New Week New Theme-What Do You Think?

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I thought I would change my theme and start with something fresh and clean this week. It’s getting close to the holiday and also closer to my surgery date (Nov 30) so I was feeling like a change. I think it has one of those rolling headers that changes every time you look at it.

I also changed my profile pic on Facebook to the selfie in my new wig, since I will be wearing that a lot now that the weather is cooling down. When it’s warm, I’ll opt for a hat. I even tried a wig AND a hat one day, not bad!

I had a record writing week last week (according to Grammarly) and today I’m just not feeling it. Ever have one of those days? My challenging but interesting jobs at Crowd Content dried up and I looked for work for a while and then decided to take a break and clean up the house. Last week I blogged every single day without even thinking about it or trying hard for that matter, and today I’m just bleh. Grammarly is a great app to have because it corrects your bad grammar or other writing mistakes as you’re typing, so there isn’t as much self-editing to do! I posted my results on Facebook since I got a productivity achievement and all, lol.

Grammarly gives you weekly updates on your progress.

I did go to Bunco Saturday night, and Jenna Lasanta’s baby shower yesterday! So I have a couple of pics to share…I won’t share them all since some of you see/follow me on facebook, you’ve probably seen them already. Jenna is the wife of my son’s high school friend Ryan Lasanta.

Jenna and her sweet mom Donna
Snacks for the guests
Ryan getting his grill on before the big game
All the kids wanted to feel the baby moving, so cute!

A good time was had by all, we left early because we were doing family dinner last night. There was only five of us but we got all the gumbo, lol. I’m off to fold clothes and get more writing inspiration. Have a happy Monday everyone!


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What My Busy Week Produced

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Good morning everyone and how is your Friday shaping up? Man, it’s been a busy and somewhat productive week for me, I thought I’d share a few reasons why with you today and also see if I could possibly broaden your reading horizons a bit by directing you to a couple of great places for reading and learning.

First, though, I want to thank those kind hearted people that contributed to the North Texas Walk for PKD in my name, I appreciate it more than you know! Like I said, I realize there are many causes out there that need donations (especially this year) so I can’t tell you how much it means to me that you helped with mine.

Next, I have been revising and reworking my writer’s website and it still needs a lot more work, but it’s good enough to make me stop procrastinating and I went ahead and launched/re-launched (whatever you want to say) it to the public, I even shared it on Facebook. It’s very scary when you’re not sure it’s right, but you have to start somewhere, right? Anyway, I named it Write Where You Are but in hindsight, maybe that should have been the tagline and I should just use my name. I’ll let yall check it out and give me some feedback if you would be so kind.

By the way, I just have to keep giving a shout out to Grammarly for constantly correcting my desire to put commas where they don’t go. Thanks!

Before I get to the writing/learning stuff I want to share, I was also going to mention that I have been playing around in the kitchen this week, tweaking recipes from an online cookbook by The Coconut Mama, and since I can’t share any part of the book, I’ll tell you how a mistake turned into something tasty (not pretty) and show you a cool thing I found and purchased last night at of all places, Burlington. So, I wanted to make her chocolate chip cookies (this cookbook is all about cooking with coconut flour, click the link and get yourself a free copy) and I screwed up and ended up with chocolate pecan coconut cookies. Not bad, kinda tasty in fact.

I told you, not pretty

What happened is, I mixed up all the ingredients like the recipe said, then realized it called for 3 Tbs of coconut flour, not  2. So I tried to add it in… didn’t work, so I microwaved it and, you guessed it, the chocolate chips melted and made my whole cookie base chocolate. So I threw in some of my recently shelled pecans-from-my-Dad’s-yard and voila!

The end result, still not pretty, but good enough to eat

I will admit, there’s a bit of a learning curve while working with coconut flour, if you don’t do everything right, you get a dry product. Still, with a nice glass of milk or a hot cup of coffee, they are just fine. Just a little bite to satisfy your sweet tooth and perfectly Paleo because the only sweetener in them is raw honey.

Speaking of little bites, here is my Burlington find, something I’ve been wanting/looking for for a while.

My new mini-cupcake pan!

Bonus…it even comes with the silicone liners!!! And it was only $6.99!! Cool Beans!!!

Now the next time I’m called to host Bunco, I can make enough muffins/candy/fat bombs or whatever to feed the crowd! Yea!!

Ok, on to the good stuff. We all know what a time suck is right? Think Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest…I could go on. But sometimes a timesuck can be that in a good way. For learning purposes, entertainment value, or a combination of those. I’m talking about Medium and all of the wonderful writers there. I could spend all day reading and learning because there are so many publications to choose from. If you are a writer, you can become a part of this wonderful community, gain a following, and help people all at the same time. (I myself write on a few of their publications as some of you know.) The Weekly Knob, 100 Naked Words, The Creative Cafe are some that are well worth following. The more I interact with other writers though, the more pubs I learn about, like The Mission, The Junction and so much more. Today I was entertained by my favorite cartoonist, Thunderpuff, with her post Scary Movies I Watched As a Kid (And a Few I Didn’t). I tried to link to the story, but all I know is you can download the Medium app, then search for her or find her on The Junction and you will not be sorry. I did share it to Facebook, so if you follow me there, you can see it.

The next timesuck that turns into something productive (for me anyway) is Skillshare. Here with a free membership, you can access 1000+ classes on everything from web design to cooking pasta. It’s crazy how many classes there are so why not challenge yourself to learn something new?! You can learn more about creative writing, technical writing, copywriting, or something completely different. And you can also learn how to teach your own classes which will earn you a following and money! I’ve been contemplating that idea myself but I would not have a clue how to do it. That’s ok though because when I’m ready, they will guide me every step of the way!

