Ever Had a Plantain/Pumpkin Waffle? They're Delicious!

Okay, first off I want to say that while I’m working from home again, don’t get used to me blogging every day…I just had something interesting to say two days in a row. ūüôā

While many of you have probably seen my previous post on this plantain/sweet potato waffle I did in the past, this morning’s experiment may have produced something delicious, yet potentially toxic. Let me explain.

The recipe is one I adapted from Paleohacks from one of their 7 Divine Sweet Potato Recipes. However, I had no sweet potatoes cooked, I was hungry, so I subbed some pumpkin puree. Thing is, it had been in the fridge for a while, in a sealed container, I should be ok, right?!

The next thing I did was use a plantain that was not ripened much, meaning¬†it was so hard, for a sec I thought it was frozen!! So there might have been a few un-mixed pieces of it floating around in the batter. Still, I’ll be ok, right?!

Plantain/pumpkin waffle with 100% maple syrup and a slice of bacon

Guess what? I ate it and it was delicious! Warm and slightly sweet with a pat of Kerrygold grass-fed butter…Yum!

I’ll let you know tomorrow if I didn’t die from my creation, lol!

Are you game to try it? Let me know in the comments.


Guess What? You Can Buy Kerrygold Butter On Amazon…But I Wouldn't Recommend It

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So, I have to provide reviews of all kinds here on the patio, so just for grins, I thought I’d check into whether my favorite butter, that being the grass-fed¬†kind, specifically¬†Kerrygold brand, could be purchased on Amazon...guess what?! You can!! However, I would not recommend it, only because it costs considerably more than you would pay for it in the store.

Real butter from real ingredients

Currently, I buy mine at Walmart for $3.44 per delicious gold brick. At Amazon, the same brick will cost $4.40 plus tax and shipping. Really? Actually, the first ad that popped up said $14.95 + $4.99 shipping! Must be a misprint I thought, so I added it to my cart to see if it really was only one 8oz. brick of butter and sure enough, it was! I’m definitely¬†not buying one brick of butter no matter how tasty for upwards of $25!

By the way, I’m loving using Grammarly on both of my websites, it corrects my spelling, punctuation,¬† and other errors so editing my content is a breeze. Thanks, Grammarly!

Back to the butter though, Kerrygold is the ONLY butter I use, and I use it every day in my bulletproof coffee, for my sweet potatoes and whenever else I need to use butter. Yes, it costs a little bit more, but I love the quality and assurance that the ingredients are made from pure full fat cream that comes from grass fed cows.

There are plenty of other products that are a better buy on Amazon, and one thing I like is the Smile program. A portion of your purchase goes to your favorite charity, you can change it anytime you want! It’s free to join and it goes to a good cause. They are also selling produce now on Amazon, through a program called Prime Fresh. Pretty soon, there will be no need to go to the grocery store. Of course, you pay for this convenience, but it’s worth it not to have to go to the grocery store. Shopping from your home in your pj’s sounds good to me!

Explanation of Prime Fresh membership

So, if you want to buy your butter from Amazon, or anything else for that matter, they have thousands of products and tons of services to try. There is even a new music service that is free to join for a short period, go and check it out! For me, it’s just one of those pick and choose kind of deals, I won’t be buying my butter from Amazon but I would definitely¬†buy a book or some essential oils or something. If you would like to try anything¬†I have mentioned here today, just click on any of the blue links, and they will take you where you want to go. Thanks for stopping by!


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Day 253-MET-Is Oatmeal Healthy?

Good morning my peeps and how are you on this cool and cloudy Tuesday? I survived the thunderstorms and nickel-sized hail we had last night, although I didn’t get much sleep.

I know I said my essay today would be on pet love, however, life has a way of throwing you curveballs and this morning has been crazy. After getting the dogs to the groomers, and knowing I had a ton to do today with a dr appt. thrown right in the middle of the day, I figured I better get my kitchen duties done before writing my post for the day.

