Day 168-Free Days-The Week Ahead

Cooking up some soup
Cooking up some soup

So we are still dealing with foggy, cool weather- perfect for a big pot of hamburger soup and Cowboy game viewing. I invited the family but most of them are otherwise engaged, so it looks like maybe by bro and my mother-in-law will join us. That’s cool, we will have soup for a few days this week!

I thought I’d preview the week ahead, what I know of it anyway, starting with tomorrow’s Motivational Monday. I’ll be talking about a scripture from Thessalonians and how important it is to help each other.

Then Tuesday’s essay will be a hard one, discussing the birth of my first born and how I had him out of wedlock.

Wednesday will cover more on the subject of medicinal marijuana unless y’all have a better idea, or are bored with the subject. I’m happy to discuss and/or research whatever you want me to.

Thursday I thought I’d show my first car ever and discuss how that came to be.

Friday it’s time to dream up a tale for Flash Fiction Friday, so far my stories have been well received, thank you for your kind words and encouragement! Feel free to provide feedback of any kind, I have much to learn on the subject of story structure.

I hope this week is as productive and successful as last, I appreciate all of you following and commenting, it helps me feel so validated as a writer, and I hope that at least one post every week does something to help someone, that is the goal!

Enjoy your Sunday, and may I just say…GO COWBOYS!!! See y’all tomorrow on the patio. 😉