Well, That’s all I have for today, If I find some extra energy, I will try to write a story for Flash Fiction Friday. I have much to do yet, and also, this is the birthday weekend!! My Dad’s, Chris (my baby is not a baby anymore :(), and my friend Kaye’s birthdays are all coming up. The 21st, 23rd, and 24th respectfully. My father-in-laws was on the 22nd and my aunt Connie’s was also the 24th, making October the busiest birthday month in my family. Please pray with me that Chris’s present arrives before his birthday does. That has always been important to me. He knows what it is but still. I want him to get it on or before his actual birthday. Call me silly.

One more thing, I guess some of you might notice the lettuce growing in the background of the cupcake pan picture, that is a new one, lol. While pretty, they don’t ever get really full like a true head of lettuce but its fun to watch them grow anyway. See you later, I’ll be watching, reading, learning and writing on the patio!










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Sunday Review- Grammarly Product Review

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Today we are shining the spotlight on a terrific tool for checking your grammar and proofreading your content: Grammarly of course!

If you are a blogger, author or do any kind of writing, you need this tool in your toolkit.

I have been with Grammarly for a few years now, I use the free version and it has served its purpose perfectly. If you write articles, blog posts or any other kind of content, you really need this fantastic tool.

Grammarly automatically checks for mistakes, corrects misspelled words and underlines potential grammatical errors so you don’t publish sub-par copy.

Grammarly sends you periodic updates!

For those who don’t have a handle on the English language or for those not necessarily paying attention in language class, this is the tool for you!

Here are a few of the ways Grammarly helps writers:

  • Identifies confused prepositions
  • Locates wordy sentences
  • Helps identify overuse of the passive voice

Some program’s built-in grammar checkers do not catch the same mistakes that Grammarly can. Do you know what a squinting modifier us? Grammarly does and tells you when not to use it.

You can start writing directly into Grammarly’s Microsoft Office just like any other document platform. (like Word) Or, if you use Word or want to write directly on a particular platform, Grammarly still checks your work and proofreads your copy. How cool is that?

Another useful feature is that Grammarly has a plagiarism checker, for those who do lot’s of research, that could come in handy. It also sends a monthly report on your use of the tool/app which keeps you on track with your writing goals.

The only downside is that it still won’t completely replace a human proofreader, however, for .02 cents a word, you can use its dashboard to send your work to a human to edit it. Still, it’s a whole lot better than having no extra set of eyes to double check your work for mistakes.

It even helped me correct this here review!


The bottom line is Grammarly is a great tool just like it is, but by upgrading to the premium version you will get 250 more checks which could find even more mistakes.

The paid version will also check for misplaced words and incorrect sentence structure. It will also give you contextual vocabulary enhancements to diversify your writing.

They offer discounts for some paid plans, you can see from the screenshot that paying for a whole year will save you big money in the long run…more than half the regular monthly price!

Click on any link and go check out Grammarly for yourself and see how error proof your writing can be.
Disclosure: Mentions of associated products, services, or businesses within the content of this blog may or may not be noted as an affiliate in every reference. I only choose to promote products, services, or businesses that I have used and or trust

Day 271-Free Days-Thanks, Promised Recap & A Plea

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Good morning from a windy, chilly patio! Thank you for all of your prayers, they worked! Although we were chilly outside and even wrapped up in blankets in front of fires and heaters outside, it did not rain or storm as predicted! I’m happy to report that the fish fry went off without a hitch and a good time was had by all.

The cool outdoor setup
Us girls huddled in the corner enjoying some time around the heater together!
My boy and me-notice he has no jacket or sweater…again!
Troy and Tisa enjoying the warmth of the kitchen
Told you it was cold! Hermania and Mel cuddling!
Julie’s beautiful granddaughter Carli and her boy, Stryker

Now to some sad news. I’m seeing less reader comments and likes than I have previously enjoyed, and no one at all commented on the product review I did- does this mean you don’t like what I’m writing about, or did everyone just slow down in their own blogosphere? I’m not sure, but a girl sure could use some help over here! Throw me a bone will ya? I realize that so far my product/service reviews have been about things writing related, however, I assure you that I will get to products I use in my daily life like the types of essential oils or food choices we make here on the patio.

I would welcome any suggestions/comments at all! As I continue to work on the direction of my blog/business, I only know this for sure: I just want to help you in whatever way I can. So, I need feedback to know what that is. For now, I will plan May’s calendar pretty much the same way it has been unless you have other ideas for new features or clue me in to the kind of content you want/need me to provide.

I realize also that everyone is busy in their own lives/businesses and there is a lot going on in the writing world. I have been so busy myself finishing the course Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing and working on my website that I haven’t been doing much in the way of creative writing (like on Medium or Prose) except for here on the blog on Fridays.

Before I go, I will tell you, I have one more writing related review over on Products From The Patio, and I really love it, you may use it yourself with your own websites/blogs. It’s for Grammarly the grammar checking service I use. I would again appreciate any feedback you would offer, and I would love for you to check out the review and just let me know what you think about the website in general.

Now I really have to go, Dave is trying to work on the game room/man cave and he’s banging things around which really means, he’s ready for me to come and help out! See you all here tomorrow on a hopefully much warmer patio!

*Disclosure: Mentions of associated products, services, or businesses within the content of this blog may or may not be noted as an affiliate in every reference. I only choose to promote products, services, or businesses that I have used and or trust.