BBQ, Birthday Dinner Party & Reunion Wrap-Up

I think it’s safe to say that this particular Lexington Marine Reunion has been a most enjoyable experience for all who came and celebrated together. Last night at dinner we also celebrated Barbara Wilson’s birthday with presents, good food, happy tears and lots of laughs….and desserts! Wait until you see the size of the bread pudding they serve at the place we are dinner last night!! The place was called County Line Rd BBQ and it was pricey  but very good.

First order of business once the waitress took our order was to surprise Barb with her gifts. I was unaware we were going to to that, however, so we gave her her gift later. Here she is getting her blingy Texas hat, so she never forgets San Antonio or the great time she had there.

Can’t eat BBQ with your bling-y bill in the way!
Barb and Sharon sharing some good story

After consuming what seemed like tons of meat, some people just had to have dessert!! Claudette started it by ordering a delicious blackberry cobbler a-la-mode and so two others followed suit. The waitress was kind enough to bring everyone extra spoons so we could all sample a bite. Thanks a lot lady!!! Then, unbeknownst to Chuck, the bread pudding he ordered fed about 10 people!

Bad camera angle, this thing was way bigger than that!

Does Chuck look perplexed or what? (My hubby’s words) He literally shared this bohemoth with the whole table. Rich and I were so stuffed, we had to walk back to the hotel!

We have to thank the Delgato family for their wonderful gifts, including covering the meal  for the birthday girl and Claudette, they are the most generous, sweet folks. “Gigi” and his wife Tonni and their kids showed such hospitality, maybe because they as a family are so blessed. The Lord has been very good to them-Tonni is a four time cancer survivor. She is beautiful inside and out!

A couple of beauties!

Unfortunately the party had to end as they needed to get home but not before expressing their gratitude at seeing their old Marine buddies. I truly hope it goes another year so my husband doesn’t miss out next time! Once we got back to The Crockett, we convened at Ernie’s for a nightcap, small talk, and the next Astro’s game. Which we won!!! Then we said our goodbyes since the Miles family had to leave early to make their flight, and Ruthie isn’t an early riser. We did get to say bye to Chuck at breakfast, I think he beat a hasty retreat lest we see him get emotional. You can tell these people really share a special bond that can’t be broken by time, distance, or loss.

Come back tomorrow when I share our side trip home at the famous Silos at Magnolia in Waco, Texas! A true example of extreme decadence! Thanks for stopping by!



What To Name This Post?

Good morning everyone and how are you today? I hope you all had a pleasant weekend and my prayers are going out to all those affected on the east coast with Irma and also those in the northwest dealing with forest fires.

We have not been back to work on the house yet, preferring to visit family and friends, some day we will get on with our remodeling. Friday night I was visited by a tickle bee

See the tiny bee on my fingernail?

You can also see my nails needed to be redone, which my sister-in-law, Connie took care of for me on Saturday.

Fabulous work!
Nails by Connie

Saturday night we finally got to go see our friends Kerry and Michelle in their new (temporary) home in an RV community in Grapevine. We had a great time and I took a few pics but they were kind of dark.

Michelle and Kerry’s RV
The view from their spot on Lake Grapevine
Back into the park

Life is calm and quiet here, with most people chilling inside their mobile homes, walking around the park or down by the water. We hung out a while, Michelle took me around the park on her new golf cart and showed my their more permanent spot they will move to in a couple of weeks. Then they will stay until mid-December, leave the park for 2 weeks and after that, they can return to their spot. That is life in an RV campground for a while until they decide they want to live in a house again. There is a playground, washer and dryer’s, a restroom and even a small store inside the park. I figure I could last a month, tops!

Yesterday I grabbed the ideal dress to wear to church, noticing right away what a perfect match it was to my nails!

Like I planned it, really I didn’t!

Way to go Cowboys by the way! We had my dad and Dave’s mom over for dinner yesterday, but they went home before the game. I hate late games for that very reason. My boys evidently celebrated the event at a friend’s house, hopefully, they were on their best behavior!

Please keep us in your prayers as my mother-in-law has yet another procedure this morning to drain the fluid from her lungs. Keep our friend Billy in your prayers as well…he was hurt in a motorcycle accident after striking a deer, broke both legs below the knees and could possibly lose his left leg. Pray the doctors can keep that from happening and continue to pray for the victims of Harvey and now Irma.



