Day 65-My Life in Photos Week-Things That Matter

We photograph lots of things-people, places, special moments, pets, stuff we’re proud of, etc.  After the day I’ve had with my dad today, all I can think of is how we also photograph the things that matter in our lives, like relationships. The photos are what we have to look back on when we remember the good times and special occasions in our life.

My dad had a procedure done today that neither of us was prepared for, and while it may seem simple to some, it was traumatic and emotional for me, even though he handled it like a real trooper. The procedure was done to relieve him, but it will take time before he feels the difference, since he has been living with the problem for so long. He had to be catheterized to empty his bladder of the ten times normal amount of urine he’d been walking around with for who knows how long. I stayed in the room to provide emotional support or to give him my hand to squeeze if necessary. So who broke down and cried? Me! Until that moment, I didn’t realize how scared and nervous I was for him, how concerned I was about his health and even how much I love him until I was in that position. He was not concerned about me being a witness to the procedure, I have been in the medical field for 22 years, even though not really a nurse, he was comfortable because I am his daughter and knowledgeable about these things.

Luckily, it went quickly and over 1250  liters of urine was removed, the normal amount after emptying the bladder is 100! He has to wear it for the next three weeks, and I was freaking out about that a little inside, but he did fine with it the rest of the day. There is much more to the story, more tests to be done, and that’s on top of all the other doctors and things he has scheduled in the future. He took it all in stride, meanwhile, I’m an emotional wreck. I don’t know why I’m having this reaction, but it has really driven home the point that we need to value the time we have with our loved ones. Even though he is fine and will be even better soon, the whole situation has left me drained and unable to think straight. I’m sure when it all sinks in (and maybe after a glass of wine), I’ll feel better too!

Hopefully, he won’t mind me sharing this photo with you-three things are rare about this pic. 1. My dad is in the pool. 2. My dad is drinking a beer (he normally drinks wine) 3. I rarely show pics of myself that are less than flattering. The important thing here is its a rare pic of us having fun together so without further ado, here’s the shot.


Spend quality time with the ones you love, it really is one of the things that matter in this life!


Day 35-Free Days- Church and Family

I don’t always make it to church on Sundays, but today I did. It was a good message and I always feel better about my week and those I care about when I do attend church. I have been going with more regularity and I’m trying to decide if I want this church to be my home church, or if we want to go back to the church we belonged to when we lived in Alvarado many years ago.

Mike Love, our pastor, talked about self sacrifice and also about the journey of discovering God. He talked about the stepping stones in the journey:

  1. Asking if God is real
  2. Dicovering He is real.
  3. Deciding to commit to that belief and make sacrifices of your time and/or service
  4. Living your life for God

If I were to be asked the question, “where are you in your journey”, I’d have to say, somewhere between 2 and 3, which means I still have a long journey to make. I believe, and I’ve made sacrifices and commitments, but not the ultimate. I try to be a good human being, I’ve volunteered my time and given offerings to the church. I could do more. I’m just not ready yet to take that next step, especially when I’m unsure I feel “at home” in my church.

I did love the phrase he used along the way in his sermon; Let go and let God. I do. I have learned to do that because I realize now that prayer works. Maybe not always when you want it to, but it does. You just have to believe. I had three boys, I had many reasons to ask for prayer, believe me, not that they are the only reason I pray. I have learned that if you believe, you are not supposed to worry, you are to Let go and let God handle your burden. Let me tell you, I am so much less stressed since I started doing it.

Later on in the day, we had Dad and my brother Kevin over and we shared a meal and hung out a while. That also makes me feel good, to have my family around me, even if it’s just one day a week that we can all get together. Some of you know already that I try to spend almost every Wednesday with Dad. Sometimes my youngest son is here, today, this whole holiday weekend, he chose to be with us. I’m so proud of him and love him so much for that. He makes sacrifices to be with his family sometimes and that makes me proud and happy. He could have gone out with old friends last night, could have stayed with his roommates all weekend, but we got to spend time with him, and we are thankful. He starts a new and important job on Tuesday, we may not get another chance for awhile as he trains and becomes very busy. So I’m really cherishing this time with him this weekend.

With that being said, I’m going back, out with him and my hubby now, think about what is your sacrifice, and let me know in the comments. Have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend everyone. See you tomorrow on the patio.😉


Day 14- Blame it on The Birds

Well, since Sunday is a “free subject day” deemed by myself, I was going to talk about another successful family dinner which pretty much turned into a meat party! We had ribs, chicken, boudin and sausage. That was going to be the topic of discussion until my husband turned on The Birds. It matters not how many times I’ve seen this classic movie by Hitchcock, I can’t take my eyes off the screen. I swear I notice something different every time I watch it. There’s just something about the imagery, those classic camera angles and the interaction between the characters, not to mention the brain that thought up this “could maybe really happen” tale to begin with. So many horror movies have attempted similar story lines, but none were as successful as his. Isn’t it easier to believe that birds could behave in such a way, than say, tarantulas taking over the earth? Back then, there wasn’t any reason given why such an occurrence would or could happen, such as, chemical or biological contamination. It was purely a freak of nature, never explained by Mr Hitchcock.


