Starting Out Bad, Hope it Gets Better

I woke up this morning (on my back, which is rare) and for a moment, I was pain-free…and then I rolled onto my right side, within minutes, my left shoulder was aching like a toothache. 🙁

I literally never heard my husband get up, the truck start, or the garage door going up and down- Must have been the extra Gabapentin I took last night! Well! I may have to do that again, at least I felt no pain until I woke up.

As I got up and started moving around, I realized I was very weak on my left side in particular, but really all over. My left shoulder feels like it’s being pulled down, and I really should be sitting in my recliner, but I wanted to get this post out for some reason. First, I spent too long on the usual distractions, emails, reading tons of other blogs (but I like that) and finding out if there was work available, there is, but I don’t feel like doing it right now. 🙁

I went about my usual routine, thinking when I’m done, I can go sit down…but then I thought, I really need to write today. I did my swish and held it while I made the bed, tossed in a load of laundry, put my contact in, then I spit it in the trash and brushed my teeth, but not before cleaning the sink out, and the dirty pan my hubby left on the stove. Then I fixed my coffee, got the dogs their food, and sat down here at the computer which is temporarily on my dining table.

Now that this is done, I will go fix myself some breakfast and reheat my coffee so I can take a pain pill and relax. Maybe I’ll just start with an Aleve and if that doesn’t work, I’ll add the pain pill. 🙂

Today’s breakfast, prepared on Monday-pop out of freezer to bowl and add toppings

Of course, I’ll do a set of my exercises first, that may help the most since it will get my shoulders moving and my blood circulating everywhere.

I hope it gets better and I hope you all have a fabulous Thursday and get all your Holiday shopping and prep done while it’s warm. That’s what I would do if I could leave the house. But I can’t so I may do my last minute shopping on Amazon. Btw, a note to Steph if she’s reading this, I changed my smile donations from the ASPCA to MDA, it covers every type of disability under MDA I believe (like FA).

Peace out and Y’all have a Merry Christmas if I don’t return for a while. I go for my check up with the doctor tomorrow, I may update you if there’s anything new to say. 🙂




Day 294-WMM-Do Your Knees Do This?

The first time it happened to me, I was 13 years old. We had been playing baseball with our next door neighbors in the alley behind our house. I was having the best run of my life, had almost made it to first base when…in mid-air mind you, my kneecap seemed to slip to the left of where it was supposed to be, which is called dislocation, and I brought out all the neighbors with my screams. They thought I was being murdered, but that was the worst pain I have ever felt, to this day, I still have anxiety attacks if I think about the pain I feel every time that happens. Unfortunately for me, it happened a lot.

Not my knee, but I had many that looked just like this

My Dad took me to the doctor who was an excellent physician with no bedside manner at all. He looked at my leg as I lay writhing in pain and said, “You dislocated your knee, you knew that didn’t you?” I was so angry, what did he mean ‘I knew that’? Turns out that was just his way of joking around, but this was no laughing matter. My knee had swelled to the size of a grapefruit and he had to first drain off all that fluid before he stabilized, then cast my leg. (that’s how they did it in the old days) This was after trying to walk on it FOR A WEEK after the injury. My parents didn’t know any better, it was only because I was not improving that they took me in. When I came home from the doctor in a cast and on crutches, my mother burst into tears.

I guess God made me a little crooked, one leg is a few centimeters shorter than the other or something- that is what the next doctor I had to go to told us. He also said I already had arthritis in my knees, a fact I chose to ignore all my life. I was young. I couldn’t let that stop me from walking, marching, and dancing! I had things to do! Anyway, for whatever reason, my knees (both of them) would dislocate from time to time, the left one way more than the right. They say it is more common in women. They also say it occurs when the leg is planted wrong, that causes the patella to slide out of place. well, the first time it happened to me I was in mid air! The cause for my left knee anyway was the fact that the tendon was pulling too tight, causing my kneecap to go out if I even turned my leg the wrong way. Once it happened after I was married, I finally had the mini-surgery to correct it. They did a lateral tendon release and (knock on wood) I never dislocated it again.

So why am I now having trouble with my right knee? Apparently, it had more arthritis in it, all of the injuries wore down the cartilage and now I have not much cushion left and I’m hoping they can do those injections that make your cartilage grow back. I hate having surgery because then there are months of physical therapy blah, blah, blah. I still have things to do, you know, it’s just never a good time. Thing is, I didn’t have as many dislocations in that one, so why is it now so messed up?

When I was young I called it twisting my knee, because, really that is what’s happening, but the correct term is subluxation or dislocation. If you talk to most healthcare professionals, they say it is more common in kids who play sports and that the normal age for this to occur is between 16-20. After it happened to me that first time, I didn’t need to be playing sports, I could get up out of a chair wrong and BOOM! That happened once, and it was horrific because the kneecap locked to the side, I couldn’t get it back in position and whoever came to my rescue managed it and then I passed out from the pain. I just read that patellar subluxation is more common than dislocation and just as disabling…no kidding? Welcome to my life. They call it that because it is caused by a physical deformity of the knee, causing the knee to buckle and no longer support your weight. (And all the other symptoms I’ve already discussed here) Treatment usually in multimodal, involving education, physical therapy, braces, weight reduction and medication. If you need to lose weight, they make you do that first too, because every pound you gain puts and extra 3 pounds of pressure on your knees. That is not my issue though and never has been.