Day 257-Free Days-It's Bunco Time!

This post contains affiliate links, please see my disclosure.

The weather could not have been better for the continued work on the yard we had to do today. Although we are no where near done, we got a lot accomplished in the last two days. Friday evening we began the hard work of taking out bushes and 4 inch thick ground cover from the front of the house. David had chopped and cut the bushes down to stumps, today while I worked on digging out roots from the beds, he chopped and dug out five of the seven bushes he cut down. Whew! He will be sore tomorrow, he had mowed and weed-eated the yard right before that! I wish I had taken before and after pics…maybe tomorrow.

Getting my nails done

Then later on, I went and got a much deserved mani-pedi and attempted to work on a product review for the website. Bunco time came too soon however and so it will have to wait until next weekend. My thought was to have a feature called Saturday Spotlight where I would review a product, service or book-starting with SiteGround since I erased my previous post. I think it only fair to try again with them first. I want it to be right, and since it is not polished, I will wait.

Bunco could not have been at a more fitting house, it turns out Starla collects bunnies (among other things) and she had such a cute collection of them, plus the food was delish and we all got drunk on sugar from all the wonderful treats she had. Yes, I have to admit to cheating quite a bit tonight.

I only ate half, but still….😉
The lovely spread of goodies
These treats got labeled “crack”!
Some of Starla’s bunnies
Her centerpiece made out of real carrots!

I thought I was finally going to win a prize, I had nine “baby” Buncos and even had a big girl Bunco, but alas, it was not to be. 😔

He who gets a Bunco gets the pink dice

Here are all the winners of prizes, and they were wonderful this time too!

Garden goodies!

Carol beat me out with 13 baby Buncos

It was a great night and I had a blast, even though I’ve yet to win a prize. My prize is getting to fellowship with these fun and crazy ladies once a month, eat food that is not necessarily “good” for me but really good, and play a silly dice game that brings us all together. Look out for May, I may be hosting at my house next! 😆

Disclosure: I only post links to products or services I trust or have used personally. 

Blogger Recognition Award


I have to thank sweet Suze for this nomination and I will attempt to follow the rules:

  • thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog-again, that would be Suze over at Obsolete Childhood , thanks again.
  • write a post to show your award (this be it)
  • attach the award to the post-there’s a picture but I need to link it up
  • give a brief story about how your blog started
  • give a piece of advice or two to new bloggers
  • select 15 other bloggers you want to give the award to
  • comment on each blog and let them know know you have nominated them &provide a link to the award post you created

I can’t really remember the reason why I started the blog, wait, yes I can. I previously had a blog called My Paleo Pantry and I wanted something different, where I could talk to people and help them at the same time. So, I created Kimmy’s Patio-a place where we can talk about anything-to share all kinds of news you can use, or as a kind of daily diary, or just whatever you guys want to hear or discuss. This year we have talked about everything from my Paleo lifestyle to the recent birth of my granddaughter, Rayven. You have followed along as I’ve been on vacation and various fishing trips and I have followed all of you and shared in your joys and disappointments. Nothing is taboo here…at least for me.

To anyone wanting to start a blog, think about why you are doing it. Do you want to make money, share something meaningful with your audience, or a little of both. Do you want to make a difference, or just hear yourself talk? Really think about how you can help people, and you will succeed.

Oh my goodness, there are so many deserving blogs out there-I’ll refrain from naming some of the same blogs Suze did, even though we travel in the same circles, some may not want to do this twice in two days. (even though it’s an honor, it’s some work too!)

Virginia Views– One of the first blogs I ever followed, Dor is a sweet gal, writing about her life in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. Sharing recipes and and more about country life, check her out for her take on peace in the valley.

Hearts Everywhere-A daily account into the life of Russian immigrant turned New Yorker, Galina is an excellent writer, chronicling her life and experiences through a yearlong project of personal essays. She is brutally honest, and sometimes brash, yet always an interesting read.

