Day131-31 Day Blog Challenge-(Day 9)


Well, I’ve already answered this one, in part, on an earlier question, so you know I have one tattoo. I got it late in life, when I used to live next door to a firefighter. He talked me into going to a tattoo and piercing convention in Dallas, where he and one of his firefighter buddies were to get a new one each themselves. He helped me design mine (on paper) and told me what he was getting and soon the day came for us to go.

What a crazy event that was. You never saw the likes of the tattoos and piercings I saw that day. some people had their faces tattooed, piercings in places I never would have dreamed, nor wanted to see. Finally, our turn came and I got to meet our tattoo artist. His name was Boog and he had a stellar reputation for being one of the best. which he probably was…before I had to wait 8 hours while my friends got their tattoos, each of them took 4 hours to do. By then “Boog” was tired and grumpy, but I was not to be denied. I knew exactly where I wanted mine ( 2 dolphins, one above the other, swimming in opposite directions) over my right hip bone area. You know, so you’d see it when I wore my bathing suit, but it would be covered any other time. Anyway, Boog talked to me about colors, took my drawing to the printer and reduced it in size about three times (it was still bigger than I intended) and laid me down on two chairs put together and proceeded to work. While he tortured me, the whole of Dallas it felt like, paraded by looking down at me as they passed by. (it WAS a convention after all).

It was very painful, especially the area on the hip bone, but I gritted my teeth and got through it, my friend peering at me upside down and asking if I was ok every ten minutes. I was done in thirty minutes, I felt cheated cause mine didn’t take as long as theirs, nor was it as colorful. By that time, we were all tired but exhilarated from the experience and happy with our new artwork. I got home, showed my hubby who exclaimed “Damn, Baby- that’s big!” and I was disappointed that he thought less of it than I did. He got used to it in time, and knew I was happy with it, so he didn’t care.

I also had my bellybutton pierced, but it was never done correctly and therefore, I don’t try to wear jewelry in it anymore. I may get it redone at some time…I don’t know. It’s not as important to me as it used to be. I have my ears double pierced and that’s it. Someday, I’d love to get my tattoo properly colored and re-outlined, Boog was in such a hurry, he used less color than I wanted and it also “bled” out of the lines and isn’t as sharp in detail as it should be. I loved it but did not get this “fever” everyone speaks of where you are just dying to get more. Not me, no way…that was enough pain to keep me away!!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, once upon a time, I had my upper left ear pierced in a very painful spot like a lot of my friends at the lab were doing at the time, it hurt so bad, I couldn’t lay on that side for a week or hold the phone to my ear, so I eventually took it out and it grew closed. Ouch…never again!