Last night, I came across a delicious looking recipe I found on Pinterest for baked steel-cut oatmeal. Now, I try to eat as Paleo as possible, so in that quest I purchased some of these preferred oats at Big Lots the other day. My first experiment with them did not go so swell. ¬†Wish me luck (or I’ll update later) on the baked treat I have been promised by Alexandra’s Kitchen.¬†Check it out for yourself and then let me know how yours turned out.

What I wanted to explain here today, is the difference in the three types of oatmeal most commonly consumed and why Paleo guru Mark Sisson says it is not really Paleo. (healthy) In my life, Paleo equates to being/eating healthy, just so you know. ūüôā

The three most common types of oats are steel-cut (one step above horse feed), rolled oats (the most commonly consumed), and instant oats ( the kind with added sugar and flavors.)

The “whole grain” form of an oat is called a grout, according to Mark (I’ll include a link to his article at the end) and is rarely sold like that, except for maybe horse feed.

Steel-cut oats are whole grouts chopped into smaller pieces. They contain the most nutrients and some of the bran that doesn’t flake off is retained. They taste nuttier than rolled oats but still have the anti-nutrient phytic acid in them, which is nearly impossible to remove. Yet these would be classified as the healthy version as opposed to the other two choices.

Rolled oats are steamed grouts that have been flattened and rolled out, and the bran has been removed. When most people think of oats, this is the kind they mean.

Instant oats are rolled, steamed, pre-cooked oats that are immediately ready to eat when hot liquid is added. These are the least nutritional, with lots of sugar and added flavorings like brown sugar and maple.

What makes these low on the healthy totem pole is the phytic acid and the avenin, a protein in the prolamine family. If a grain is rich in minerals, the presence of phytates prevents the full absorption. Avenin poses the same problems as gluten in certain sensitive people. So they aren’t really the best grain for us to eat.

The reason oats get a good rap from health organizations is because of the fiber they have called beta-glucan that increases bile acid excretion. It’s a a soluble fiber and it takes the serum cholesterol out as bile acid is excreted. Plus, it has bran (steel-cut oats do anyway) that may protect against atherosclerosis, but then again, so does a diet rich in yellow and green vegetables, so is oat bran really some magical substance? Maybe not, but they are a comfort food that lots of people just can’t live without.

All that being said, I decided that since Mark says if you are going to eat them, opt for the steel-cut variety, because they are classified as better than wheat but worse than rice, from a grain perspective. (here is that link to the article…Mark’s Daily Apple) Of course, he doesn’t like them to begin with and feels like there are many other foods with a better flavor profile, but I just have to say, I am enjoying the baked variety I just made very much!

Tastes better than it looks folks, trust me!

I’m not sure what went “wrong” here, but mine came out of the oven not looking like a baked good at all, yet tasting absolutely delicious! The flavors are nutty, sweet and chewy- not slimy like you normally think of with oatmeal. Since it came out with butter still sizzling in the bottom of the dish, I’m assuming my pan was too big or the fact that I used almond milk instead of whole milk may be the problem. It matters not, because to me, this was a delicious mistake and I will have no trouble gobbling up the whole pan! (not in one sitting though) I used fresh frozen blueberries, maybe they added a watery consistency, but they tasted great. I put it back in the oven a few minutes, but it didn’t firm up anymore, just browned a little bit. Still tastes delicious.

OMG! You have to give this recipe a try! I used Kerrygold butter and almond milk, the rest of the ingredients are Paleo approved, so it is healthy enough for occasional consumption. Y’all, this is coming from a girl that never liked oatmeal before, I have slowly been teaching myself to tolerate it and have been on the hunt for a great recipe for the steel-cut oats. Well, I’ve found it! I will have to make it again sometime and tweak the recipe, because Alexandra’s came out looking more like bread and less like…oatmeal. Still, the taste is what’s important, and it passes the test! ¬†Plus, I used Bob’s Red Mill award winning steel cut oats which won the Annual Golden Spurtle World Porridge Making Championship, the first time the competition has been won outside of Scotland!

