed all the dust and dog hair that accumulates on a regular since she has a long-haired chihuahua.  After that, we checked out my Dad’s new roof and facia he had installed on Wednesday and Thursday this week. It looked pretty good, yet they have some finishing touches to attend to today. Once that was done, we went home and cleaned up for dinner and our son Chris, Bubba, and Connie and Dave and I went out to Joes Crab Shack and had a better than usual experience there.

Christopher is hungry, can you tell?!

There have been times that their food was not that great, however this time, it was better. We enjoyed crab nachos, everyone else but me enjoyed crab legs, I got lobster tails, sweet potato fries (yum) and broccoli, in an effort to be good, although the nachos were pretty rich. (I didn’t have too many though).

Yesterday, I went to my neighbor Kim’s house who’s yard looks like what I imagine the Garden of Eden looked like. Anyway, she was trimming her many plants and offered me some sweet potato vines of three different colors, and while I was there, also gave me three baby cactus! I was so happy to have these new additions to my yard! She has so many plants and trees I can’t name them all, but here are some pics I took while I was there.

Her bird of paradise
White plumeria
Her pink Plumeria

Sorry that  I have not posted since last Wednesday, my brain must already be on vacation since the countdown has begun to my Galveston trip coming up Thursday evening! I’m so excited to go have fun with the ladies and especially to get to meet Roxy (The Oily Guru), she lives in Galveston and is actually going to be a mile from where I’m staying with friends. My sister-in-law Connie did a fabulous, summery nail job on me yesterday to get me ready for the trip.

Nails by Connie

Since I didn’t want to mess up my new nail job, I only planted one of the vines, I have many more to go and also the cactus needs to be put in their pots. I cannot wait to see how the addition of these vines may add beauty to my beds in the yards.

Well, I must go get ready for the workday, I hope you all have a fabulous Monday and don’t forget my prayer request. I will be running like a chicken with my head cut-off getting ready for the trip… I don’t want to forget anything you know! Happy Monday!

PS: Don’t forget the eclipse today!!




Day 311-Free Days-Isn't That A Pity

Yesterday I was bragging that because I’m a blogger, I’m always taking pictures to feature on the blog. So how is it then that after 3 years of not seeing my son, he finally comes home and I didn’t get one picture to share with you all today? Could it be that I got caught up in the moment of actually visiting with him to worry about stopping to snap a pic? Maybe, plus, I had been so nervous that something would go wrong with Uber, that when he got here I was just ecstatic! It’s a pity I didn’t, but the good news is, there will be many more opportunities. He is home for good and hopefully his girlfriend (wife) and daughter will be joining him in a month.

Today we all went to celebrate Stephen’s 21st birthday at his Mom’s house and I definitely got a picture of him! Now if I only remembered how to spell his girlfriend’s name. You say it like Mic kay la. We felt awkward at first since we hadn’t seen them in so long, but once food was served, it seemed to break the ice and soon everyone was mingling and we all had a nice visit. Stephen isn’t your typical 21 year old. He is very laid back, studious, and cares nothing about throwing back drinks like other “kids” his age.

The birthday boy, opening his cards
Such a handsome young man

It has been a full and productive weekend and now we are going to relax with our Netflix series, Queen of the South…if we ever get it to start working tonite!!

Have a lovely evening and we will see you tomorrow, on the patio.

Day 258-Free Days-How Was Your Easter?

The reason for the season

How has everyone’s Easter been? I hope it has been an enjoyable day of faith, friends and family.

I started the day with church and it was a lovely service. We as a congregation put a flower in a plain wooden cross and when it was done, it was beautiful. I didn’t take a picture because I had a bad vantage point from where I was sitting, besides, I didn’t know how the pastor would feel about me snapping pics during the service. The hand bell choir did a lovely number and then the children performed a song with the chimes. I could’ve listened to that all day.

David cooked all day and we had a delicious ham, pork roast and vegetables, fresh green beans and his home made potato salad. My brother and sister-in-law brought angel cake, fresh fruit and cool whip for strawberry shortcake. Unfortunately, they also brought a lemon pound cake, which I could not pass up, I made my shortcake with it. (It was a small serving but still!) Back to being good tomorrow! No one is perfect, I follow a Paleo lifestyle 80 percent of the time, and it’s a holiday.

I promised some before and after pics of the front yard.

Before-notice: bushes, ground cover and glass front screen door

I want to say this pic was from a year and a half ago, when we first moved in.

After-Bushes gone! New screen door, able to open for cross breeze!

Two days of work later, bushes gone and ground cover dug out. Love my new screen door! Now, we could sit on the front porch and see the neighbors if we want!

A different view
The left side of the front of the house-all bushes out

 Some pretty new flowers to greet guests.

All in all, it has been a great and productive weekend. How was yours? Tell me all about it in the comments, and join me tomorrow for Motivational Monday! See you then.