Does It Count If My Fingers Were Crossed– Known to her blogging buds as Mrs Magilla, Shannon Butler is hilarious and relevant, crazy and chatty…a real hoot to read. Go check her out, but don’t be surprised if she smacks you with some reality!

Quintessential Editor– Obvi, right? Wrong! Not your everyday editor, Corey is a novelist, slayer of dragons and new father, all rolled into one. For writing tips and services plus insights into his latest quests and conquests, check out his terrific blog…if you dare. Oh, he’s a pet lover as well, sometimes sharing pics of his kitty and his cutie pie, Thor. (Who would have guessed his child would be named that?)

Photo’s And Word’s of a Wandering Mind– Join Ladybuggz and “T” as she works through living with chronic pain to bring you beautiful photos and bits of humor from Vancouver, BC and Port Alberni. She’s been blogging since 2012 (way longer than me) and always manages to bring a smile to my face. We’ve become quite close this year, she has that way of making you feel like you’ve known her forever!

Mehrling Muse– You must go visit Anne as she spins tales about life in the mountains of North Carolina. She shares her family and makes you feel like you’re a welcome addition. A transplanted New Yorker, she is at once funny and introspective, she is the pen pal everyone misses having from their childhood.

Old Guy Walking– Kevin is a wonderful guy who does a weekly feature called Thursday Doors, where he shares pictures of interesting pictures of doors from places all over the midwest. He is an interesting and accomplished man who’s education in history makes for compelling reading and his photos are breathtaking. Go check out his doors and his historical accounts and tell him Kim sent ya!

Storyshucker– If you like good stories (and who doesn’t?), you must head over to Stuart’s blog, where he spins some marvelous tales. I could stay and read all day, if I had more time. There are plenty of stories to keep you busy, each of them prize worthy if you ask me!

I’m going to stop with eight, although I’m supposed to nominate 15, these are at the top in my blogosphere, sans the ones that Suze named. I’d nominate her back, but I don’t want her to cuss me out, since that ain’t exactly proper blogger behavior, lol!



Day 112-Free Days-Saturday Fun

Yesterday we made more progress in the kitchen with the help of my youngest son Christopher. It is so nice to have his help and for him to be so knowledgable and skilled, really helps my husband out and makes the job go so much faster.

Another step closer as walls go back in
Another step closer as walls go back in

I serve as food service and clean up crew,  as walls go back in and electrical boxes are reworked. I saw my husband get shocked twice, something that scares the crap out of me-my Dad almost lost his life to the very same thing. (Although that was a work accident, not something he did at home)

While the guys  work, I talk to Chris, trying to glean as many facts as I can to help me understand his busy life and relationships. He is doing well, working hard and managing his own finances, spending as much time as he possibly can with his girlfriend and roommates, although it’s not much-he is on call most of the time, due to the nature of his new job.  He works for a large disaster and  restoration company (Belfor) and has to go when disaster occurs.

While challenging, the job has taught him many new skills and will continue to do so. He gets to travel sometimes as well, depending on what the nature of the disaster is. So far, he has been lucky and not had to deal with anything gruesome. That day will come though, I just pray he has the strength and stomach to deal with it.  They go to everything from floods to fires, weather related disasters and man made messes.  The job has helped him not only hone his construction skills, but people skills as well. Some day he will be managing crews on big jobs, so learning to deal with homeowners and listening to supervisors teaches him valuable lessons.

I’m lucky to have skilled handymen in my life, from my Dad to my hubby and kids-my sisters- and brother-in-law all help to save us money and help us create a better, more productive use of our space and modernize the dated condition our house was in when we purchased it a year ago.

When the work was done for the day, my husband and I headed off to Dallas for an electric expo that was going on, stopping at the mall for a short shopping break (I needed new jeans) and I saw the most expensive television I’ve ever laid eyes on! This monster was 100 inches and featured LED technology-the cost? $60, 000!!! What?? Why? How could anyone afford that? It was too much for my mind to process, so we moved on to the theater room, where I was treated to the experience of viewing a movie (or a few minutes of one anyway) while sitting in motion activated seating. That was cool! As the action happened on the screen, the chairs rocked and rolled, making you feel like you were riding along.  I could get used to that!

