Day 317-Ooops, I Did It Again!

No Monday Motivation today except to say sorry for missing yesterday’s post! I guess I got so caught up in having a wonderful Father’s Day with my Dad and family, I simply got to pooped to pop. I went to bed early and forgot all about blogging. Oooops! Well, there is a third time missed out of a whole year. Record broken, hopes for a solid year with no misses dashed. World didn’t¬†end though. ūüôā

How was everyone else’s Father’s Day? I hope you all had a marvelous day with family/friends and Dads! I had actually taken a couple of pics, however, they were so awful that I deleted them! They were not shareable, as I caught them both off guard, unsmiling and no one wants to see that, lol! Trust me when I say, they both had a good day (my Dad and my hubby) and enjoyed some dinner and a few rounds of pool, not to mention some time in the pool. (my hubby anyway)

We had Chris here for awhile, then he got called into work, poor thing. Josh at least called and Sean showed up better late than never. I will not go into my feelings about any of this since neither father was too disappointed.

My brother-in-law smoked a delicious pork shoulder, my hubby made his famous potato salad and my sister-in-law made a macaroni salad. There was also grilled corn on the cob and various sausages grilled by the hubs. All were yummy, I took a small bite of everything and of course had no bread or cake. I did enjoy a bowl of fruit meant for strawberry shortcake with a small dollop of whipped cream on it. Dave mixes strawberries, blueberries, and nectarines with a bit of honey and that was plenty sweet enough to serve as my dessert. What was your favorites from yesterday? I can’t wait to live vicariously through you all.

Have a great day and I will see you back here tomorrow! (God willin and the creek don’t rise)


Day 312-Motivational Monday-Are You A Worry Wart?

Morning, folks! Are you guys guilty of worrying? I know I have been, especially this weekend. My son was traveling from Ohio to Texas via Greyhound…need I say more?

As a believer, we are not supposed to worry, yes I know that is hard. We have to remember that we are not in control, God is. Which brings me to my quote for the day.

Part of my worrying comes from just being a mother, part has to do with my status as a control freak…I get to thinking I can handle it all, whatever is thrown at me. We can’t and shouldn’t try to do it all ourselves. We need to trust that God knows our plan and turn whatever is bothering us over to him.

Worrying leads to stress, which can make you sick. Just try to stop worrying and start praying, God knows what is in your heart and on your mind.

Day 305-Motivational Monday-Live the Life

Good Morning! With vacation mode getting closer for me and lots of other folks I’m sure, I like this quote I found on Pinterest this morning:

I’ve always liked the thought of having an adventure. When embarking on a trip of any kind, that’s the mindset I have, that I’m going on a great adventure, unaware of the excitement that may lurk around the corner. If you don’t treat your life like one big adventure, what are you going to have to write about?

The creative side of me says yes! That is the stuff that novels are born from, but the analytical side of me says well, that could be conjured up from the imagination as well. Either way, you should live your life to the fullest, taking adventure where it comes and not be tied to your desk/office/daily chores all the time. Even those mundane things can be made fun if you look at it as more of a game than work.

Keep your attitude positive!

Say a daily uplifting prayer!

Go out now and make the best of your life, one day at a time. I’ll be waiting to hear about it, on the patio!

Day 292-Motivational Monday-Where is My Knee Brace?

Here is my motivation for the day: If I don’t find my knee brace, I’ll have to go buy another. Anyone who knows me knows this will be my last resort, lol. I have already torn up half the house looking in unpacked tubs, through all of my drawers and boxes in closets, to no avail.

When I was in the military, or maybe even before, I was given a special knee brace that slid over the leg and tightened around the kneecap. It had a pad that ensured the kneecap stayed in place (since my knees had a nasty habit of twisting and/or dislocating.) I’m pretty sure I had one for each knee and now I can find neither. I have never seen another brace like the ones I had.

This brace is very similar to what I had
This one gives a better idea of mine

Mine was flesh colored though and I’m sure I’ve seen it since we moved in….but where? Ugh! Ok, call me a penny pincher or just sentimental, but I’m off to search some more! I’ll let you know how it turns out-I can take my steroid medication they gave me and work, but I don’t think I should take my pain pill, so I’d like the secure feeling the brace gives me, plus, maybe with it on it won’t swell and hurt as much.

Wish me luck, have a good Monday yourselves, and I’ll see you tomorrow, on the patio! ūü§ē


Day 285-Motivational Monday-Will You Pray With Me Today?

Morning everyone, although I’m not the most religious person and sometimes find the prayer I need on a Pinterest board instead of my bible, I have a request of you today.

Please say this prayer I found with me to help ease not only my heavy heart and troubled mind but maybe someone in your life who needs it this morning.

