Ice Cream Bar Fat Bombs

Remember the Good Humor original Ice Cream Bars on a stick from your childhood?

Creamy vanilla ice cream covered with a crispy, crunchy chocolate shell?

Well, I made some delicious chocolate covered cheesecake fat bombs this weekend that taste just like the frozen treats from my youth, only these treats are actually good for you!

Chocolate covered cheesecake bombs

I got the recipe from Fat For Weight Loss who does a bang up job creating delicious snacks, treats, and meals for the keto diet. He’s a joy to watch on his Utube videos because he’s from Australia and I love to listen to him talk.

For whatever reason, mine made more than what he said it would, maybe because I used a mini-muffin tray with the little silicone liners for easy cleanup, or maybe I did the conversions wrong in the recipe (he uses the metric system) but mine made 16 mini-cups or fat bombs.

I followed the recipe he gives which you can find by clicking the link, or going to my Pinterest page, Keto For Beginners.

My son’s girlfriend Becky confirmed that they were delicious! Eating them frozen, they taste just like chocolate covered ice cream bars, yet they are a little hard to bite. If you want them softer, just let them sit out for a minute or two.

The base layer is basically butter, sweetener, coconut oil and cream cheese topped with cocoa powder (unsweetened), sweetener, and coconut oil. Mmmmm! These are my preferred delivery method for getting my daily dose of good fats!

He uses a different sweetener than me, I always Pyure brand stevia because I like the taste the best of all other stevia out there. It is organic, has 0 glycemic index, non-GMO, and gluten free.

He also uses refined coconut oil because he does not want all of his fat bombs to taste like coconut, however, I love the taste, so much that I don’t notice it anymore, and besides, with all that butter, you don’t taste coconut anyway.

I also only use Kerrygold butter, it is the only grass-fed butter that I know of.

So I use unrefined, virgin coconut oil all the time in my recipes. You should give these fat bombs a try and let me know how you like them, if they take you back to your childhood.




Many Happy Desserts

Sometimes, even people following the Paleo lifestyle like a sweet treat. Which is why I consulted my Pinterest board for some tasty ideas for ice cream-Paleofied of course! On my Everything Paleo board, I found a tempting looking ice cream called Caramel Almond Crunch from Well, to make a long story short, I had no dates. Dates, evidently make the best caramel…not raisins. Which I subbed. Not horrible and with a few tweaks, I believe I can improve the flavor. Butter makes everything better right? My favorite (and only) butter is brand because it is grass-fed and simply delicious. I think if I heat the “mistake” up in a saucepan and add some butter, I’ll save this mess of a dessert I made. Now, the ice cream itself was frozen bananas, blended to a creamy texture. Then came the caramel and on top, my favorite homemade trail mix, Maple Nut Trail Mix from


Like I said, pretty good but could have been better. When in the kitchen, mistakes are how you learn, become inventive, and sometimes even create a new masterpiece. What are your food fails? I’d love to hear them, or any suggestions on how I might improve this one! All comments are welcome, here on the patio!