The Bunco Queens showing off their prizes
The Bunco Queens showing off their prizes

img_3642 img_3645After we got back, I hurried off to a night of Bunco with the group I played with a couple of months ago. It was a fun night, complete with snacks and prizes-although I didn’t win one. It’s fun to get out and socialize with the ladies every once in a while. Funny thing, the older we get, the more that health problems become the topic of conversation. I was glad when it turned around to crafts and was treated to pictures one very talented lady showed us of her latest crocheted creations.

All in all, it was a fun and productive Saturday and I’m getting ready to go and help the family ready my mother-in-law’s house for the coming Thanksgiving celebration. There is much work to do, so I’ll catch y’all later. Stay warm and I’ll catch y’all later!

Day 84-Free Days-Party Time!

The Birthday Boy-Chris
The Birthday Boy-Chris

Today was the birthday dinner/celebration of Chris and my Dad’s birthday, I thought I’d share a few pics.

My hubby Dave, preparing the meat
My hubby Dave, preparing the meat

Dave smoked a pork shoulder butt and then chopped some for sandwiches and sliced some for non-bread eaters like me 😊

My dad and Becky (Chris's girlfriend) serving themselves
My dad and Becky (Chris’s girlfriend) serving themselves

Everyone made a side to go with the meat and we all enjoyed a delicious dinner-slaw, jalapeño poppers, potato salad and tossed salad complimented the meat nicely.

Then it was time for gifts
Then it was time for gifts

img_3571 img_3572

Funny cards, money and gift cards for Chris in addition to golf lessons his dad bought him to be taken as his schedule permits, plus an on field edition Cowboys cap from his brother Sean. Becky made him a cake and performed a cute little rap for him last night.

Dad got cards, some clothes from us and some wine from our friends Michelle and Kerry.

Funny boy's parting shot
Funny boy’s parting shot
Grandma (Momo) the puppy whisperer!
Grandma (Momo) the puppy whisperer!
My brother Kevin, and friends Michelle and Kerry
My brother Kevin, and friends Michelle and Kerry

A good time was hopefully had by all, we enjoy preparing and sharing food with friends and family.  Becky and I had fun surprising Chris with the banana pudding cake as well as making it together. I tasted a bite, it was moist and delicious!

Now it’s time to recuperate from birthdays and gear up for the holidays!!


Day 68-My Life In Photos Week-Wrapup

Tonight’s post is coming to you live from the patio where it is a comfortable 64 degrees-if you have jeans and boots on that is! And to think I left the house in shorts this morning! We will be back to 80’s next week!

It has been a busy, emotional week for me, my life always has plenty of drama, excitement and sometimes sad and whistful moments. While perusing pics to wrap up this week of my life in photos, I have some of friends, some of family, some that might cause more drama if seen by the right people, and yet, they are meaningful to me and, in some cases, all I have to remember them by. I do hope you enjoy.

The first one I’m sharing is from before I starting eating the Paleo way, with my bro at HIS 50th birthday celebration.

My brother Kevin and I in 2014
My brother Kevin and I in 2014

The next two are of two of my granddaughters I no longer get to see, however, miss like the devil. I hate that my boys ended up in the situations that they did, but as they say, it is what it is. Maybe, someday, they will be re-united and back in our lives.

Brilee, my youngest son's daughter, in a stolen photo from a friend.
Brilee, my youngest son’s daughter, in a stolen photo from a friend.

By shear luck, my son’s current girlfriend has a friend that attended a bbq that also included his daughter and her mother. The friend, knowing the situation, snapped this pic for my son to have and to cherish.

Delaney, my middle son Joshua's daughter. Stolen by me off of Facebook.
Delaney, my middle son Joshua’s daughter. Stolen by me off of Facebook.

Looking at these girls is very emotional still to this day, even though it’s been over 5 years since I’ve seen either child. As you can imagine, it’s a long story in both cases, they are my blood though, and that makes them mine as far as I’m concerned.

The next pic is my sweet parents, long before my mom got sick. It was the one we used at her memorial service.

My Mom Betty and my Dad Gus
My Mom Betty and my Dad Gus

I am not sure if a friend or my brother took this pic, but I love it. They were so happy and truly each other’s best friend.

