Day 227-Throwback Thursday-Meet Kaye

My Best Friend, Kaye

This is Kaye Wood, she’s my best friend, the one who has stuck with me for over twenty years, through thick and thin. We live an hour away from each other, yet we hardly ever see each other any more. We do talk on the phone and keep up on social media. She just lost her dad. It’s been and continues to be a rough year for death in the family. It has touched mine and many of my friends, is it do to us aging, I don’t know.

This pic must have been taken in the eighties, look at those specs, and the feathered hair. I bet we were at the skating rink for one of our kids birthday parties-then again, it might be the nineties and this is a night club…ugh my dang memory!

Kaye and I met when we moved into our first NRH home back when she and I were in the second grade. I still remember running up to meet her over our back fence, swinging and singing in my back yard and staying up til all hours if the night (once we were older) playing acey duecy on her backgammon set. We have shared so much with each other over the years, heartbreak, joy, sadness, elation and we have both known the pain of losing a parent now. (she has lost both of hers) We raised kids and compared notes. I saw her get married and divorced and remarried. She has seen me stay true to my man for over thirty years now. It makes no difference to our friendship, we just share our experiences.

We love each other like sisters, even when we haven’t seen each other for months. I love her smile and her laugh and the way she tells it like it is. I don’t know what it is she loves about me but there must be something for our friendship to have lasted as long as it has. I met Kaye as Kaye Polson, one of six kids that I grew up next door to. They all had names that started with K-Karl, Kaye, Kerry, Kim, Kris and Kent. Their parents were Georgia and Marv (George and Marv to us), and they were in the medical field. George was a nurse and Marv was a chiropractor. Maybe that influenced my decision to work in the medical field, who knows? All I know is that they took good care of us and all of our boo boos.

Who’s to say what private joke we were sharing in this pic? It was funny, whatever it was, and I snapped it just in time to catch that genuine smile! I just thought you’d like to meet the girl who’s been my friend since I was seven years old, so you can appreciate her like I do. She helped me get through losing my mom, and listens to all of my problems without judging me or trying to change me. I love her and will be her friend til the end!

Join me back here tomorrow for Flash Fiction Friday and the next installment of the series Angels of Arvada-Rescued! I hope to see you all and have a happy Thursday!



Day 182-Motivational Monday-


I don’t know how motivational this is, however, I picked this quote today because it perfectly describes the week I just went through with my husband, as he recovers from his surgery. We didn’t do much, but I was there for him, sitting next to him on the couch, even if we were each kinda doing our own thing. I tried to do my writing either there, next to him or later, when he’d napped or gone to bed, so I wasn’t leaving him alone, feeling abandoned. If I was feeling bad or down, he would do the same for me, if it was something serious, I’m sure.

Some of the time, he was watching stuff I don’t care for, that’s when I would catch up on my episodes of Orange is the New Black on Netflix, from my IPad. Just being next to him, instead of off in another room, shows my love and support-a small thing to ask, even though he didn’t. The gift of my time is all I really had to give and all he really cared about. He only had a couple of visitors all week, something that may have depressed me, yet didn’t bother him at all. He knows everyone is busy.

Think about this quote the next time a friend or partner is hurting in some way, whether it’s physical or mental, and see if it doesn’t brighten their day, just having the gift of your presence might be what gets them through it. Sometimes, even if no words are spoken, simply being present is all that is necessary to make someone feel loved and supported.

We are getting ready to go have his tubal removal, something I’m sure he’s dreading, but anxious to be free of. Everything seems to be working properly, say a prayer that with each day, he grows stronger and feels better. Hopefully, the doctor clears him to drive and maybe half days at work, the return to a sense of normalcy will help him recover that much faster.

Join me tomorrow for my Tuesday essay, topic to be disclosed then. Have a blessed day everyone, I’ll see you tomorrow on the patio!

Day 45-Story Week-A Special Lady

A few months ago I was lucky enough to meet the person I now have a part time job taking care of. Little did I know she would become so much more than my employer.

One day, while perusing an app on my phone called Nextdoor, a place to meet the people in your neighborhood, I came across an ad for a caregiver. It’s so strange how I wasn’t even really looking for a job per say, but something just made me stop and read the words that were written there. While I do have a medical backgound, I’ve never been a nurse or caregiver, yet as I read what this nice young lady was looking for, somehow I felt that I might be able to help her, and in the process, maybe help myself as well.

When I stopped working and before we moved to southeast Texas six years ago, I had more time to visit my mom, do some crafting and keep my house clean and organized. I took a few odd jobs here and there, tried to sell my crafts and always had my eyes and ears open for some kind of money making opportunity. I always felt guilty that I no longer had a “real” job and my husband paid for everything, I felt like I wasn’t contributing and shouldn’t spend money on myself. It made me feel worthy to make a little bit of money for things like gifts or vanity purchases like getting my nails and/or hair done.

Once I read the ad and saw what Stephanie needed, I responded to the ad that I would like to meet her, and with my background and personality, I thought we’d make a good match. She only needed help a few days a week, light duty things really like help getting dressed, simple transfers and light laundry. I had been yearning for something meaningful in my life, something more than caring for the house and trying to get a writing career going, I felt like I could do both, help her out and write on the off days and still have time to go visit my dad. My mom passed away two years ago and now it’s my dad I visit with and help out where I can.

You see, Stephanie has a rare form of muscular dystrophy called Freiderick’s Ataxia. It robbed her of the ability to walk, and has affected many areas of her body, causing loss of balance, coordination and the ability to speak as well as before. She also has diabetes, and has problems with her vision. She needed more help than I originally thought, but I was up to the task. We soon developed not only a smooth rhythm where her routine was concerned but a beautiful friendship has blossomed in the time we’ve known each other. I discovered that we have so much in common, we like the same shows on tv and talk about them all the time, we both have a love for writing, we both love to read and work and play on the computer. We have regular bouts of crazy gigglefests, I’m not the stuffy caregiver type. She makes me feel comfortable in every situation and the whole arrangement has brought us close together. I’ve had to learn to be more patient (still a work in progress) and she had to learn to trust me. She is very spiritual and encourages me (with my writing) as much as I try to encourage her ( to try new things).  She has been to my home and I’ve introduced her to my family, they all think she’s a beautiful person, inside and out.


So, yes, she has helped me realize a deeper meaning in my life and I enjoy “going to work” the few days that I do. I’m learning to become more patient and that caring for others is more important than fretting over all the little things in life.  Her parents are kind and let me do my job while helping out if needed and visiting with me while I’m there. They also trust me and know I have Stephanie’s best interests at heart. I assist her with dressing, bathing and eating, take her shopping and to get her hair done, and she’s been in my swimming pool and we had a chill day at my house where she finally got to see Purple Rain. It’s sad that disease affects good people like her, yet she is only physically affected by her disease. Her mind and spirit are strong and she has dreams and goals, just like the rest of us. She is a caring, giving person and I’m so happy that we found each other. Do I make money? Yes, but I’m not in it for that reason only, I’ve found a new reason to get up and go everyday and she’s found yet another person who loves her.

If you would like to more about Friedreich’s Ataxia and/or Muscular Dystrophy, please go to

Please also consider attending the Camp Craig Allen annual BBQ Cookoff and Festival benefitting the organization dedicated to physically disabled adults, children and Veterans of North Texas. Go to for more information.