Day Three Lexington Marine Reunion-Shopping, Dining, Celebrating

As the morning temperatures progressed from cool to slightly warm, we departed the hotel for a different kind of shopping experience at The Pearl Brewery shopping mall.

The Pearl Brewery and shopping mall
My pretty cappuccino design

First of all, the farmer’s market was taking place and evidently some kind of bring-your-doggie-dressed-for-Halloween event as well! We must have seen every breed imaginable, dressed up in their finest attire and they were so well behaved too! I wish I would have thought to take pics of them, however, we were all about which boutique to hit first once I made my way through what goodies the farmer’s market had to offer. I came away with some lovely and tasty coconut macaroons-totally Paleo which is right up my alley!

From there our group proceeded to several cute but pricey boutiques, stopping after a while for a coffee break where I enjoyed my first “real” cappuccino. Such talented artisans in that place! If I sleep tonight, I’ll be lucky! We all tasted something different from green tea to some lovely ice cream and coffee confection.

Too soon it was time to summon our second Uber of the day, what a great way to get around San Antonio effortlessly! Thanks to Rich and Barb for footing the tab on those little rides! While we waited I snapped a shot of some converted silos outside of Nao Cafe and close to the Emma Hotel.

Nao Latin Gastro Bar

It’s late and I have much to tell about the birthday girl’s dinner celebration so you’ll have to join me tomorrow when I finish up this little reunion tale, until then buenas noches!




Day 246-MET-How I Found My Favorite Clothing Store

When you are four foot nine and have the body of a child, it makes it difficult to find clothes that fit without needing to alter them in some way. That was my story until the day I discovered New York & Company, the only place I could buy jeans off the rack and not need to hem them up.

I remember being stationed in Korea and thinking I was in Heaven because I had a tailor, someone who could make clothes to fit me specifically for a very cheap price. It became harder when I got pregnant, and I wish I would have kept the clothes they had made for me, just for the sake of having them to show my kids or something. No, my mother thought it best to get rid of them, she didn’t think I needed a reminder of the tents I was having to wear, nor did she think I would ever need them again. I remember the girls there used to follow me around like the Pied Piper asking me all kinds of questions about who my daddy was, why was my name Kim, oh I was so pretty and little, they were going to make beautiful clothes for me…I had been waiting to have a special crocheted bikini, that I designed, made for me when my tailor found out I was pregnant. She was not the only one who was crushed by the revelation.

As time went by, I gained and lost weight many times, and then I got really small-right before I met and married my husband I was at my lowest weight and could wear little boys clothes from Kmart. I weighed eighty seven pounds. I’m not too far over that right now, but the shape of my body is different. Anyway, he used to take me to the mall, trying to find clothes that didn’t fall off of me, usually without success. I remembered that my mom used to take me to Lerner’s when I was a kid for my school clothes, now it is called New York & Company. I was alone the day I went there and tried on a pair of jeans right off the shelf. Oh happy day! They fit like a glove and with my boots on, they needed no hemming. I went straight to the counter and got a store credit card, I had found my mecca.

Through the years of having babies, yo-yo dieting and everything else, I have gained and lost weight so many times, I have the range of sizes of jeans from zero to eight in my closet.  I refused to get any bigger than an eight and now I am back down to a zero to two (according to their size chart anyway) and actually have many pairs sitting in a closet, just in case. I tried to sell them once because they cost a lot of money, but I didn’t try the right venue. I need to put them on the newest app called five miles, that one really gets results. Finding that clothing store was a godsend, regardless, and I still buy from there to this day. Strange thing is, the only thing that fits me that well from the store are the jeans, I try on a dress and it hangs off of me. Blouses fit ok, as long as I get extra small, and even then they are too big sometimes, depending on the style. The only reason David let me have a credit card there was because then he wouldn’t have to listen to me whining about not being able to find clothes that fit me.