Pray With Me

Someone in my life is struggling with his own and has me very concerned, I need this prayer to get me through the day, to let go and let God guide him to the right decision, to trust God to help him since I can’t, and to free my mind so I can concentrate on my tasks for the day.

I know I’m supposed to be motivating you and giving you inspiration on Monday mornings, and maybe this prayer will work as that in your life. I know I needed it this morning and I’m glad I found it.

Before I even published this post, I sent the prayer to my son and his wife and she sent a text back to me saying friends and family had helped her with clothes for her new job. What a blessing! Even though that is a drop in the bucket to the real issue going on, I am uplifted that a prayer was answered so quickly.

Pray that God will give him the strength to finish what he started, and will stay on the path that God chooses for him. I cannot control what goes on in his life, nor tell him what to do, I can only pray for him and hope he makes the right decisions. His family needs him right now, he cannot choose this moment to fall apart, he needs to step up and be the man they need him to be and that I know he can be.

He is homesick and that I understand, but he has a wife and baby to provide for, he doesn’t have the luxury of feeling sorry for himself…his wife starts a new job today and he just started a new one last week. Please pray with me that he doesn’t do anything rash¬†and that he can get help with his addiction and fight the devil that is trying to destroy his relationship and control his life.

I shouldn’t be asking, but I appreciate you reading and giving me support in the form of prayer. The more people they have praying for them the better the outcome will be. Thank you ahead of time and everyone have a marvelous Monday-I’m off to work! Today, I will be taking Miss Stephanie to visit her friend who has CP and is recovering from jaw surgery. Pray she gets better soon too and I’ll see you all back here tomorrow, on the patio.¬†

Day 272-Motivational Monday-Why You Must Go On

Good morning! I hope this morning finds you safe and sound after the weekend’s crazy weather. I hate to see the devastation like Canton, Tx is dealing with, and I pray for everyone who lost loved ones and/or property in the tornadoes that tore through east Texas and other locations this weekend. I also pray that all my family from Louisiana to Alabama is safe as well.

Yesterday was one of those days one feels like throwing in the towel. I was ready to throw the computer out the window, and I let things build up in my head and stress me out. ¬† I realize everyone has days, sometimes weeks, months and years like this…we can’t give up though, we just have to keep on pushing through and someday, all of our hard work will pay off.

Like Mr Nightingale said, the time will pass anyway, don’t you give up on your dream just because it is taking what you¬†think is a long time. what’s the other saying, “Good things come to those who wait?” Few people experience overnight success. Worthwhile things take time.

Do you have a dream or a goal you are working on accomplishing? You will have bad days and setbacks. You must pick yourself up and dust yourself off, start over or continue on- whatever it takes to get the job done. I need this advice today myself, just a reminder that this too will pass, just like the time.

I hope you are lifted up this morning and start your day off on the right foot. Early to rise makes a man wealthy and wise, not sure who said that one but I find that when I get up early, most of the time, I do accomplish so much more. Been busy already this morning, got the trash out, cleaned the¬†kitchen and ran dishes, made the bed, wrote my post, set up my calendar, read my emails, ¬†took a bath, got breakfast (a smoothie), fed the dogs…we have a guest pooch til Wednesday, and got them set up in the game room. All before 8:30.

How about you? Leave me a comment and please come back tomorrow where I will be penning an essay on the patio.

Day 266-Motivational Monday-99 Days Left!

Good afternoon everyone and how are you on this beautiful Monday? Today marks the first of the 100 days I have left to complete my 365-day blogging project! So that is why I titled this post 99 Days Left! I am excited at the prospect of not having to blog Every. Single. Day. Even though it has been a great experience and has taught me a lot. That has been my greatest motivator today, just knowing that in 99 days, I can choose how many days of the week I want to blog. Of course, I made the choice to blog for 365 days, so I am responsible for my own stress.

Speaking of stress, I was even given the gift of extra time today and still managed to spend it doing other things than writing. Nothing was working out, and I started panicking that I was wasting the time given to me, so I got kitchen tasks done. Am I burning out, overwhelmed or have I just not been good at planning my calendar as I was a few months ago? I still like to write, I just worry when every post isn’t making perfect sense, or helping someone solve a problem-that’s what I’m supposed to be doing here after all.

I don’t know how many of you that follow this blog are interested in blogging as a hobby or more for business, but I have been taking yet another course, this one is on productivity and getting better use of your time. It is from the gals over at Think Creative Collective and their names are Abagail and Emylee. They teach you all kinds of ways to run your business on autopilot, plus tons of time-saving, techniques meant to help anyone really. If you like to sell goods for profit or have any other kind of online business, this is a great course for you. Personally, I think I’m just addicted to learning all new things that help with blogging. This is a free course, so that made my ears perk up, but I have to be honest and say that there are some lessons inside the course that are not. You choose which ones you think will help you the most, that is the beauty of it.

