Day 121- Computer Glitches

Help! I beg of you. Anyone who has experienced a glitch, temporary or otherwise, knows how frustrating it is to not be able to do what they do on a regular all of a sudden.

Yesterday, I was attempting to write my blog, since I have my own little system, I’ll try to explain what happened. For whatever reason, I can’t usually add my pictures from my Mac, so, I write the bulk of the blog there first, then I go to my trusty IPad and add the pictures there. Well…normally, my admin area is at the bottom left hand of the dashboard and that’s where I go to access my latest post to make edits. Yesterday, however, it has suddenly disappeared! Luckily, my husband somehow got me where I needed to be, but the problem is still not solved.

Does anyone know what might be going on? Can you give me a hint, a clue, I have to fix this quickly or the blogging world as I know it may come to an end! Ok, that might be a little drastic but seriously, did it do some kind of update I’m not aware of or what? Why would the admin area just disappear? Thing is, I can get to my blog editor another way but it just doesn’t behave the same way as if I access it from the admin side. I can’t explain it, I’m not tech savvy. Another thing I recently noticed is that my writing seems too close together, even when I space between commas and words, it looks too close. Don’t know why that is happening either.

So…if anyone can give this poor non-computer literate female a hand, it would be greatly appreciated!