The next few pics are from some of my long time friends, one I grew up with, one I worked with and developed a long friendship with, one who started out as my next door neighbor and remains a true “bestie”. I have many aquaintences, but very few real friends. These three have stood the test of time.

Julie, my work turned long time friend
Julie, my work turned long time friend
Michelle, the girl next door and part planner extroidinair
Michelle, the girl next door and part planner extroidinair
Kaye, my childhood friend since 2nd grade
Kaye, my childhood friend since 2nd grade

I still see them all at least a few times a year although Michelle lives the closest and therefore spends the most time hanging out with me. They are all special to me in many ways, we are always there for each other.

I have many other people in my life I consider friends, even though we don’t see each other as often. Then, there is family that is so close, you consider them friends as well. The next pic is my sister and brother in law, we hang out all the time together and get together often for family dinners and take vacations together when at all possible.

My Brother-in-law and good friend Bubba
My Brother-in-law and good friend Bubba
My Sister-in-law Connie my crafty friend
My Sister-in-law Connie my crafty friend

These are some of the important people and some of my favorite photos of the last two years. I’ve been inspired to share them and some of their stories, if you want to know more, just ask!

Now I’m off to play pool with my very best friend of all, my wonderful hubby. He has stuck with me through thick and thin for 31 years. We still enjoy each other’s company the most, I hope that never changes!

My hubby Dave, my soulmate and very best friend of all
My hubby Dave, my soulmate and very best friend of all

Of course, you’ve seen my three sons, but if you need a reminder, here they are again. I’ll see you tomorrow, stay safe all you folks in harms way, let’s hope the storm doesn’t pack too big a punch. 🙏

Chris, my baby with his sweetie, Rebecca
Chris, my baby with his sweetie, Rebecca

This was taken two years ago and I’m happy to report, they are back together again after a short break.

Joshua, my middle boy, two years ago and clean faced
Joshua, my middle boy, two years ago and clean faced

Yall recently saw Joshua looking MUCH different. (Sigh)

Sean, my oldest at the bottom right.
Sean, my oldest at the bottom right.

I love this pic of all of us, even though it was a sad day, we found joy spending time with each other. It was two years ago, they have all done some changing in that time, through it all, they are my boys and I love them all.





Day 55-Free Days-Fall Festival & Bunco!

Today was a busy one around the Smyth house, we got an early start with Dave heading out to play golf at 7:30 in Dallas and I went to help out with the Fall Festival at our church.

image image image

There was sporadic shoppers, plentiful of goodies and crafts galore! Hopefully they did well, the jewelry I donated wasn’t selling when I left but was going to the craft store if it never did. Maybe it will do better for them there.

When Dave got home, we went to lunch-spoiler alert-I had a major cheat day because we were trying the new Pancho’s Mexican Buffet on Rufe Snow. This place was iconic since childhood,  they had all closed down around here until this new one popped up, and I just couldn’t help myself from having a couple of hot, buttery, flaky delicious soapapillas with honey. Mmmmmm! I’ll get back on track Monday. It was soooo worth it. 


Everything tasted just the way I remembered it, and there is no “health” food there. I tried to be good, choosing the verde stew, baked chicken and 2 small flautas. Turns out they were made from flour tortillas and tasted like heaven. Another cheat, lol. Not to mention the small cheese enchilada-yeah, MAJOR cheat meal.

Then we were treated to a visit from my son and his girlfriend, whom I promptly dragged off to play my first ever game of Bunco! OMG, I don’t know what I was so nervous about. What a fun and easy game, we had a great time and Becky even won a nice prize. I will be anxious to play again next month, and luckily everyone was so nice and many of the ladies seem to live close to me. Here are a few pics from the game.

image image image image

Actually, I didn’t think to take pics until people were winning prizes at the end. It was great fellowship, food and fun and I’m so glad I went. You can’t go wrong with a room full of rowdy women, lol. This group is a mix of people that are friends of a girl my brother went to school with, that’s how I got invited. I was unaware there was an entry fee, and someone in the group (Tina) was kind enough to pay my way in and made Becky and I feel welcome and wanted.

All in all it was a great day and now it’s time to relax and enjoy the visit with my kids.

Have a good night and see you tomorrow when it’s likely to be raining on the patio. ⛈