5 Ways To Decrease Your Belly Fat Today

Happy Monday everyone, I hope you are having a blessed day so far.

How many of you watch Dr. Oz? Well, every once in a while, I catch an episode and today was one of those times. I was trying to give my overworked hands a break, I  clicked on the TV and there he was, saying those words so many of us want/need to hear: Do you want to know how to get rid of your belly fat?

Well, I have kinda let myself break too many rules over the summer and find myself needing this advice if nothing else than a refresher on what I should be doing and not doing to get my belly flat. Especially since pretty soon I might find myself convalescing while recovering from one or more surgeries.

So here is what the expert on his show said are the 5 steps you can do to decrease your belly fat starting now:

  1. Cut out the sugar (We as a nation eat 152lbs of sugar per person per year!!!)
  2. Add a healthy fat to breakfast-choose between avocado, almonds, pumpkin seeds, grass-fed beef, or coconut oil added to your coffee with some grass-fed butter
  3. Add some fiber-rich pre-biotics-try plantains, lentils, artichokes or asparagus
  4. Set a carb window-as in no carbs after 2pm or something like that
  5. Go alcohol-free for 30 days (say what???) yep, gotta try it or at least cut way back (this will be tough for me, but most alcohol adds so much sugar to your diet)

Weigh yourself today and then again at the end of 30 day period after following the above steps and if you tried really hard, you should see the results.

If you can’t cut the sugar out completely, make a conscious effort to make healthy choices instead, like substitute an egg (any way you like it) with bacon for that sugar-laden cereal in the morning. (or one of the choices above). If you drink two drinks a day, cut down to one, then just 2-3 times a week until the cravings are gone. Do not eat after 8pm. If you have to, eat a healthy snack like a handful of raw almonds.

They said nothing about exercise, however, even if you can’t move around much, there are still isometric exercises you can do. Like while still in bed, tighten your abs and release. Over time, this will help strengthen your core muscles. I have been adding that to my morning stretches before I ever get out of bed.

Belly fat (especially in women) is dangerous and can lead to heart disease and diabetes, and some types of cancer like colon and pancreatic. Following a Paleo diet can also help, since cavemen ate only meat, roots, vegetables and fruits for the most part. Plus, they had to exercise to hunt their food. If we ate less processed foods, we would naturally eat less sugar, being sugar is in so many packaged and canned foods.

Makes total sense if you think about it.

I do for the most part, since I start my day with my oil pulling routine, followed by a cup of bullet-proof coffee. (after brushing my teeth of course) Where I have slipped up is the addition of alcohol over the summer, too much eating out (chips and salsa) and not as much exercise. Another thing I do is two or three times a week, before my coffee and after my oil pulling routine, I drink that fat-burning concoction I call ACV tea.

2 Tbs apple cider vinegar, 2 Tbs pure lemon juice (not from concentrate), a dash of Ceylon cinnamon, 1 packet. of Pyure sweetener in a 6oz cup of hot water. Normally the recipe calls for 2 Tbs of raw honey, but I don’t need the threat of possible Candida, so I sub the Pyure instead. (It’s just stevia)

For more information on today’s episode, go to Dr Oz episode 16 and watch it or pull it up on demand.

Additional source of info for this post was WebMD

Day 325-Met-I'm No Angel, I Fight Temptation Too

When I went Paleo two or three years ago, (has it really been that long?) I was totally gung-ho, everyone was proud of the willpower I had and I was proud of myself for sticking to it. Fast forward to today and I have to admit, I’m struggling just a bit.

Is it because it’s summertime and I just can’t stay away from the chips, salsa, and margaritas? Maybe. If that was all, I wouldn’t be worried as much, yet I have noticed that other sneaks have become more frequent and they aren’t just alcohol. Sometimes, my body just wants a carb and instead of making a healthy choice, I grab the easy thing like a bowl of cereal instead of fixing myself an egg, or God forbid, dipping into that left behind bag of Chex mix!

I know how to snack healthy, I have just gotten lazy. I need some motivation like I had when I started this whole journey. Back then it was my first cruise that motivated me, plus the desire to get the sugar and other toxins out of my body. I quit smoking and started vaping, now I’m not even vaping nicotine anymore. I have added CBD oil to my routine and I’m sleeping better. Maybe it is also increasing my appetite? Hmm.

Well, I simply have to fight back. I need to dig deep and remember the reason I started getting healthy in the first place. Yes, I am going on another cruise in September, yet I am not worried about that. I’m worried that I have let the Devil back in and he is reeking havoc on my body. (The Devil being sugar!) For instance, I snuck a brownie bite the other night when I was finally alone. Now, why did I do that?? I’m not fooling anyone and I’m only hurting myself. Why am I not motivated to exercise and take care of myself?

