Day 94-Meeting New Blogger Buddies

Wow, Nov 2 and our high here in the DFW metroplex will be 87! I’m sure that will change with the thunderstorms slowly moving in overnight. Not that I’m complaining about warm weather, I am a summer girl-a water baby-hey, I’m a Pisces after all!

Just an illustration of the possible weather change
Just an illustration of the possible weather change

I had a record day yesterday with my writing, accomplishing all the goals I set for myself and surpassing the word count I thought was possible! Yea! I started my day with the blog, moved on to a post for my daily writing assignment on¬†100 Naked Words, and then did an essay for a magazine that I hope will get published (and pay me). By the time I was through, I had racked up a word count of 2,645 and that went in my NaNoWriMo total for the day. Not bad I thought for the first day, if I could keep up that pace, I would be well on my way to the goal of 50,000 words for the month. Thing is, I had all day (with breaks of course) and I don’t have that luxury every day. Girl’s gotta work ya know, and there’s all the other stuff in the middle, but hey, that’s part of the challenge! You have to learn to fit it all in, make it work somehow, lots of other writers have a heck of a lot busier schedule than me. Later on, in the evening, I started composing my story for my post in The Weekly Knob, and that added some more to my word count, add in a couple of emails, and by 10pm it was up to 3,045! Woop!

Official Site
Official Site

So, I didn’t get much feedback on the post from yesterday, thanks to those who did though. ūüôā Since one of the comments was how she liked to see the pictures of my family or project updates with accompanying photos, I thought I’d share a pic of our temporary spot our dish ware is living in until we finish (gotta start first, lol) the cabinets.

My dishes in their temporary location
My dishes in their temporary location

My hubby has been too tired after work to mess with the kitchen, hopefully, he won’t feel too bad this weekend following Thursday’s surgery, and we can go shopping for some. (cabinets, that is)! Yes, the dishes, glasses and cutlery had to go somewhere out of the way, so Dave built a temporary shelving unit in the dining room to house them for now. Luckily, I’m very adaptable to change and have already got used to their new location.

If you have some extra time on your hands and want to check out my little story from yesterday I posted on Medium/100 Naked Words called Fighting The Monsters, please do, it’s good for a chuckle. Also, while perusing other folk’s blogs last night, I came across one that had my crying from laughing so hard-that girl is cra cra!!! Her name is Suze and she blogs over at Obsolete Childhood–¬†just read her intro page and you will be begging for more! I read two more posts in and had to stop for fear I’d wake my husband with all my tears and giggles. Then, check out her friend Cyranny¬†for more amusement of a different sort, she posted a pic on Cyranny’s Cove in response to an award question that had me laughing so hard, I was shaking the bed and tears were flowing down my face! Go-check them both out, make some new friends and enjoy laughing for awhile, it sure beats crying or worrying about this upcoming election. (Though, it is a circus in it’s own right. ;)) Happy reading!

Day 93- Help Me Help You-Writing With A Purpose

How my dogs can tell time is a mystery to me, yet, there was Whiskey, licking me in the face at exactly 7am this morning-the time I try to be up on my off day, the day I have earmarked for writing. To which I rolled over, glanced at my IPad, saw the time and leaped out of bed, because, of course I have that and a million other things to do on my “off” day.

I needed to take my “new” car in to the dealership, since there were existing issues from the moment we got it. The good news is, my husband purchased on a lease agreement, therefore, the dealership was prompt with service and a loaner-I simply took it in, and drove out with my exact replica loaner vehicle! No muss or fuss, I didn’t even have to sign any paperwork. He even had the radio tuned to my favorite sirius/xm station-Octane! What a super guy!!

Next on the list of course, is all of my writing assignments, which I have decided I need to figure out the best way to allocate time for. But first, there was laundry to start, dogs to feed, wait-I haven’t even fed myself, but there was coffee! Yes, that was first out of the starting gate! Anyway, I have taken on quite a bit more than I ever have, so now I need to create a schedule of sorts, to be able to fit it all in. I started with the simple list, what they are and how often they need to be written. Now, I have to set a schedule to get them all done.

The other thing that has been on my mind is, how I can make my blog better for my audience/followers, and that means, how can I be of service to you? I need to know what you want to read about, or what problems I can solve- in other words- I feel like my blog needs more purpose. I’ve been trying to market myself as an expert on alternative health, yet my blog has become more of a place to simply hang out with you guys, share my day, post my updates on our renovations, tell you about my family, and every once in a while, I’ve stuck in tidbits here and there about my Paleo lifestyle. The question is, what do you all want to see more of, or, what is there that I can write about that would interest you more? I don’t want to be another blogger that writes about writing-they are everywhere. I read stuff from lots of them, which is where I get my inspiration, and instructions on how and what to write. I have to admit though, this also creates confusion and chaos in my mind, what is my purpose?

