Cee's Share Your World, ( I Too Am Late!!)

Well, Suze isn’t the only late bloomer in the bunch, but when I read her answers today over at her blog (Obsolete Childhood),  I just had to get in on the fun.

I’m just gonna dive right in with no preamble, cause some days, that’s  just how I roll and let me tell ya, it’s been “one of those days”!

Have you ever been pulled over by a cop? Yes, a couple of times, one for a “California stop” and once for speeding and let me just say, none were as gorgeous as the one that stopped Suze!!

What have you always wanted? Did you get it? One of the things I always wanted was a muscle car, and thanks to my fabulous husband, I got it. It was a Camaro, burnt orange and I miss it to this day, even though I’m now driving a Challenger. Am I spoiled or what?

What is your perfect pizza? Well,  I don’t eat pizza anymore because I’m living the Paleo lifestyle, but when I did, it was pepperoni and black olive-every time! (Sometimes with extra cheese)

What inspired you this past week? The same thing that has inspired me every week since I met her, with her determination, compassion, and courage in the face of adversity, my friend Stephanie, who lives every day with a rare form of muscular dystrophy called FA, or Friedreich’s Ataxia. To see her bravely trying to walk in her gait trainer will make anyone admire her strength and tenacity, and her constant patience with me (even when I’m short on patience myself) is astounding. She is an amazing individual who I just adore and enjoy working for.

Stephanie showing off the beautiful smile of hers!

Sorry,  I’m late to the challenge, but if you want to play along, just go to Cee’s Share Your World and follow her easy instructions!



Day 259-Motivational Monday-How to Be Grateful

Good morning everyone, how is everyone this beautiful Monday morning?

As the news continues to scare us with the prospect of war and more bleak possibilities going forward,I was struck by this motivational quote I found on Pinterest this morning.

What if indeed?!! This is why we need to pray every day, because what if we forgot someone or something in our daily prayer? I want to wake up to all my friends and family-don’t you?

If this doesn’t give you the motivation to be grateful for everything you have in your life, I don’t know what will!

Now I have to share a funny story with you because, well…I’m honest to a fault sometimes (which gets me laughed at a lot!)

Ever have one of those aha moments and then felt like a complete idiot when you realized how easy something was? That was me last night after discovering how to get my posts onto Pinterest was as easy as pinning it directly from the post itself!! What a revelation and a V8 moment that made me want to slap my own forehead! Doh! I could have been doing this all along, now here I am 259 days into my year long blogging project with just a few pins to show for it. Why is that important you might ask? Well, I could have been getting my blog out to more people for one thing, thereby increasing my exposure, and traffic.

See, I have a board for the blog on Pinterest, along with many other boards, and pinning for the others is easy. Yet every time I tried to figure out how to get my “important” posts onto my board, I would give up in frustration. Then last night, I came across a pin from Think Creative Collective about how to use Tailwind to schedule blog posts on Pinterest. I never got that far because I saw the one thing that made me go aha! I then quickly went straight to my blog and pinned the entire series I wrote,  Angels of Arvada, so they would all be in one, easy to find area. Now I know what I need to do, and it is so easy, it won’t take me long-so if you see my board on Pinterest suddenly getting full, you’ll know why!

The next thing I need to do is go read the rest of the post and see how to use Tailwind to schedule my pins so this doesn’t happen again. Then I’ll be able to answer your questions if you have any, I don’t know how many of you use Pinterest, but it’s a great marketing tool. It is also a great place to make a to-do list! I find all kinds of great ideas on Pinterest.

I hope I have sparked your imagination and given you some motivation to change something in your business, some inspiration to be grateful for the things we have and a reason to pray every day for those we love and hold dear and want to see tomorrow! Speaking of tomorrow, join me then for MET (My Essay Tuesday) and I’ll see you later from a very busy patio!

Day 162-Motivational Monday-Proverbs 20:4

Today’s inspirational message comes from the book of Proverbs 20:4 and says:

“If you are too lazy to plow, don’t expect a harvest.”

Pretty simple and straightforward right? Basically, if you don’t do the work it takes to become successful, you never will be. That’s how I see the meaning anyway. I tried to capture the picture it was printed on ( I found it on a site called belgotec.com) but I couldn’t figure out how to copy the picture from Pinterest. Someday I’ll figure out this meme thing, for today you just get the plain old printed message.

I hope this inspires you to get up, get going and start planning how to make this your most successful year ever. I have to admit, last week started out strong for me, I got the word count I was looking for, had my week all planned ahead and things went great until Friday. I still got the assignments done but my word count was waaay short of the desired numbers. Still, I’ll just keep plowing along and try to do better this week.  I won’t give up, I’ll just dig deeper and work my plan to achieve my goals this week.

I got very little sleep last night, something I call the Sunday Syndrome, and as a result, my brain isn’t firing on all it’s cylinders this morning- even with my morning coffee. Add to that the fact that I did not get up at 5am and get the early start I did last Monday and…you get the picture. How about you all? Did you consider last week successful? What do you do to stay motivated all week? I’d like to hear it and any tips you have to share with me would be most welcome!

Church was lovely yesterday and then last night, I finally got to see the movie Miracles From Heaven. If you have not seen it, I highly recommend it! It was the best, most inspirational movie I have seen in a long time. Spoiler alert: Keep lots of Kleenex with you, you’re gonna need it! Then again, I am a very emotional person. It was made even more special for me because it is based on a true story about a family that lived in Burleson and the husband worked in Alvarado, close to where we used to live. It was a wonderful message that God is always with us and miracles happen all around us, every day, you just have to look for them!

I hope you all have a blessed (and productive) day and I’ll see you tomorrow for This is my Essay Tuesday.

What's Your Inspiration?

I made a commitment to write every day and I’m really trying to stick to it. Which is why, even though I had nothing planned or thought out, I’m writing anyway. Some people use an editorial calendar, I never thought this would be that kind of blog. We were supposed to be able to talk about whatever, so I didn’t think it was necessary, it was a kind of off the cuff kind of thing. Still, I guess everyone has those days when inspiration just isn’t there, no fresh ideas come to the frontal lobe, whatever. I could use a word prompt, but that’s really for storytelling.

Thing is, if you want to be a better writer, you have to practice, part of that practice is getting into the habit of writing every day. Now, I made sure I’d have to write something every day by purchasing a 5 year sentence journal. The idea is, you write a sentence from a prompt on a calendar every day, the next year you do the same, from the same prompts. Then you can see where you have come in your journey. That is all fine and good, but that doesn’t get me to a certain word count every day, or increase my writing speed. If I want to be a successful writer, blogger, copywriter or whatever kind of freelance writer it is, I’ll need to do all those things and more. One day I may want to write a book, I used to think about it a lot when I was younger. Right now, I just want to freelance, because that gives me the freedom to write what I want, when I want. I’ve only been working hard at this for a year, in that time, I’ve studied a lot, written many different things,  but still have no business plan per say. I only know that I want to write about things I know and like.

I, like many others, suffer from the not-knowing-if -I’m -good-enough syndrome, however, I keep writing. I’m confident that with enough practice and commitment, I’ll eventually get there. The only pressure I’m under is that I put on myself, there’s no rush to make this dream a reality tomorrow, yet I know that if I worked really hard, I could help my family fulfill their dreams sooner. If I could make enough money to do that, wouldn’t that be awesome? I’ll keep ya posted, goodnight for now.