Day 220-Throwback Thursday-School Records

Did any of you have one of those cute little school records books when you were growing up? You know, the kind with a pocket for each page for storing your pictures, report cards and other important memorabilia? Lucky for me, I did. Since I have such a horrible memory, it is good for me to have something with names and dates that cannot be disputed on it.

I was thumbing through mine this morning and decided to pick a grade and see what was in the pocket. I discovered an invitation to a birthday party at my friend Donna Dilks house, all of my report cards and my pertinent information on the pocket cover, written in my own hand. Without that, I would not have remembered my height, weight and age in the 7th grade…would you?

School memory collage

I also noticed by checking out my report cards that (as I figured) I excelled in reading, spelling and choir, but not so great in the other subjects. I held a steady C in Tx history, B+ and C in math, B+ in English and mostly S’s across the board in conduct, but what is really sad is that I don’t remember my teachers except for choir-maybe if I saw a picture. I remember jr. high being a transition period. Not a baby anymore, but not yet mature enough to be considered “worthy” or credible. It was an awkward, scary time…but fun too. I started making friends (and one enemy-that I know of), found out girls can be bullies and other girls will always have your back.

I couldn’t tell you what happened in each class or each grade of jr high, but having my little record book may help jog another memory or two. Do you recall your school years with clarity? I’d love to hear your stories. I’m going to be turning 56 this weekend and the fact that my memory is so awful already has me wondering if I permanently damaged my brain when I was younger and spent a couple of wild years in the Army, if I have early onset Alzheimers or just poor recall. I think there are some kind of exercises you can do to sharpen your recall, I may just have to look into that. What I have heard that helps is rosemary, I should go get my bottle and take a whiff, or go pinch some off of my plant on the patio, maybe it would help! You can get some from Veriditas online or wherever they sell it in retail stores.

Well, I hope you all have a great Thursday, I have been working on my story for the next in the series of Angels of Arvada, I will see you all tomorrow, on the patio!

Day 216- Free Days-A Sunday Visit to Cahill UMC

Inside Cahill UMC
Inside Cahill UMC

Good Sunday everyone! Today we decided to go visit our old church in Alvarado, Tx- Cahill UMC

Man, it was like going home again! We had not been back in over 7 years, yet as soon as we walked in, we were greeted as usual by the sisters that always sat in the back, Mickie and June. I could not believe they were still there and it brought a tear to my eye that they remembered us and were exited to see us visit. Also, the organist Lynn was still there and several others in the congregation we had come to know when we used to live in Alvarado. It was such a joy to see old acquaintances still in attendance, even if the preacher has changed. He was a nice fellow, honestly I have to admit I missed AJ being there but things change and we move on.

While we were on that side of the world, we had brunch and drove back by the old homestead. We had lived on a three acre property at the end of a mile long street, right next door to a beautiful horse ranch. I miss it out there, yes, it’s a ways from the city we live in now, but I could live out there again. I miss the quiet of the country and the ability to go get lost in my own backyard ( the back couple of acres was just woods). We used to build a bonfire and sit out back watching it burn while our dog chased the goats around. Ya can’t do that in the city. The house looked exactly the same, across the street however, a new house was being built. I had to wonder what changes, if any, had been made to our old house. Since we have remodeled almost every house we’ve lived in, I’m always curious to see if people like it, or change it (after all that work we did)!

Now I’m off to tackle some homework and maybe paint my nails, if I have time for both. I hope you all have a great Sunday and get some relaxing done. I’ve relaxed enough and need to get something done, so I’ll see you tomorrow for another quote or scripture and your dose of Monday motivation. Before I go, I thought I’d share a photo of a piece of jewelry I made way back when I first started. I never completed it, it started out being a bolo tie, however, I could never find the right cabachon for the concho, so it sits in it’s bag, waiting for the day I finish it. (Which may never come.)

One of the first pieces I ever made
One of the first pieces I ever made

Day 199-Throwback Thursday-Sidewalk Cuties

Mary, myself, Edie and my brother Kevin
Mary, myself, Edie and my brother Kevin

In retrospect, I probably should have consulted my Dad before I thought about today’s post-my memory being what it is and all. Having said that, I believe this is a picture of us in California, when my cousins came for a visit. If not, I’m sure they will set me straight. I think it is though because of the age my brother is, the fact that there are sidewalks and nice houses in the picture, and I know that is around the time we lived there because I look about five or six, I went to kindergarten and half f first grade there, before we moved to Texas. Aren’t my cousins a couple of cuties?

This really illustrates the point that folks should put info on the backs of the pictures-something I neglected to do with mine as well, for people like me that can’t remember yesterday! Anyway, Mary Kate and Edie were the daughters of Shirley and Bob, Bob was one of my mother’s five brothers. The only surviving brother is the baby, Uncle Tony. He still lives in Lucedale with his wife Tammy and their clan of kids and grandkids. I really hope we get to go there for summer vacation this year, I miss everyone terribly and I believe Mary and my other cousin Glenn still live in the area as well. I’m not sure if Edie still lives there or if she moved to Washington where her son lives.

It’s so sad that we are out of touch, yet I understand that we all have busy lives, living in separate states makes it difficult to stay close and we don’t get the yearly family reunions like we did as kids to catch up with each other. My cousin Rosie and I were just talking on Facebook the other day about how nice it would be if we lived closer, and she could pop over for coffee and some of her oatmeal nut butter bars. Oh my, that would be Heaven to me! We would stay in trouble if I had my girls that close, I’d have them over all the time!

