Day 282-Throwback Thursday-A Tribute To Mom

Mom-very young, and then my half sisters posing with her at Grandmother’s house.
In honor of Mother’s Day I decided to do a throwback to a time waaaay before I was born, and show my beautiful mother at a very young age, and then a picture of her with the other girls-my half sisters, Vicki, ToniAnn, and Connie. This picture of all of them was taken at my beloved grandmother’s house in Lucedale, Mississippi-a place very dear to me. I cannot wait until July because that is when we will be going there to visit my Uncle Tony and his wife Tammy and many of my cousins that still live there.

The other day, ToniAnn put a picture very similar to this young one of my mom on Facebook. Well, I took it and had it printed out and framed it and gave it to my Dad. He loved it and I could not remember ever seeing that picture. So today, when I went in the memory box I made for Mom’s keepsakes, I saw this picture and just had to share. Growing up, Mom didn’t wear much makeup and her hair had started to thin so she kept it cut short and usually permed it. I forget how beautiful she was until reminded by pictures like this. Everyone said she had the most beautiful smile, and that she did. 😊