Mother Nature is a B*tch!!!

Well, I was almost packed and ready to go to Galveston tomorrow for my weekend girl trip when my husband sent me this:   

(just click on the link)

Naturally, the projected landfall is Galveston and he said it was a 100% chance of becoming a hurricane and evacuation of the island is a very real possibility. So, what do you do? Stay home, lose the money you invested on the condo and be safe? Of course, they could be wrong, I don’t go and still, I lose out. I’m in a quandary but it is better to be safe than sorry. If it does come, I want all the ladies I was about to meet and party with to get out of dodge before they are having to evacuate in the middle of a hurricane with thousands of other people trying to get off the island!!

I am so bummed right now I can’t even think straight, but I will say this; I want everyone safe. I was so looking forward to this trip, but there can be another time. Please be careful and keep your eyes to the sky! Speaking of that, I wonder if the eclipse is to blame for ruining my trip! Mother nature can be a real b*tch!