Day 217-Motivational Monday-God Loves A Cheerful Giver


This morning I realized (after doing the math) that I only have 4 months to go to be done with my 365 day project on this here blog o mine. Ok, maybe a few days past four months, but who’s counting? Oh yeah, me! Anyway, once I get to that fabulous victory, I’ll need some feedback from you guys about whether you are still exited about getting a post every. single. day. On the one hand, posting daily keeps me writing daily, keeps me accountable and makes me stick to a promise, so that’s good. Yet, on the other hand, do you get tired of seeing my blog in your inbox day after day? Maybe I could cut it down to 4-5 posts a week, figure out the features everyone likes and/or add some new ones. I trust you will let me know. I’m hoping some things will become clear to me as to the direction I should go, once my courses are finished. I’m really learning lots of useful information, tips and tricks in the Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing course, as well as the blog it comes from, Making Sense of Cents.  I was thinking something like Tutorial Thursday where I show how to use a product I love or review a company that makes a product I use might be more useful than showing old pics of myself and /or my family.


Today’s scripture comes from 2 Corinthians 9:7- “Each man should give what he has decided in his heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.”


I stumbled across this scripture this morning while looking for one, it was in a pamphlet from my brother’s church-Bear Creek Bible Church- and I just loved it because it really exemplifies the life of a caregiver, nurse, doctor,  or even blogger- don’t you think? We give because we want to, not because we are made to, and we do so without complaint because God wants us to give freely of ourselves.

I hope you all find inspiration in this scripture this morning and that you al enjoy your Monday! It will be very warm here today, and that I am looking forward to, after a drizzly, cool, and cloudy weekend. Join me back here tomorrow for MET and be on the lookout for the next installment in the series I’m writing Angels of Arvada, coming Friday. Have a good day!


Day 203-Motivational Monday

Good morning everyone, I hope this prayer starts you out on the right foot today, just as it did me.


It comes from a post my sweet cousin Rosie put on Facebook yesterday, it was just the thing I needed to hear this morning and was accompanied by this prayer:

Instead of focusing on the hurdles ahead of you in the coming week,
Focus on Him beside you,
Instead of depending on your plan for tomorrow,
depend on His power for this very moment.
Instead of being tempted to give up, or give into fear,
give thanks — this gives Him glory.
Instead of trying to do it all
Simply let Him be your all.

Be with those aching tonight in ways no one knows, Lord.
Let the weary who need to hear You, feel it tonight in the tiredness of their bones — the loneliness falling straight away
and the gentle strength of comforting arms drawing them up and into that resting embrace of grace.
In the name of the only One who has ever loved us to death & back to the realest & forever life, In Gentle Jesus’ name,

I hope this helps you deal with whatever you are struggling with as much as it did me. Have a good Monday, I will see you all again tomorrow.

Day 175-Motivational Monday-Quote from the Duke

First off-praise the Lord, David is out of surgery and the doctor said everything went well and he will keep me posted. He is in recovery and will be moved to a room pretty soon to spend the night. Thank you for all of your prayers!

Today’s quote comes from John Wayne…the Duke to all of his friends. “Courage is being scared to death-but saddling up anyway.” (Or so my coffee cup says, lol.)

I think this applies in the current situation as well as anyone starting out in a new business venture. David was unsure about getting this surgery, but knew it would be the best thing for him, possibly save his life and served as the best treatment option for removing the cancer. He could have put if off, but chose to take action and nip it in the bud.

In my life as a writer, I was scared to get started, scared to “put myself out there”, scared no one would want to hear what I had to say, but went for it anyway and now I’m glad I did. It has given me purpose, helped me meet all kinds of new and interesting people and started me on the road to reaching my goals. I think if we are courageous enough to move past our fear and just do it, we will realize, it wasn’t so scary after all.

What is your interpretation and how do you find the courage? Let me know in the comments and thanks again to all of you who lifted us up in prayer. Special thanks to Pastor Mike Love, who stayed with us until the doctor came out with the post surgical update. Thanks to my brother-in-law also, who came to wait with the family…on his birthday…with an injured back. He was so uncomfortable, but waited with the rest of us until Dave was alert enough to recognize him.

Lucky for me, they provide free wi-fi here at the hospital and I was able to post the updates and do my blog. If I don’t get around to updating tonight, come back tomorrow for Tuesday’s Essay. Have a blessed Monday everyone!