Day 47-Story Week-A Texas Love Story


I met this crazy bull rider one day in a watering hole called Manhattan’s. Crazy thing was, I didn’t even want to be there but my friend talked me into going at the last minute. As I found out later, he didn’t want to be there either, it didn’t have his favorite pastime-foosball. He was almost as good at that as playing pool as I soon found out.

As we eyeballed each other across the room, me thinking he looked kinda like someone I used to know and him thinking he just wanted to ask me to dance or something, finally came the moment when he and his buddy approached our table. My friend and I giggled and said sure we’d dance and off we went. I wish I could say the night went as well for her as it did me, but I’d be lying.

The dance was short and soon we were outside in the parking lot admiring each other’s  cars-I was proud of my ride at the time, a Mercury Capris, and he had a small truck he was pretty happy with. The real deal was, we were checking each other out a little bit and the premise was that he was going to give me his digits that were located on his business card.

Next thing I know, he has me in his arms, asking me if I’m as sick of playing “games” as he is. I agreed I was done, and as we kissed, I knew this one was going to be different. We were leaning against my car at the time and I was so proud that it was a cool one. Black with a red pin stripe, my two favorite colors. He made me feel safe and warm and I had no qualms asking him back to my place.

I reserve the right to withhold the details, just know that was thirty one years ago. We’ve had good times and bad, raised two children and had many adventures along the way. I wouldn’t change it for anything and I love him just as much today as I did the day we met. I tell you what though, if you would have told me 31 years ago that I’d have fallen for a cowboy, I’d have said you’re crazy. I’m a rocker and he’s more of the easy listening kind of guy. We have so much in common and love each other’s company that none of that matters.

So there you have it, the short version of our Texas love story. And to think, the song that was our first dance was “You’ve Lost That Lovin Feeling”. Never gonna happen. 😍

Day 46-Story Week-A Few Stolen Moments

As she came through the back door this afternoon, she noticed a thin piece of cardboard material floating in her pool. As she carefully retrieved it, her hand brushed the water and she thought to herself, “that’s not so bad, maybe I’ll test the waters later.” Knowing she had work to do, she quickly changed into her bathing suit anyway, her thought being, there won’t be many more days left this year to take advantage of the fabulous feeling pool with the sun still warm enough to lightly tan her skin.

At first, she just sat on the steps of the pool, noticing how long it took to get used to the cool temperature. When she decided it was rather quickly, she gathered her things, a nice glass of iced tea, her towel, phone and e-cig, and her half empty bottle of tanning oil and headed to her lounge chair by the side of the pool. She had no plans to sit on it, the shade it provided was where she liked to stash her things to keep them from cooking in the sun, also, they were within easy reach once she was floating in the pool later.

As soon as she gingerly lowered herself into the water, however, she set to work excercising her legs and arms, listening to the music provided by the nearby radio. After she warmed up, she moved to the poolside ladder for a few dozen leg lifts and tried to go as long as the song that was playing on KLUV.  As she lifted, she took note of the soft, fluffy clouds that had gathered above her neighbor’s rooftop and remembered the forecast from earlier in the day predicting a fourty percent chance of rain. She wasn’t worried, who really believed the weather man anyway? Still, she kept her eyes peeled as the clouds started to turn an angry shade of gray.

Next, it was time for some pull-ups from the diving board. She grasped the end of the board and pulled herself up and out of the water as far as she could, then lowered herself back down and repeated the move. She lost count of how many she did, daydreaming her way through the movements. Sometimes it was so nice to have the peace and quiet to do exactly this and not worry about what anyone else wanted to do or wanted her to do. Was she being selfish? After all, it had been a long time since she’d even been in the pool, and she only planned on staying in an hour or so. Soon, she felt she had done enough to earn herself some time on the float.



She took her last pull on the board and reached up and grabbed the big, blue pillow style float her husband bought at the beginning of the summer. It was the perfect size for him and he was six foot, so it was like a twin mattress for her, being only four foot nine. She hoisted herself on top and found a comfy position and proceeded to the side of the pool so she could apply some oil. Just as she reached the side, her cell phone rang and it was him, calling to let her know he was stopping by the store and did she need anything? She couldn’t help think how lucky she was to be right there as the phone rang, she would have probably broke her neck trying to get over there from where she was in the pool just  previously. After the call she applied her oil and relished a few moments in the sun before it disappeared behind the clouds and she thought, “just my luck.” Still, she waited it out and soon she found herself flipped on her tummy, wiggling her leg to the time of the music and watching the shimmering waves she was creating in the pool. The clouds grew more gray and were pushing closer together.


Before long, her husband joined her for a few more blissful minutes until the sun went away again and they decided it was time to cook dinner anyway. As they sat on the patio, drying from their brief excursion, the thunder started to roll.


Day 44-Story Week-My Shot With Sam

img_2538 You only have one chance to get it right, and this was my chance.

Earlier this year, while on a trip down to the Bolivar Peninsula, I passed my favorite Texas monument and thought how awesome would it be (albeit dangerous) to get the perfect selfie shot with my man Sam Houston in the background. Somehow, while watching the traffic, (thank God it was light) and balancing the camera (iPhone) just at the precise angle, I managed to snap this awesome (pat myself on the back) pic of the hero and myself while traveling at a speed of 55 mph (lets just stick to that story shall we). I really can’t remember how fast I was going, I think the speed limit is 65-70 mph through there, but since it’s close to the prison, everyone slows down and minds their manners. Which means I was risking that as well! Luckily, I got the shot and wasn’t caught!