Sugar is as strong as heroin to kick once you introduce it back into your system. It causes a plethora of problems, one being candida. I don’t want that again!! It took me forever to get that out of my system, it had become systemic and that is a nightmare I don’t want to go through again. Yeast infections, constant pain in my joints, skin problems…no! Ok, that is my motivation, I will get back on track, start trying to find a way to get more exercise in and go back to no sugar in my diet.

It is really tough, that means no chips, cereal, bread (I don’t eat bread anymore EVER) ok, that’s a lie, sometimes here lately, I have even had a bite of my hubby’s bread. Yikes! How has this happened?? It starts with being honest with myself, and how can I teach others how to live a healthy lifestyle if I have fallen off the wagon myself? I have a pool, I have been doing some legwork but not every day. Since my knee has been hurting, I stopped walking, but since I started taking some new supplements, I noticed that the pain has lessened significantly and the inflammation has gone down. Maybe I could start walking again! I can also do some exercises on this big round ball I’m sitting on, ha!

I need to get strict with the “diet” again, nothing from a bag or a box, eating only whole foods like meat, eggs, salads, fruit, and nuts. Like I said, I know what to do, I just need to “do it”!  I weighed myself and I haven’t gained that much, it isn’t about that though. It’s about the flab, it’s about the danger of candida and other issues developing again. I want to be proud of myself again. I want to help others do the same and live healthy lives. Ok, self. This has been a great talk, now get out there and make a difference.


Day 261-Wednesday's Medical Minute-Rethinking Your Sweeteners

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Good morning everyone! Today I want to revamp one of my earlier posts (I believe it was Day 30-What’s Your Sweetener) and explain again some of the finer points about sweeteners and which ones are best for your health.

I said in that long ago post that sugar feeds cancer and that even though I am cancer free (that I know of) why encourage the growth of it, if indeed it is there? The very thought scares me to death, maybe because I used to work for a cancer treatment center for almost 15 years. Not to mention, my own husband and his cancer experience.

I rely on different natural sweeteners like stevia, agave, and 100% pure maple syrup-in small quantities of course. I even switched the brand of stevia I’m using to Pyure sweetener because it’s certified organic, with 0 calories and sugar, 1 carb and 1 fiber per serving, and has nothing added like dextrose or erythritol. I’m guilty of sometimes sharing my home made goodies with my pets, so I cannot use erythritol in my baked goods or they will get sick…and possibly die! Pyure brand sweetener only has organic stevia extract blended with organic agave.

This is how I buy my sweetener, bagged for making tea and cooking, pkts for my daily coffee.

Right now, if you buy it from iHerb you will save 28%. Just saying. Now, I have to add this statement if I’m being completely honest. Ordering from there is best for people who can’t get to a local Walmart or other retailer because iHerb will add significant shipping unless your order totals $35 or more. (Then it’s free) So it is up to you if you want to purchase there. If you do, we will both save, so it’s a win, win! If I run out, I go into panic mode, that’s when I order it online.

Most store bought sweets are chock full of sugar, and I’ve talked about how sugar is the devil before. Honestly, I do not buy store bought sweets, I make my own, that way I control the sweetness by added trusted, organic natural sweeteners. I try not to eat anything processed, if it is in a box or a bag, it usually has artificial ingredients. Here are several reasons why sugar is so bad for you.

  • Sugar has no nutrients and is bad for your teeth- cause tooth decay by feeding the harmful bacteria in your mouth
  • Sugar contains fructose, one of the two simple sugars that enter the bloodstream from the digestive tract. Yes, you get fructose from eating fruit, that’s ok. Large amounts of sugar overload the liver with fructose, which leads to fatty liver and other serious problems.
  • Sugar can cause insulin resistance, possibly leading to metabolic syndrome and diabetes
  • Sugar can contribute to cancer-scientists believe that having constantly elevated insulin levels from sugar consumption has this effect.
  • Sugar is highly addictive-this is because it releases a massive amount of dopamine in the reward center of the brain
  • Sugar…not fat, raises your cholesterol and leads to heart disease-large amounts of fructose can raise triglycerides, LDL levels and blood glucose levels (and insulin levels) and cause abdominal obesity in as little as 10 weeks!
  • Continued sugar consumption makes losing weight nearly impossible
Sugar is highly addictive

I also detest the use of artificial sweeteners like aspartame and sucralose. Many people have reported experiencing bad side effects like migraines and painful joints after years of consuming products with these sweeteners.

The bottom line is-natural sweeteners are better for your health, ween yourself off of sugar before it can cause devastating effects on your body.

I hope I have set the record straight on why sugar is so bad for you, please leave your comments and suggestions in the box and join me tomorrow for another Throwback Thursday or a product review…you’ll have to come back to find out!