Day 308-Throwback Thursday-Who's Oats Were They Eating?

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My grandparents, Edith and Robert Caldwell

Meet Edith and Robert Caldwell. This is a picture of them at their 50th Golden wedding anniversary party (which I did not get to attend). They passed from this earth many years ago, but they were special to me while they were here because I spent much of my early life with them.

Like most people, one of the things that are memorable about your grandparents is the kind of food they fed you. Well, back in those days, no one was concerned with high cholesterol, no one worried about food making you fat…they didn’t have to because people worked! They labored hard on farms or in fields and most likely sweated off what they were ingesting.

Anyway, what I remember the most was grandmother’s home-made biscuits and molasses. Mmmmm, I can still remember how wonderful that tasted and how I wish I could eat like that today. Now, I would be lying if I told you I knew what kind of oatmeal they ate, I’m just sure they ate it! My guess would be that they ate good old fashioned Quaker Oats fixed in a pot on the stove. Not my cup of tea, but to each his own.

I wish Grandmother was alive for me to show her my baked oatmeal made with Bob’s Red Mill Steel-Cut Oats, it is so addicting that I am a changed woman, as I talked about on my website Products From the Patio earlier today. I would tell her how different baked oatmeal tastes, how you can change up the recipe and where to buy the best steel-cut oats for her money. Why, it tastes more like a custard with fruit and nuts than a stuffy old bowl of slimy oatmeal. (to me anyway) I would make it for her and my Granddad and get their feedback since they were the best judges of how food is supposed to taste in the whole wide world.

Maybe I would show her how, like you, she could click a link and it would take her straight to Amazon, where she could purchase some for herself. What do you think? Would she be impressed by that today? How about you? Would you take a chance on trying some steel-cut oats sometime? Click the link and check them out for yourself and see if they are not the best tasting steel-cut oats you ever tried, then get back to me and tell me what you thought.

That’s it for today, come back tomorrow for Flashback Friday and see what the storyteller has to say. She will be hanging out until then, nursing her sore knee on the patio. (or possibly in the pool;))


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Day 301-Throwback Thursday-Better Late Than Never

Well,  it’s Thursday evening and I am just now getting around to posting. Today I took Stephanie to the movies to see Snatched with Goldie Hawn and Amy Schumer since she got gypped out of it on her actual birthday. Now I’m having a popcorn hangover and struggling for good throwback material for today.

What I ended up doing was to go back in our old photos and try to find one that was close to this time of year from when the kids were small. What I found was better than that. It features my handsome hubby, myself with a very bad do (and eyebrows) and our friend Jack, back when he was still with us. That was the summer we accompanied him to Houston to see his friends Stan and Judy, who are both gone now as well. The kids were still babies (to me) and they really enjoyed the visit to the battleship Texas. The pkg says the year was ’93 but I’m thinking earlier, maybe ’91. I really hate that the pictures don’t put dates on them anymore and some dolt never thought to write on the back of them! (me)

Myself, David, Jack, my boys Chris and Josh

I really like the way the colors in Daves shirt matched the ceiling on the patio as the sun came through it, and how Jack and myself both had tiny bits of the same colors in our shirts. Jack still had hair and Dave had his mustache which, in my humble opinion, enhanced his good looks. I really hate my hair, but then again I always do. Lol! Happy Thursday everyone!

Day 295-Throwback Thursday-Here's The Promised Pics

Good morning everyone and how are you today? Remember the post I did on how we took our kids to New Orleans one year and there were some pictures of a freaky show they watched in Jackson Square that I could not find? Well, yesterday, as I was tearing up my house looking for my passport, I found those pictures!!

So, real quick, I’m going to lay them out, starting with a shot of the boys and me together and then unfold the story in pictures of how the freaky guy went from no chains, to completely bound, to free again. That’s how he must get his drug money for the day….just sayin, by the looks of him and his helpers. I could be completely wrong. (This was many years ago also, remember) Enjoy and have a great day everyone!

Click on the pic to enlarge it, and sorry, I did not get a pic of him once he was free, but believe me, he got out of those chains and locks-I thought he might die in the process, but he didn’t. It was scary, look at the last picture at the back of my boy’s heads, the were rapt by his performance! Good grief! Are we model parents or what? Anyway, I guess that’s just part of New Orleans culture, luckily we made up for it by showing them the fine food and other attractions New Orleans has to offer. 😉


Day 282-Throwback Thursday-A Tribute To Mom

Mom-very young, and then my half sisters posing with her at Grandmother’s house.
In honor of Mother’s Day I decided to do a throwback to a time waaaay before I was born, and show my beautiful mother at a very young age, and then a picture of her with the other girls-my half sisters, Vicki, ToniAnn, and Connie. This picture of all of them was taken at my beloved grandmother’s house in Lucedale, Mississippi-a place very dear to me. I cannot wait until July because that is when we will be going there to visit my Uncle Tony and his wife Tammy and many of my cousins that still live there.

The other day, ToniAnn put a picture very similar to this young one of my mom on Facebook. Well, I took it and had it printed out and framed it and gave it to my Dad. He loved it and I could not remember ever seeing that picture. So today, when I went in the memory box I made for Mom’s keepsakes, I saw this picture and just had to share. Growing up, Mom didn’t wear much makeup and her hair had started to thin so she kept it cut short and usually permed it. I forget how beautiful she was until reminded by pictures like this. Everyone said she had the most beautiful smile, and that she did. 😊

Day 275-Throwback Thursday-Me and Johnny

Well, the start to my day isn’t something I’d wish on anyone, entering my office this morning, I spilled my hot coffee all down the front of my shirt, Ipad, the carpet in the office…I’m ok, but man I was mad! And worried, luckily everything got wiped off quickly and seems to be working fine.

Today I’m at a loss for a throwback pic, so I’m taking Stephanie’s advice and going as far back in the old IPad as I can and what do you know? I found a picture of my cousin Johnny and I from 2014 at the Robicheaux family reunion.

Johnny and I at our other cousin’s house

This is especially poignant since Johnny recently suffered a stroke…last I heard, he was alright except for his speech, yet when I talked to him on the phone a week or so ago, he sounded fine to me.

I need to call him and get him to send me an updated picture, we both look different from that year, let me tell you! Also, I need to check his medical status anyway, find out how he’s feeling.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out today’s post-I’ll see you all here tomorrow for Flash Fiction Friday!