The best steel-cut oats

I should have taken a picture before I dove into the pan, but I got in a hurry to try them. The recipe can be found at the link above for Alexandra’s Kitchen- and no, I’m not getting any compensation for all these products I’m talking about today, however, there is a method to my madness. I’m hoping you will find out what it is soon, if I have time to work on it today. ūüôā

I hope I have provided you with some answers to your questions about oatmeal, and I hope you will give this amazing recipe a try! Come back tomorrow for Wednesday’s Medical Minute, hopefully it won’t be raining again, on the patio!






Day 29-Product Week-Coconut Oil, Butter, Cinnamon

Sorry about last night’s post everyone. I was so tired and sick feeling, my brain was fried and it showed. I say let’s move on to today’s post and fuggetaboutit.ūüėČ

I have a theory about why I got sick in the first place while on vacation, could be wrong but here it is. I didn’t have a way to make my bulletproof coffee and my body missed those important ingredients like coconut oil, butter and cinnamon. I’ll tell you a little bit about each product and why I think it might have affected me.


As some of you may know from previous posts, bulletproof coffee is my morning staple and uses the ingredients mentioned above, the most important being coconut oil. Coconut oil contains lauric acid which has antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties. The body converts this into monolaurin which fights viruses, and bacteria like herpes, influenza, and even HIV. It also fights listeria, H.Pilori and giardia lamblia. So, without my immune system strengthener, I was vulnerable to infection. It is also a misconception that coconut oil is bad for the heart and makes you gain weight. In all actuality, it is beneficial for the heart because of the lauric acid it contains. This acid helps prevent high cholesterol, and reduces injury and and damage to arteries therefore preventing artherosclerosis, or hardening of the arteries.

I could talk about coconut oil and its uses and benefits all day but let’s move on to the goodness of grassfed butter, the second important ingredient in my coffee. I use¬†Kerrygold brand butter because it is grassfed, pure creamery butter.

image image

Grassfed vs regular butter- Grassfed butter contains loads of Vitamin K2 which helps keep calcium out of the arteries, therefore also preventing artherosclerosis. Butter, egg yolks and goose liver are good sources of this important vitamin. It also is full of an anti-inflammatory fatty acid called butyrate. Since it fights inflammation in the arteries, it reduces heart disease. In countries like Australia where the cows are grass fed, people who ate the most high-fat dairy products have over 50% lower risk of death compared to those who ate the least. That’s why I use only Kerrygold in my diet. In coffee, on my baked sweet potatoes and my baked goods.

Lastly, cinnamon.¬†image¬†One of the oldest spices in the world, it has been used for centuries in countries like China and Egypt for its medicinal benefits and culinary enhancement. Of the two types of cinnamon, Ceylon and Cassia, Ceylon is preferred and offers a multitude of benefits. It is anti-microbial and and anti-clotting and can ¬†boost brain function and helps keep a healthy colon, due to it’s richness in dietary fiber. One of the main reasons I use it, besides the great taste, is because it may stop the growth of harmful bacteria and fungi such as candida (which causes yeast infections).

The other reason I drink this coffee daily is because one cup sustains me all through the day because of the good fats it contains. I’m not picky about my coconut oil, as long as it’s unrefined, pure virgin, cold-pressed, I’m cool with it. I tend to go with the least expensive because I use a ton of it! I’m currently using Tropical Life Organic coconut oil because I can get a large container for ten or eleven bucks. It is unrefined, virgin and smells fantastic. I use Organic Ceylon cinnamon and I’ve found that at Sprouts.

So, yeah, I covered three products in one post because I felt I had to explain all the benefits of drinking bulletproof coffee. I’m positive that missing my beloved morning starter somehow contributed to this double whammy I have going on. After seeing the doctor this morning it was decided that I had a UTI or a possible kidney infection and an upper respiratory infection as well. Luckily, the medicine they gave me will knock out both of them!

I do hope you are inspired to try one or all three of the products mentioned here. Let me know if you do and how you use them in the comments. I look forward to hearing about it! Until tomorrow, when we talk about another product I love and swear by-Stevia. See you then!


sources: organicfacts.com, authoritynation.com, livestrong.com