We’ve travelled this stretch of road more times than I can count, and my husband always knows, just as he does when going over the bridge in Waco that I want that pic of the beautiful Brazos River, that I’m going to take yet another picture of good ole Sam Houston every time. Why the reason for my love affair with Sam is unclear even to me, except for the fact that the statue is massive, the tallest statue of an American hero in the world,  at 67 ft tall, he was designed by artist David Adickes and dedicated to the city of Huntsville in 1994. He is an impressive icon who sits atop a ten foot granite base. I have yet to make it to the visitor center (should have gone when I was alone) something my hubby has promised yet not fulfilled as of yet. Men are always in such a galdarned hurry to get to their destination, they fail to take in the sights and historical places along the way. Why is that?

Anyway, I was proud to capture this image and my only complaint about it was that in my rush to complete the task at hand, I forgot to smile! By the way, any of you who want to get the other picture I referred to earlier of the Brazos river, don’t plan on getting it while crossing the bridge in Waco! They have since put of some kind of support structures that completely block your view. So if you gotta have that pic, you’ll have to find a place to park and get out of the car to get it.

So maybe this wasn’t a story in the typical sense, but it’s my story and I’ll have the picture to prove it, from now until the end of my days.

What monuments have you visited and do you have some incredible shots to share? I’m sure you do, leave me a comment below, I’d love to see them! Until then, I’ll be waiting on the patio. 😉

Day 43-Story Week-Race To The Sun

I was originally going to have this week be a combo of local events and then a story I craft from a word prompt. After taking a gander at the city’s official event calendar instead of the newsletter, I realized that unless y’all want to hear about trash bash or the next time my buddies band is playing, I’ll just stick to a story-for tonight at least.

Secondly, I was going to do my story off a word prompt but decided to go off a picture prompt for my first attempt. 😊


As her eyes popped open, it hit her that she might already be too late. She hurled herself out of the bed, as quietly as she could, so as not to disturb her sleeping roommates. Hurriedly, she threw on some clothes, grabbed her iPhone and flip flops and raced down the stairs and out the front door of the rental she shared with eighteen other women that weekend. Four of her party were on the balcony, enjoying their morning coffee as she blew past them with no words. She knew they were aware of her  motives, she’d been telling them all week that this was on her list of things she wanted to do.

She almost fell down the stairs of the cabin in her rushed state, and the other ladies hollered at her something like, “whoa, you ok?” She yelled back “yeah, I’m alright” and walked as fast as her short little legs could get her there. She could see the sky starting to change and kept thinking, ” I’m not gonna make it!” Still, she pushed on, only a few more feet now and she would be on the beach. All at once she crested the top of the dune and saw her acquaintances standing on the beach. They heard her approach and called out, “Hey! You made it!” Out of breath and overjoyed at the fact that she did indeed get there in time,  she greeted them as she took up the perfect position.

They all did, they had talked about wanting to do this just yesterday while meeting for the first time at the beach. “They” were a nice family visiting from the Houston area that struck up a friendly conversation with her as she was getting some sun and enjoying some beach time. The ladies she was with on this trip were all members or former members of a group called Sertoma that she was in when she had lived close by just a few months previously. They knew she was more about beach time than they were, so they gave her her space when she would just take off with little notice. Now she was here again, together with this other nice little group of people, all on a quest to get the sun rising over the ocean and catch it on film.

She had finally done it, as many times as she had been to one beach or another in her lifetime, this was a first for her. It had been hazy and at first, even though she’d been on time, it didn’t look good-like God was mocking her and saying, “can’t get it this time either” but then the haze cleared and there it was. She tried to adjust the size of the picture so it would show up but not have the image be blurred. She should have brought her “real” camera but the iPhone would have to do. She was proud of her efforts and so happy she bypassed coffee and conversation to get the amazing shots that nature provided….once one got their butt out of bed early enough to capture the beauty.

image image image


Day 42-Free Days-Let Freedom Ring

As I clean up from another successful family gathering, I’m aware of the anniversary today is and think of the fifty word story I submitted just a few days ago, commemorating 9/11 in my own small way.

[Survivors and the families of lost loved ones gathered en masse to gaze at the blue lights the city had erected. In the same way they cannot forget, they will not forgive either. “We will seek justice”, they chant together. With that, the plan is hatched, retribution will be theirs.]

It has been suggested that I expound on the story, and I have been thinking on it, but I’m still not ready and honestly I don’t know if I’m that good of a storyteller.  Even after watching yet another magazine feature on the story and what has become of ground zero, I still didn’t formulate any grand idea yet. If you didn’t see CBS Sunday Morning show today, you missed a good one and what they have done is breathtaking. Inverted fountains with all the names of the missing and the dead, forever etched in stone surround each of the finished fountains, with more monuments to come. The monolithic masterpiece that stands in the place of the twin towers is a stunning, middle finger to the enemy and shows just how much we refuse to bow down and cower in fear. To me it says “we will not go quietly into the night.” It is a constant reminder that we will not forget, forgiving is up to each individual family that lost someone or survived the horror of that day and therefore, cannot be determined by me or anyone else that did not witness or personally lose someone that day.

I like to imagine that the survivors gather as a group with these things in common and dream of a way to get vengeance. If I do ever expound on the story, I will preface it with a disclaimer that it is purely a work of fiction, since I can’t begin to guess what each member of said group might be thinking. I bet one thought remains true with each and every one of them though…let freedom ring.

I thought of what I would write about this week and came up with a couple of possible topics, one was Local Events Week where I would highlight upcoming important days for citywide happenings. Another thought I had was to strengthen my storytelling skills by having story week, off of a word or sentence prompt found somewhere on the web. What would you, my followers rather hear, or, what would be helpful or interesting to you? Drop me a line, suggestion or comment and I’ll work it into the calendar for the remainder of the month. If I don’t hear from you, I guess I’m on my own and free to choose what I want. I’ll be thinking about it while sitting on the patio. 🇺🇸