Day 293-MET-That Time I Got Poop On My Face

It was one of those vacations we as a family wait for all year long. Our annual pilgrimage to Port Aransas, when the kids were still young enough to be enchanted by Mother Nature and Dave and I wanted to show them how great being at the ocean was. We were broke that year, but determined to take a break from work and show the kids a good time. We ended up getting a no frills, lower end condo that year (still a condo though, no hotel for us!) and it was tight, but cozy.

Dave and I were still young enough to want a little romance and would steal a few moments when the kids were otherwise occupied. It was following one of these trysts, we were hanging out in the parking lot, trying to decide what to do for lunch and the kids had been snacking on some cheese-its. The next thing I knew, there were seagulls encircling our heads, it was all fun and games watching Josh throw crackers to the hovering birds, Chris cracking up as they snatched them right out of the sky. This was new to them and they were having a blast…right up until the moment one of those damn gulls pooped and it landed right on my cheek!

A flock of seagulls

At first no one could speak. The boys, Dave included, all just stared at me, open mouthed as shocked as I was. Then, as I realized what I had running down my face, I started to cry just as they started to laugh at me. Let me tell you, I did not find the humor. As soon as they saw me crying, they quickly shut up and came over to console me. I couldn’t figure out how it happened, I was sitting on a parking curb underneath the eves of the condo! How did that bird’s poop make a diagonal trajectory to land right on my face? Anyway, it rather spoiled the mood and once we all recovered I think we decided to stay inside the condo for lunch that day.

Now when we go to the beach, I am leary of anyone feeding the gulls and I stay as far away as possible. Yes, I got over it, but that doesn’t mean I ever want it to happen again. Imagine if you will, a stinky, slimy substance is running down the side of your face as your whole family sits and stares at you!! Rather embarrassing indeed, and although my hubby was kind enough to clean it off my face, I was so hurt by them laughing at me. I have to admit though, if the tables were turned, I’d probably have done the same. Damn seagulls! Can you imagine what it was like on the set of Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds? Getting pooped on must have been a regular occurrence. I’ll have to research that someday. 😉

Photo credit: Wikipedia

Day 21-Vaca Day 2

image Sitting here on the balcony of our little place we rented in Port Aransas, with a view of a pond and some palm trees, getting ready to go inside and eat a delicious steak prepared on the grill by our guys. Connie and I made a salad and taters are almost done in the oven.

image Earlier while on the beach, I took advantage of a great shot of the seagulls that gathered as our neighbors on the beach happily fed them chips or whatever. I was reminded how 20 odd years ago my kids were doing the same thing and I looked up and a seagull pooped right on my face! That was so horrible that I’ve never been near them while feeding again. I think everyone else chalks it up to fun memories of trips to Port Aransas, my kids, however,  remember how I burst into tears of embarrassment at the experience.

My sister and brother in law love their kites and have to buy a new one (or two) every time we come.

image Here is the latest acquisition. Tap on the pics to enlarge them by the way.  Lots of people fly kites at the beach, not only to mark our spot, but because the wind keeps them up high.

Later, the guys noticed an airplane drop a skydiver close to our spot on the beach (or so it seemed) so, next time they came around, I tried to catch the action, unfortunately, even widening the camera on the phone didn’t bring him in close enough to see well.

image If you tap on the pic to enlarge, you can just make him out, floating along the down drifts to the earth. I’ve thought about trying it, but I’d have to do a tandem jump. I’m too chicken to try by myself.

Tomorrow the plan is to go further south to Padre Island National Seashore to go where it’s mostly uninhabited and try our luck with the fishing. The night is young though so just don’t expect us to get an early start.😉