Could You Relax for Twenty Minutes?

Corners and Cobwebs

A cobweb has formed in the corner of the tile work o my tub!
It’s the biggest shopping season of the year. Stress, anxiety, guilt, eating and drinking all sorts of indulgent food and alcohol, all lead to a toxic soup inside your body. I know a way to rid your body of all that bad build up, and it feels great too…but you have to be able to relax for at least 20 minutes, preferably 40!

Could you do it? Well, I did it myself this morning, in an effort to not only detoxify but help with my sore joints (remember my twisted ankle? Still hurts) and muscles and reduce inflammation. It’s called taking a bath with Epsom salts, and they have been used for hundreds of years by many different cultures.

It may be difficult for you to imagine relaxing in a hot tub for 20-40 minutes, however,  you will not be sorry once you’ve done it. The benefits are many:

  • inexpensive remedy
  • removes salts and toxins
  • allows magnesium and sulfates to enter the body through the skin
  • improves health conditions like gout, athlete’s foot, sprains, bruises, chronic pain
  • improves blood flow, muscle,  and nerve function and reduces inflammation

I read this article on Epsom salts last night while perusing Pinterest at a site called Healthy Holistic Living. She said that you need to allocate at least 40 minutes because the first 20 minutes help the detoxification process and the next twenty minutes allow for the absorption of the minerals magnesium and sulfates. She gives a chart based on weight to know how much Epsom salts to add to your bath, mine was about a cup and a half. To that, I also added about twenty drops of frankincense (the aromatherapy grade) to help me be still and grounded.

You are ideally supposed to rest for an hour or two after the bath which is what makes it great for right before bed, but since I have such bad arthritis, she said in my case it was better to get out and start moving around. Also, the health conditions mentioned above improve with continued use, so buy a decent sized bag and make it a habit. I know I will! It felt so nice and while it didn’t immediately help my aches and pains, I felt relaxed and sort of rejuvenated afterward.

While laying there, I turned my head from side to side and discovered a rather well-developed cobweb, I guess I’ve been lacking in the housekeeping department. Oh well, I’ll get to that later. Do try a bath in Epsom salts, maybe before bed, you might also add some lavender essential oil and you will surely sleep the best you have in some time. Let me know how it worked out for you!




Day 290-Free Days-Errands Ran on a Rusty Knee

Happy Saturday everyone, before I get to the meat of today’s post, let me show you a picture I took on Friday of sweet Stephanie after I fixed her hair for her. I must brag, I think it’s one of my best hairdos ever, and look at the sweet smile on her face. I had the perfect model after all!!


So, after I left her house yesterday, I went to the doctor since my knee has been bothering me for a couple of weeks. I figured I better give in and go have it looked at since I couldn’t get the swelling to stop and the pain has been about a five on the 1-10 scale. After x-rays, they determined that I had lots of arthritis damage and could use a round of steroids, some pain medication and a consult with an ortho doctor, who I’ll see in a couple of weeks.  She also told me to ice and elevate whenever I’m sitting down, which I had been doing anyway. My friends on Facebook said it sux to get old and I told them-not old, just rusty!

I didn’t want that to sideline running errands with my hubby, our usual Saturday thing. So first we went to a delicious breakfast at El Tejas and I cheated big time and decided not to worry about it. I had 2 eggs overeasy, 2 slices of bacon, and a piece of French toast! Egads! So not Paleo, but my rule is that I follow the diet 80/20, so I made up for it with a salad at lunch. 🙂

Next we went by my Dad’s house to measure for new windows, a job we’ve been promising to do for awhile but have not had the time.

Dave and my Dad checking his windows

After we got done there, we went to Home Depot to order the windows and then popped over to Dave’s brother’s house to take Connie the birthday present she accidentally left at our house last weekend. She was busy as usual, putting together a different birthday present-a wagon for her plants.

Connie assembling her wagon

She has done an amazing job in her backyard, as evident by her beautiful back corner.