This is one of my favorite movies of all time. I love the sound effects, the scenery and how Mitch is the brave hero and the women are portrayed and how we never gave a care about all that, it was exiting, mystical, sad, romantic and horrifying all at the same time. What a perfect way to wrap up a lovely Sunday, long after family went home and we were chillin on the couch following tonight’s episode of Big Brother. I’ll just have to catch up on all the Olympics action tomorrow. Until then, stay cool everyone, I know I will on the patio.


Family Day

Whether is my church family, regular family or both, Sunday has become family day. I love having Sunday dinners at my house and having the family come over for food and visiting. We all eat and/or swim and talk about the week’s goings on and maybe watch some sport on tv or play pool together.

I usually try to attend church as well and have found that my week goes so much better when I do. Today I visited a different church because I was invited to attend by my new hairdresser. I’m not sure if I will go again, but it’s nice to have experienced something different. I’m a Methodist and this church identifies with a Pentacostal view. It was quite lively and I did enjoy the music. The pastor was well spoken and extremely knowledgeable about the bible. However, I personally feel that what you give and how you serve are between you and God and should be your choice. I feel this church put too much emphasis on both of these points and that is why I was glad I was merely a visitor.

Dave and Chris got another project close to completion today with the installation of the wood wall in the master bedroom. It was so nice to have our son with us all weekend and he was a huge help to his dad on this project. So in two weekends they got the room painted and got the wall up. Next is crown molding and staining the wall, and then they will build the headboard, which will be a beachy looking wood like old fence panel or pallet boards that have been painted, stained or distressed to look that way.  I can’t wait for it to all come together, my vision is for it to look like a beach cottage like we stay in when we visit Port Aransas. My entire house has little touches of ocean love here and there, from my dolphin collection to shells I’ve gathered through the years, I always like to insert my love for the beach into the decor somehow.

Although it has been a fun and full day, it’s time now to rest and recover so I’m ready to face a new day. Goodnight all, see you tomorrow, on the patio!

Church, Family and Big Brother

I don’t know about y’all, but Sundays around our house follow a kind of routine. For me,    it begins with my cup of coffee, bulletproof of course, and my favorite program of the morning, CBS Sunday Morning with Charles Osgood. It’s a nationally syndicated news magazine with entertaining news, profiles of famous people, art and more. Then, most Sundays I go to church. Since being back in the area, it’s been harder than usual to select a home church, however, I am fond of the one I’ve been going to, First United Methodist of Watauga. We have moved around a lot in our 31 years of marriage, and we became Methodists early on, my husband having been raised Southern Baptist and me a Catholic, we decided to compromise and become Methodists. This morning was cool because the front of the church was all decorated up for VBS which started tonight.


My friends I normally sit with were absent, that didn’t bother me though because I always feel welcomed from the moment I walk in the front door. I missed seeing them still because I like having them to talk to and visit with.

Next in the lineup is usually prep and planning of family dinner, this Sunday was a little different though, because we had predetermined what the menu was and my brother in law offered to cook the meat. That left us with less prep and more pool time, yea! We were down a few members today but still had a full house and a good meal. My idea when we first moved back was that we would rotate houses for family dinner, but since  we have a pool and more room, and my brother works crazy hours with little time to do much else, and my dad’s house is kind of small for up to 11 people eating together, it has been at our house most of the time since summer started. We used to go to my brother in law’s place a lot but he has also been deluged with a full and hectic schedule, so we hate to ask him to work any harder. It has been wonderful having the whole family together at least once a week to break bread and we don’t mind at all. It’s a great tradition and I hope it stays part of our routine.

Tonight was another edition of Big Brother, one of my favorite summertime shows and I’ve heard from at least one other blogger, I’m not alone in this! My friend Stephanie watches as well so we always have that to talk about on Monday or Thursday, depending on show times. Tonight, I was surprised to see a budding romance between James and the houseguest with the dark hair (jeez, I forgot her name already). This will be a topic of conversation between myself and the other blogger (Myra) that I’ve been talking to. We were just wondering the other day why he didn’t have a girlfriend yet when he is so personable and cute.

So, there you have it, now you know my routine for several days of the week if you’ve been following along, what are yours? Go ahead and leave a comment and tell me your routines, fav shows or whatever you want to talk about. I’ll be waiting, on the patio😉.