Can I Ask A Favor?

Can I please ask a favor from you guys? Tomorrow, I will be hopefully getting my stem cell injection if all goes well and they feel I am a candidate for the procedure. My knee needs surgery, years of injury and arthritis have obliterated it, now it is bone on bone and very painful.

For those of you not familiar with the type of stem cell treatment I MAY be getting, let me assure you the stem cells used in this procedure raise no moral or ethical questions. They are harvested from mothers who have had a C-Section and consented, in fact, donated their placenta for Regenerative Medicine.

There’s no threat of patient rejection; stem cells used in this procedure come from an immunoprivileged site, meaning the immune process is suspended in the organ between mother and child.

It has been proven to be MORE EFFECTIVE than other kinds of stem cells and has been used by ophthalmologists and plastic surgeons for 20 years. All of the donors go through a rigorous screening process and are deemed SAFE and EFFECTIVE by the FDA and American Association of Tissue Banks.

Photo credit: Pixabay
Blood cells in plasma

Here are some more facts about stem cells:

  1. Cortisone and other drugs provide only temporary relief, however, stem cells RESTORE degenerated tissue and bone back to health!
  2. One of the other components is Hyaluronic Acid, which lubricates joints and tendons, easing the pain and restoring mobility.
  3. The injections contain NATURALLY OCCURRING anti-inflammatory agents, such as Cytokines and Growth Factors, which stimulate tissue repair.

If you find some time in your day, please think about me and say a little prayer, I would appreciate it so much! I know this subject is off my normal topic, yet many of you know me and my knees have been heading in this direction for a while, so I thought I would update you all.

If you have questions, I’d be happy to answer them, the office has supplied me with a FAQ sheet that will hopefully do the job I am not knowledgeable enough to do. My hope is that I will completely heal from this procedure and not need the surgery anymore. I want to continue to do the activities I love like gardening, swimming and walking, pain free.

Insurance does NOT cover this, we have made the decision to pool our resources and pay the out-of-pocket cost because it’s still a fraction of what surgery would cost.

Thank you ahead of time for including me in your prayers, as time goes by (2-3 days) I will give you all an update of my progress. 🙂


Day 91-Free Days- Paying the Price

My husband announced on Friday that he had volunteered to make the chili for a function at work, a cook off I think. This meant he also had to go out and purchase the ingredients to make two gallons of chili, not to mention a brand new 8-quart crock pot for it to go in. My cheap ass would have found another way, but not him. He believes in doing things the right way, even if it costs him extra. I’m sure it will be delicious, (we will be sampling it later 😉) and I’m also sure the crock pot will come in handy as we host family dinner so often. That’s not the point, the point is, sometimes volunteering also means paying the price. The price someone else did not want to have to pay, or spending time doing what others wouldn’t or couldn’t do. My husband is a kind and generous person, so none of this surprises me. I’m so glad he is in charge of the task, thinking of cooking in our shell of a kitchen right now makes my head spin! Hey, at least the stove still works but I’m glad we aren’t hosting a family dinner this weekend.

He also has surgery coming up on Thursday this week and is having to pay the price for the first doctor not getting all the cancer out the first time. Not to minimize it, but it is just basal cell carcinoma near his eye (thank God) and the micro surgeon plans on making sure she gets it all this time. In addition to that, he has to pay the hefty price to have the surgery done, something that wouldn’t be happening if the first doctor had done a better job the first time. I prayed for him today at church, then again later as I took a walk in the prayer garden close to my home. I wouldn’t have even known that place was there if our pastor hadn’t told us about it during the service today. I’m so glad I made it a point to attend church today, I always feel better about it afterwards. Please say a prayer for him and also my dad, as he has surgery the following week. I really appreciate it 😊By the way, we do have insurance, but the out of pocket is $1000 and his deductible is $2000 (nothing cheap these days) and he may have to pay more the day of surgery. 😒 I guess it could be worse, at least we are lucky enough to have insurance, that’s more than some people can say.