You can see from the picture that the sun was in our eyes, another reason I think this is California. My brother is peeking at us, or something down the sidewalk, I’m not sure. We are standing in order of age, I think. Mary is older than me by one year, Edie is one year younger and Kevin is three years younger than me. Again, if I’m wrong…sorry about my bad memory. I think it’s Rosie that’s the same age as me. My hair is long enough for pigtails in this pic, that was unusual, my Mom usually kept it short in pixie cuts because it was easier for her to take care of.

That’s my throwback for today…I’m off to stretch and take a hot bath. Did y’all do your stretches yesterday? I must not have done enough because my back is all tingly and my muscles are still tight. It will take a while to get back in the swing after neglecting it for so long. Join me tomorrow for Flashback Friday, Ill see you then, on the patio!


Day 192-Throwback Thursday-1987-1988

Images from the little house in Haltom City
Images from the little house in Haltom City

This morning we are going way back to 1988, a few months after the birth of my youngest son, Christopher. Pictures take us back and insert us right into the time period by seeing the surrounding objects and people that were in our lives at the time, don’t they? I can so totally remember our first little house in Haltom City, we had been in a rent house before that, this was our first owned house, and at the time we were so proud of it.

In the top left picture is my brother-in-law Robert (Bubba) who was living with us at the time, holding Joshua, standing next to my very first car that David bought me, the other vehicle in our lives in the background. The love machine. God how David loved that VW bus, along with the kids, they all thought it was the best thing since sliced bread. Me, I can get into how cool it was now, however, I was not as convinced back then. You have to understand, I have a mind for sporty vehicles and neither one of these vehicles fit the bill, but they did have their charms. I remember how disappointed I was when Dave came driving up in the Cavalier, I know I sound spoiled, I should have been ecstatic, but it was so square shaped and non-sporty…it was short lived though, my feelings and the car. I got hit in it two different times within the time I owned it, that ended that car. The first time someone shaved the whole front end off of it on Grapevine Hwy as I was attempting to pull out into traffic, the next time I was rear-ended on the freeway-that one was scary but I survived both accidents relatively unharmed.

The next picture clockwise is of Dave and I holding our boys, sitting in our porch swing that a friend made us, on our little front porch. Some days we would come home to find our neighbor Cecile sitting on it, waiting for one of us to get home so he could ask us a favor. Those were the days, the boys introduced us to Jack, who lived two houses down, a man that became our friend for life after that. The funny story about that swing was, when he first hung it up, I was huge with Chris and he asked me to sit on the swing with him…in his lap no less, and I asked if it would hold us. I was scared but did it, and that’s when the spring pulled right out of the ceiling and dropped us both onto the porch. Luckily we were unhurt and died laughing about the whole thing. As you can see, he and Bubba rehung it later and it worked out fine after that.

The last picture should have been first, if I was going in order. It is me holding Chris and we are both asleep, I’m laying on one of our many furniture purchases over the years, I can’t remember that ugly shirt I’m wearing but I do remember that big blue pillow, lol. You can’t see it, but the couch is right in front of the window to the front porch, I can see the chain the swing is held up by. The cream colored blanket is one his grannie made us, we still have it to this day. We used to throw that big pillow on the floor and cuddle with the boys in front of the tv, sharing the blanket I’m sure.

So many memories of that first little house, re-doing the kitchen and nursery, meeting and interacting with our neighbors, the boys starting school and staying through elementary, the joys and pains of having my brother-in-law co-habitate with us, 1987-1988 itself, having a new house, car and baby was so stressful in our young lives, financially and otherwise…but we made it and look at us now. We’ve come a long way, and we have our memories of how we started and grew into a loving family, we are all still close, some people are gone from that time period but we remember the good times-and the bad. That was the time Baby Jessica fell down the well, I remember watching the news coverage for three days until they finally extracted her, hurt but alive. It made us all want to hold our children that much tighter and never take our eyes off of them.

I love looking at old pictures and stretching my memory muscle a little bit, I have to exercise it like that before I forget everything. I hope you enjoyed my little flashback, I feel so nostalgic looking at these pictures, I can’t say I really miss that house, but we did make some good memories there. We never even used the back yard as big as it was, there was too much to do inside, we were broke and the babies were too small to enjoy it anyway. Our next house in the city we currently live in but a few neighborhoods over, had a perfect backyard, with a pool and at one time, a trampoline. The kids have many great memories of that house, maybe I’ll share pics from that one next time! Until tomorrow then, have a great Thursday and I’ll see you on the patio! 😉

Day 126-31 Day Blog Challenge (day 4)


I can’t remember yesterday, so this one will be a tough one for me, but seems like we were living in South Carolina at the time.

I must have been about five years old. I vaguely remember my dad entering the room and congratulating me on tying my shoes by myself. I was feeling proud. I think he was dressed nice, so maybe we were getting ready for church? Not sure, cause I can’t remember whether we even went to church yet at that time.

I don’t remember going to church until we lived in Texas.

Isn’t it strange how you can have your own memory but then someone tells you a story from your past and you wonder if you’re really remembering it yourself or just seeing it in your mind because you were told about it? I have that happen all the time.

Like the time we lived in Ocean Springs, Ms- I was told the story so many times about how I almost choked to death on a lifesaver candy (irony) while singing and swinging in the back yard, then a neighbor saw me struggling and came over and rescued me by giving me whatever method was used back then. A blow between the shoulder blades?  Anyway, now when I picture that in my mind, I think I’m remembering the incident, but am I? Or was I painted such a vivid picture that I’m just imagining the memory?

If it IS my memory, then that would be the earliest, cause I was about 3 or 4 then.

What is yours? I can’t wait to hear it! I need some good stories today, it’s a crappy, cold, rainy day-perfect for non-stop reading, (after church of course) and I hope you send me lots of material!

Time for coffee, y’all try to enjoy your day, whatever the weather. See ya later, on the patio ❄️😉☃️