Like I wrote in my piece for 100 Naked Words on Medium last night, I started out wanting a way to make money when I began my career as a writer over a year ago. The fact that I have not made a penny is not lost on me. My writing has improved, as well as the speed that I write, and those are huge improvements on accomplishing my goal, however, my true aim is to help people, which is why I picked the niche I did. Truth is, I am not sure I have been doing that, so now, I need to hear from you all. Another thing I’ve discovered since starting my journey as a writer is that I like the creative side of writing and that is why I’ve taken on more assignments. I want to learn more about the storytelling aspect of writing, this can also be a huge help if I ever really get into copywriting, which is what my goal was in the first place. (and to help people in the process)

To wrap all this up, I will ask you all to help me help you. Wish me luck in attaining my goal to fulfill my daily writing assignments, as well as my weekly ones, and please, tell me what I can do to be of service to you. If you want information, I can write more posts relating to my paleo lifestyle or something else you want to know more about. If you want entertainment, I could write about the music I am so passionate about, or my favorite TV shows I am convinced I can’t miss, lol. I could write about crafts, plants, whatever-the list is endless, but what do y’all want to read more about? ¬†Yes, the goal right now is to write for 365 days consecutively, but I feel like I should be doing all that and more. When I write articles for magazines in the hopes of earning money, I write to inform, educate and hopefully help someone live a healthier life. When I write for publications like Medium, it is more of a creative outlet, a place to hone my storytelling skills. If I take on the NaNoWriMo challenge, it is a place to achieve the goal of writing 50,000 words in a month. Yes, that’s a lot of writing, however, if I ever hope to make a living from my writing, I need to be able to meet deadlines, so all of this writing is practice for me. Ok, I realize I am rambling now. Your turn, tell me what you want to see, and I will do my best to make it happen. I value my relationship with you and don’t want to lose you, so feel free to comment below with your suggestions, advice, and words of wisdom! I’m off to finally eat some breakfast, which will probably be something fast and easy like an omelet-in-a-mug, since my kitchen is in shambles! See you all tomorrow¬†on the patio¬†ūüėČ

Day 57- What If…. Week-

Today I decided to turn back to creative writing this week because of a seemingly brilliant idea that came to me just as I was falling asleep last night, I thought of having a week of scenario type stories focusing on What if…..

I had a lovely story almost written in my mind, then I fell asleep-and you know what they say. That is a disaster, now I can’t recall the particular story except the very beginning, or what my point was, or the direction it was supposed to go. Lesson here, always keep a notepad by the bed to jot these ideas down, but what if my husband is asleep? I don’t want to wake him once the light is off, so some ideas that I had to remedy this was to use a lighted pen, or a small flashlight, or at the very least, I could get up and take my iPad into the other room.

Why I can’t fall asleep on Sunday nights is a mystery to me, maybe because the weekend is over and I know I’m working Monday, so I start mentally preparing myself with to-do lists or writing projects come unbidden into my head. I had 3-4 of these such projects back to back racing in my mind last night, now I can only recall bits and pieces.

But now I have an idea.

After reading the word prompt on Medium for this week’s edition of¬†The Weekly Knob, I am inspired to write a little on the subject of ¬†Light up Medium, Light up the World. The word prompt is “candle”, ¬†while I can’t write the same story in the both places, I can write a “what if” story. So here goes:

What if we, as a nation, lit a candle every day at a certain time in solidarity to end the madness and bring some positivity and light into the world? What do you think it would change? Would we be so busy lighting candles and thinking of our individual reasons for doing so that we would forget the hate and negativity going on in all the dark corners of the world today? Would we for once, get caught up in the action of doing something as a group to bring happiness and peace to the world that we ignore all the ignorant and inane things in the mainstream media today? What if we also said a prayer for peace and unity every time we lit that candle? Would the nation be healed? Maybe not, maybe so, I bet we’d have more of a fighting chance by coming together in this action than not. I say we try it for a week. I say, if the nation lit a candle and prayed everyday for a week, say, at 7:11, the healing would begin. What if we shared the news we were doing it, like we do every other insignificant thing we plaster all over Facebook and Instagram and Twitter? Spread the news, make it happen. Don’t you want the madness to stop? All the shootings, the press about the shootings, the riots, the protests. Light. It. Up. Light the candle, say a prayer and spread the word. I’m going to, because I really do. I want it to end and light to come back into the world. The light of Jesus. The light of God. The light of peace. I pray you do too.