The fruits of Connie’s labor

After that quick lunch at Wendy’s where I enjoyed the new fresh mozzarella chicken salad, Dave went to play golf and I went and had an amazing hour and a half at the nail salon. To say it was relaxing was an understatement, I almost fell asleep in the chair, although they were extremely busy.

A very busy ABC Nail salon today!

When you order a regular manicure and a callous pedicure, you not only get the nails done but a lovely paraffin wax massage to the legs and a thorough massage to the arms. Not to mention, the chairs have a back massager on the whole time, and I was further relaxed by the CBD oil I was vaping prior to arriving at the shop. As I’ve mentioned before, CBD oil from hemp cannot make you high, (it has no THC in it) but just relaxes your system and helps make you less anxious.

My finished nails plus the added design on the toe

Now, I’m writing this blog and relaxing with my knee up and ice on it. If I hurry, I may be able to squeeze in an episode of The Walking Dead before Dave gets back from the golf course. It’s been such a relaxing afternoon, I don’t even miss the fact that I can’t have any alcohol for the next week or so-not until I finish my steroids. I use pain medication very sparingly anyway, and what they gave me was very light-I barely noticed I had taken anything at all. 😉



Day 46-Story Week-A Few Stolen Moments

As she came through the back door this afternoon, she noticed a thin piece of cardboard material floating in her pool. As she carefully retrieved it, her hand brushed the water and she thought to herself, “that’s not so bad, maybe I’ll test the waters later.” Knowing she had work to do, she quickly changed into her bathing suit anyway, her thought being, there won’t be many more days left this year to take advantage of the fabulous feeling pool with the sun still warm enough to lightly tan her skin.

At first, she just sat on the steps of the pool, noticing how long it took to get used to the cool temperature. When she decided it was rather quickly, she gathered her things, a nice glass of iced tea, her towel, phone and e-cig, and her half empty bottle of tanning oil and headed to her lounge chair by the side of the pool. She had no plans to sit on it, the shade it provided was where she liked to stash her things to keep them from cooking in the sun, also, they were within easy reach once she was floating in the pool later.

As soon as she gingerly lowered herself into the water, however, she set to work excercising her legs and arms, listening to the music provided by the nearby radio. After she warmed up, she moved to the poolside ladder for a few dozen leg lifts and tried to go as long as the song that was playing on KLUV.  As she lifted, she took note of the soft, fluffy clouds that had gathered above her neighbor’s rooftop and remembered the forecast from earlier in the day predicting a fourty percent chance of rain. She wasn’t worried, who really believed the weather man anyway? Still, she kept her eyes peeled as the clouds started to turn an angry shade of gray.

Next, it was time for some pull-ups from the diving board. She grasped the end of the board and pulled herself up and out of the water as far as she could, then lowered herself back down and repeated the move. She lost count of how many she did, daydreaming her way through the movements. Sometimes it was so nice to have the peace and quiet to do exactly this and not worry about what anyone else wanted to do or wanted her to do. Was she being selfish? After all, it had been a long time since she’d even been in the pool, and she only planned on staying in an hour or so. Soon, she felt she had done enough to earn herself some time on the float.



She took her last pull on the board and reached up and grabbed the big, blue pillow style float her husband bought at the beginning of the summer. It was the perfect size for him and he was six foot, so it was like a twin mattress for her, being only four foot nine. She hoisted herself on top and found a comfy position and proceeded to the side of the pool so she could apply some oil. Just as she reached the side, her cell phone rang and it was him, calling to let her know he was stopping by the store and did she need anything? She couldn’t help think how lucky she was to be right there as the phone rang, she would have probably broke her neck trying to get over there from where she was in the pool just  previously. After the call she applied her oil and relished a few moments in the sun before it disappeared behind the clouds and she thought, “just my luck.” Still, she waited it out and soon she found herself flipped on her tummy, wiggling her leg to the time of the music and watching the shimmering waves she was creating in the pool. The clouds grew more gray and were pushing closer together.


Before long, her husband joined her for a few more blissful minutes until the sun went away again and they decided it was time to cook dinner anyway. As they sat on the patio, drying from their brief excursion, the thunder started to roll.