What I’m wishing now is that I would have had the real deal surgery when I was younger, now I don’t want to have to go through it. I have an appointment scheduled for June 12 with a new ortho doc, I’m hoping he agrees that I can wait awhile. Has this happened to any of you? What did they do for it? Have you had knee surgery? I want to hear all about it, just tell me in the comments. Sorry if I made any of you squirm, just talking about this had me squirming as I wrote it. I’m telling you, I’d rather have a baby than go through that pain again! Anyway, I’ll be here with my brace on and only one more day of steroids left, yea!! Write me back so I can hear your answers, and I’ll be resting on the patio.

Day 174-Free Days-Trying Something New

My game room window sill, a bright and sunny spot for the new Primroses!
My game room window sill, a bright and sunny spot for the new Primroses!

Good morning!  This morning I’m trying something different. My pain has gotten to a point where I am forced to do something new. I’m  writing by speaking because I’m not going to quit, or give it a break, as my husband suggested. I have  to honor my promise to write for 365 days.  I figured that it must have something to do with the way I was sitting when I write, so I’m sitting in a recliner, with my puppies by my side, speaking what I want to have written.  I’ve also decided that I need to relax and to that end I jumped on the Netflix train and plan to binge watch Orange is the New Black,  every chance I get.  If I massage was in the cards, I  would go get one, but that’s probably not gonna happen. So wine and Netflix it is! I still plan  to “write”  on Medium,  and I invite you to check out today’s story at The Weekly Knob. Hopefully, this way of “writing” will work as well there, it’s a bit of a learning curve for me, but I’ll get it eventually. I’m also using the wonderful Christmas present Miss Stephanie gave me called Sore No More, it works really well and has all natural ingredients!  I hope everyone has a good weekend see you tomorrow from a soon to be very chilled out patio! 😉

PS-check out my new Primroses that I mistook for African Violets…still pretty, and I had the perfect spot for them!

Day131-31 Day Blog Challenge-(Day 9)


Well, I’ve already answered this one, in part, on an earlier question, so you know I have one tattoo. I got it late in life, when I used to live next door to a firefighter. He talked me into going to a tattoo and piercing convention in Dallas, where he and one of his firefighter buddies were to get a new one each themselves. He helped me design mine (on paper) and told me what he was getting and soon the day came for us to go.

What a crazy event that was. You never saw the likes of the tattoos and piercings I saw that day. some people had their faces tattooed, piercings in places I never would have dreamed, nor wanted to see. Finally, our turn came and I got to meet our tattoo artist. His name was Boog and he had a stellar reputation for being one of the best. which he probably was…before I had to wait 8 hours while my friends got their tattoos, each of them took 4 hours to do. By then “Boog” was tired and grumpy, but I was not to be denied. I knew exactly where I wanted mine ( 2 dolphins, one above the other, swimming in opposite directions) over my right hip bone area. You know, so you’d see it when I wore my bathing suit, but it would be covered any other time. Anyway, Boog talked to me about colors, took my drawing to the printer and reduced it in size about three times (it was still bigger than I intended) and laid me down on two chairs put together and proceeded to work. While he tortured me, the whole of Dallas it felt like, paraded by looking down at me as they passed by. (it WAS a convention after all).

It was very painful, especially the area on the hip bone, but I gritted my teeth and got through it, my friend peering at me upside down and asking if I was ok every ten minutes. I was done in thirty minutes, I felt cheated cause mine didn’t take as long as theirs, nor was it as colorful. By that time, we were all tired but exhilarated from the experience and happy with our new artwork. I got home, showed my hubby who exclaimed “Damn, Baby- that’s big!” and I was disappointed that he thought less of it than I did. He got used to it in time, and knew I was happy with it, so he didn’t care.

I also had my bellybutton pierced, but it was never done correctly and therefore, I don’t try to wear jewelry in it anymore. I may get it redone at some time…I don’t know. It’s not as important to me as it used to be. I have my ears double pierced and that’s it. Someday, I’d love to get my tattoo properly colored and re-outlined, Boog was in such a hurry, he used less color than I wanted and it also “bled” out of the lines and isn’t as sharp in detail as it should be. I loved it but did not get this “fever” everyone speaks of where you are just dying to get more. Not me, no way…that was enough pain to keep me away!!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, once upon a time, I had my upper left ear pierced in a very painful spot like a lot of my friends at the lab were doing at the time, it hurt so bad, I couldn’t lay on that side for a week or hold the phone to my ear, so I eventually took it out and it grew closed. Ouch…never again!