Day 167-Free Days-Sharing My Work

Good morning everyone, and welcome to a chilly, rainy day here on the patio! It’s been a busy week for writing this week, I accomplished all of my “assignments” and made the decision somewhere during the week to lower my daily word count goal to something a bit more achievable, since there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done that needs to be done. Can you feel me? I had previously set it for 1700 words in hopes that by Oct I would be ready for NaNoWriMo, however, I decided to make it a more manageable 1000 words. This seems to be a good fit for me and I made it most days this week. I came to this decision after reading a piece on Medium about the more prolific writers out there and how they managed to become that way with daily word counts as low as 500 a day! It’s all about setting goals that are so manageable, you won’t burn out and you will be more likely to stick to.


I was thrilled to see my Weekly Knob story got published this week, since they are going through some changes on that publication. The word prompt was “watch” and my story was entitled The Most Beautiful Thing. Go check it out if you have time and read some of the other wonderful stories there. I believe it’s, or you can go to and find me on The Weekly Knob. I also write on 100 Naked Words daily- although that’s a different kind of writing, not story telling, more of a journal type or insights of my day kind of thing. I was also happy to have accomplished a difficult form of poetry called an acrostic, and my piece is on Chalkboard, another Medium publication. It’s called Heaven’s Star and is a sort of tribute to the late Debbie Reynolds. I so enjoyed the challenge that I did another one (not published yet) over at The Creative Cafe, and when they publish the collection, my piece is called Pride and Ego, and is part of a collection dealing with the monsters inside of us. I have been working hard and learning a lot and I’m hoping my writing will improve as I go along. Practice, practice, practice.

We have nothing much planned for this weekend, due to the icky weather and Dave having some kind of upper respiratory nastiness. I hope you have better weather where you live and if not, take time to catch up on some reading or writing yourselves!

I’ll be researching more information for Wednesday’s Medical Minute if anyone wants more information on the subject of medical marijuana, or if not, I can take on something else. I’m still going to research it because it’s of great interest to me and I want to learn as much as I can in case it ever becomes available in my state.

Also, I want to thank you all for reading, following, and responding to my posts and providing feedback-it really means the world to me! I would like to ask you please to unfollow and then re-follow me, for some reason ( a yahoo glitch) lots of you are finding your way into my junk mail instead of my regular email. I appreciate you helping me fix this and I hope it works!

I’m sure the highlight for this weekend will be Sunday’s game featuring the Dallas Cowboys and the Greenbay Packers. You know who I’ll be rooting for, lookout CheeseHeads, lol! Have a great weekend everyone, see you tomorrow on the patio!



Day 76-Free Days-Happy News!

I am very exited to share something with you guys today! It’s a baby step in my creative  writing efforts, yet a step in the “write” direction (hehe)! I have been writing on the platform Medium for a few weeks and they have a publication called The Weekly Knob.  Every Monday, they give you a new prompt and you then craft a story featuring that prompt. Last week’s prompt was “broom” and my story-That Witchy Season was published today!! Yea! I love this platform because you also get “recommends” instead of “likes”, and creative feedback, support and love from the Medium writing community. I know the story could have been better, I probably could have changed the title as well, however, I feel validated that my story was accepted and then published and I just wanted to share this news. I also could spend hours reading all the other wonderful stories featured by an extremely talented pool of writers, if I didn’t have so much else to do. Maybe I can read more of them tonight, and I encourage all of you to check them out as well.  Just go to ThatWitchySeason on Medium,  if you’d like to read my story. There’s even a Medium app, which makes it all so much easier to navigate.

In other news, we layed more of the flooring today and now have the hallway and laundry room finished!

Hallway to the master bedroom
Hallway to the master bedroom
At the halfway point in the laundry room
At the halfway point in the laundry room

Tomorrow, we’ll install the doors and trim and then we will be one step closer to (horror of all horrors) the kitchen. Shudder! I am not exited about my kitchen being destroyed so close to the holidays!!! It has to be done though, if we expect to have floors by Thanksgiving. I’m so proud of my husband and his handiwork! (I get credit for the layout) I’m his helper, cleanup girl and designer, and we make a great team!

I have also started to make a little progress on the baby blanket I’m crocheting for Taylor’s soon-to-be-born little one. Did I tell y’all the theme for the nursery is Nightmare Before Christmas? I thought it sounded odd until I went on Pinterest and literally found hundreds of pins with the decor and all sorts of other great ideas with the theme. The colors are black, white, lavender and lime green. Although I picked a very basic pattern, I’m proud of how it’s coming along so far. I’ll post a pic when I get to the halfway point.

So that’s it, plus I have three upcoming birthdays to think about and prepare for and of course the holidays are creeping ever closer. Just a few of the things on my mind (and plate) but nothing I can’t handle. I realize this time of year is busy and stressful for everyone, the way I handle it is one bite at a time, somehow it all comes together. Just try to relax and breathe! 😉