Well,  that is my two cents today, I hope you found something useful or at the very least motivational in my post today.

What was your biggest motivator today? Tell me in the comments and if you have any suggestions or questions for me, add those as well. Have a great day everyone, see you tomorrow on the patio! 



Day 259-Motivational Monday-How to Be Grateful

Good morning everyone, how is everyone this beautiful Monday morning?

As the news continues to scare us with the prospect of war and more bleak possibilities going forward,I was struck by this motivational quote I found on Pinterest this morning.

What if indeed?!! This is why we need to pray every day, because what if we forgot someone or something in our daily prayer? I want to wake up to all my friends and family-don’t you?

If this doesn’t give you the motivation to be grateful for everything you have in your life, I don’t know what will!

Now I have to share a funny story with you because, well…I’m honest to a fault sometimes (which gets me laughed at a lot!)

Ever have one of those aha moments and then felt like a complete idiot when you realized how easy something was? That was me last night after discovering how to get my posts onto Pinterest was as easy as pinning it directly from the post itself!! What a revelation and a V8 moment that made me want to slap my own forehead! Doh! I could have been doing this all along, now here I am 259 days into my year long blogging project with just a few pins to show for it. Why is that important you might ask? Well, I could have been getting my blog out to more people for one thing, thereby increasing my exposure, and traffic.

See, I have a board for the blog on Pinterest, along with many other boards, and pinning for the others is easy. Yet every time I tried to figure out how to get my “important” posts onto my board, I would give up in frustration. Then last night, I came across a pin from Think Creative Collective about how to use Tailwind to schedule blog posts on Pinterest. I never got that far because I saw the one thing that made me go aha! I then quickly went straight to my blog and pinned the entire series I wrote, ¬†Angels of Arvada, so they would all be in one, easy to find area. Now I know what I need to do, and it is so easy, it won’t take me long-so if you see my board on Pinterest suddenly getting full, you’ll know why!

The next thing I need to do is go read the rest of the post and see how to use Tailwind to schedule my pins so this doesn’t happen again. Then I’ll be able to answer your questions if you have any, I don’t know how many of you use Pinterest, but it’s a great marketing tool. It is also a great place to make a to-do list! I find all kinds of great ideas on Pinterest.

I hope I have sparked your imagination and given you some motivation to change something in your business, some inspiration to be grateful for the things we have and a reason to pray every day for those we love and hold dear and want to see tomorrow! Speaking of tomorrow, join me then for MET (My Essay Tuesday) and I’ll see you later from a very busy patio!

Day 252-Motivational Monday-Jesus Loves You, Do you Believe It?

It’s Easter week folks, and today I have a great inspirational quote for you.

While I don’t usually wax religion here on the blog, but it’s a place we can talk about anything, and today I want to talk about God. So trust me when I say, I believe He loves you and me, and died for us all. I believe because that is what I was taught from a very young age. I believe because I have seen miracles, ¬†big and small. I have been tested, as I’m sure we all have, but I come back to my faith every time. My grandmother wanted me to learn the 23 Psalm when I was small, and I did. It has stayed with me ever since. I remember going to Catholic services growing up and it set the foundation for me, even though I have become Methodist, I believe the fundamental truths. I believe He wants me to spread the word and I hope you don’t mind, I just felt inspired to do so.

Now, me talking about God may cause some people to leave, or not like me anymore, and that would be a shame. Because I am not ashamed, and in fact, I am concerned. I recently read an email that has been in circulation for awhile from Ben Stein, and it got me thinking about how the country has gone downhill. It’s because we have been forced to think what we have believed all of our lives is somehow bad, or wrong or politically incorrect. Well, not me. I stand by my convictions and may die by them, but that is what faith is all about. Do you believe? Are you proud to admit it? It’s ok, really. Go read that email from Ben again and tell me if you don’t agree with him. If we don’t stand up for God, if we are too ashamed to admit we believe, we may all be doomed anyway.

I have to say, I just feel so much better¬†the week after I go to church. I can admit that I do not always make it to church, that doesn’t mean I stop believing. We are still searching for a church that resonates with us like our old one used to. We may have found it, I’m not sure yet. What I do know is, I can worship from anywhere and that is what’s important. I will share that hours after we returned home yesterday, a member from St Paul (the church we visited) came by and brought us a delicious fruit bread-they call it their Bread Ministry and I think that is so nice! I did have to taste it and it was really good. Will that be the deciding factor on our choice of church? Of course not, but it was a kindness that you just don’t see that often anymore. Kind of old fashioned and wonderful.

Well, I hope you have a wonderful week, and join me tomorrow for MET. I have to get my fur babies to the groomers tomorrow before they can no longer walk because their hair is too long. ūüėČ So my essay may be about how much of a pet lover I am. Anyway, hope to see you back here, cause you are all welcome on the patio.¬†