Still, I don’t use it all that much,  credit being what it is, but because I am a gold card holder, I get all the perks and coupons and money off specials, so I continue to be a loyal customer. Soon, I will be too small to wear their clothes because they changed the sizes and what used to be a zero is more like a two etc. I know this because when I shop for a two or a zero at other stores, they do not fit me the same way. It is alright though, I continue to find clothes that fit and besides, they have increased their inventory to include jewelry, scarves, shoes and belts, so besides regular clothing items, there is always something I can find there. I save this store for special occasions and buy my everyday clothes at thrift stores (because I am frugal and proud of it), I bring them home and wash them and wear them and it doesn’t bother me at all. That’s what happens when you have champagne taste on a beer budget after all. New York is getting all fancy now with their Eva Mendez collection, the prices have gotten so high, the only time I would ever go shopping is when there is a sale. Still, I love to walk through the store from time to time, fingering the fabrics and marveling at all the beautiful colors, they really have stunning clothes, especially for ladies that dress up for work.

I remember when I was a kid, my mom would send me to Lerner’s with a hundred dollars to purchase my school clothes, and I was so frugal, I would come back with a complete wardrobe. You can’t do that anymore!


Day 244-Free Days-Running Errands

I must be losing it, here it is 10pm and I just realized I have not blogged yet today. Dave and I were busy today doing stuff around the house,running more errands, visiting family and when it all stopped after dinner, I spent the rest of the night watching my shows and reading emails and researching for future blog posts on the commercials.

I got my exercise ball exchanged and yet I’m loathe to return the big one in case Dave sees my success with mine and wants to join in.

We finally got new lights to put above our heads on the wood wall in our bedroom to serve as reading lamps!

We visited Dad and I brought him my old phone case which fit his phone perfectly. Then we visited Dave’s mom and brought her medicine and food since she hasn’t been feeling well. Lastly, we visited his brother because he has been out of town for a week and we wanted to see how he was doing.

Many other things were done and accomplished but so mundane you wouldn’t want to hear about it. We have not been to church in a while, but that doesn’t mean we don’t pray or have forgotten our religion. We are still trying to decide on a home church.

I missed getting to see my son this weekend, he is being worked way too hard.

I bought the grand baby a couple of outfits, I’ll wait until she is pictured wearing them to take a pic. Shoes too.

I hope you all enjoyed your Sunday and didn’t have to run your errands in the rain. 😉

Never Again-BFS

Black Friday Madness from 2014
Black Friday Madness from 2014

I posted this pic along with a story about how much of a wasted trip my short time at the mall was today,  Black Friday shopping, on Medium.

If I ever have this idea again, I hope someone would just slap me. The stores were packed, if one did find what they were looking for, it would not matter, the lines were down the middle of the store-literally every store I went into!

There s no fighting, no people scrambling for the “best deal” because, by the time you waited in line, the deal you came for was what they just ran out of!

Then I left the mall to go to Kohls, they don’t even carry the other thing I was looking for, even though they did last year!😡 There was so much to look at and be distracted by, I forgot who and what I was shopping for in the first place. I ended up at the liquor store and went home for a much needed drink! 🍹Maybe the best thing to do is wait for Cyber Monday,  with a list in hand and pj’s on my bod!! Next year, I’ll know better!


Day 24-Vaca Day 5-Fun on the Piers

When I woke up this morning, I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel, but turned out to be a great day and I think I’m on the mend. We decided to go do a little pier fishing and although we didn’t catch any keepers, it sure was fun trying.  Facebook made a lovely video, however I gave up trying to get it to post here, maybe tomorrow. I do have a couple that Connie took to prove we caught something though!

image image

Later on, my hubby and I did a little shopping and came across a wonderful Mexican imports shop called A Mano out on Hwy 361. They had the most interesting and original decor, things you don’t find in every-other-shop-around-town.

image image image

That is a small sample of all the merchandise they have. You can probably see more of their stuff at After that, we went and shared a gelato, a big ole cheat for me but, what the heck, I’m on vacation! Salted caramel…yum!

Later still, we decided to go back to the pier but a different one. We had better luck this  time, despite the huge ship dredging the channel.


Just a croaker and a gaff top but hey, we didn’t get skunked! I got a pretty pic of the sun going down and a dolphin, although he’s hard to see unless you enlarge it.

image image

Every time we’ve been to the pier at that time of the evening, we’ve been just in time to see the dolphins feeding. Since I’m particularly fond of them, that makes it extra special for me.

Another highlight to the day was hearing that my son who currently lives in Ohio, got a new job and starts tomorrow. I can’t wait to hear how it goes, what a perfect end to a very pleasant day. Feeling better is a plus as well, I’m looking forward to our big fishing trip tomorrow, deep sea fishing is the best! Until then, have a wonderful night.