Pool Exercises To Fight Fat & Firm Muscles

So this morning I was determined to work off last night’s margarita (it was a monster) in the pool and wondered if my self-imposed exercises are proper for burning calories and building muscle. I consulted Siri who took me to Shape Magazine who then confirmed that the way I exercise in the pool is correct! I was so excited to see that and also learn a few new ones. They list 33 you can do and laps don’t even make the list…which is great cause, I don’t like doing laps. I won’t bore you with all 33 but how about several that I currently do just in case you want to try them also?

Bicycle-this can be done with your elbows on the edge of the pool or a noodle. Works your core, shoulders, and legs

Double leg lift- this can be done while resting your arms on the edge or in my case, grabbing the step bars from behind. Raise both legs as high as possible, keeping them perfectly straight, then lower them down again.

Flutter Kick– Holding on to the pool edge, kick your legs rapidly behind you. Try not to splash and go as fast as you can. You could also use a noodle or paddleboard for this.

Noodle Bicycle-riding your noodle between your legs like a bicycle, go the length of the pool and back as many times as you can. You will feel the burn after a few trips!

Noodle Crunch-With your noodle under your shoulders, pull your abs in and do a crunch. Since the pool is three dimensional, you are working extra hard to keep your balance and stability

Noodle Flyback-Riding your noodle like before, use your arms in a sweeping motion to propel you up and down the length of the pool. This works chest, upper back, abs,  and shoulders.

There are many more to choose from but these are the ones I was more or less doing on my own just kinda common sense movement in the pool. Who knew I was actually doing something right? Now, If I could just lay off those margaritas! Where has my willpower gone? It’s summertime, it’s hot and I’m spoiled! So the least I can do is try to work them off, take my supplements and vitamins and use my essential oils. That way maybe I can maintain and not gain more weight.

I know, I know, but what about all that sugar??? Well, I just drink tons of water all day long when I’ve been bad the night before to try and flush out all those toxins. Of course, it usually has either lemon essential oil, grapefruit or both in it. Once summer is over I’ll get back on track and behave myself. 😉

If you would like pictures to go with the exercises you choose, go check out Shape Magazine (Shape.com) and look under How To Burn Calories in the Pool-Without Swimming a Single Lap