Informal Poll Results So Far

Thank you to the two bloggers who responded to my little informal poll and the MANY well meaning bloggers who are now following me with tips and tricks of IM. This gives me much studying and research to do!

I will work on a plan for bringing you the types of content you want, interspersed with tips, tricks, and recipes to keep all of us on track!

I am a recipe follower, not creator.

Let me just be honest here and say that I make recipes I find elsewhere and tweak them to meet my needs. My Pinterest board is full of tasty, keto recipes and links to other bloggers that sell great meal plans, keto products, and more.

Someday, I will cook well enough to write my own recipes, but for now, this will have to do. I can still do enough research to devise these things that SusieShy and MwsR asked for:

  • recipes
  • 21 day keto plan
  • budget keto recipes
  • good shops to buy keto products/foods inexpensively
  • discuss the value of buying MCT oil, collagen, etc.
  • ask for topics to debate

and more, as I think of things myself.  I will make a list of the products I love and use and tell you all about them too!

Let me just address those bloggers already established in the world of affiliate and internet marketing for a minute. While I appreciate the follows, I will stick to the course I already paid for and learn what I need from that.

If I tried to implement everything each one of you wants me too, I would have information overload and spend all my time taking courses instead of blogging, but thanks for your advice!

I may take some of it at a later date.

I can’t wait to get the blog in better shape, implement all these ideas, and get down to the business of helping you:

  1. Lose weight, gain energy, ditch your medications, and whatever else you want to achieve with the keto lifestyle
  2. Not become frustrated and quit
  3. Provide easy, budget friendly recipes to help you stay the course
  4. Be the healthiest you, the happiest you, you can be!

For now, I’m off to study, however I will be back soon with a new post that answers one or more of your needs! Thanks again, bye!