Day 255-Throwback Thursday-Where Did it Go? (The Evolution of My Hair)

Once upon a time, in a state called Mississippi, there lived a little girl with long, beautiful hair. Her grandad loved her hair, but since he did not have to brush it and take care of it, the girl’s mother decided it would be better if she cut it short. In a pixie. She looked like a little boy then, and the grandfather was very sad. Mother didn’t care though, it was so much easier for her to care for.

The evolution of my hair from long and thick to short and thin

Thus began the up and down history of my hair, I would grow it out, it would thin and become limp, I would perm it and/or color it in an attempt to get thick, lustrous hair again, with some body…only to tire of having to curl and fix it every day, so I would cut it short.  As the years went by, and I had children and experimented with drugs and alcohol, my hair suffered the consequences. It got thinner and had less and less body.  Then again, my mother and grandmother both began with long thick hair and died with thin or barely existent hair. so, maybe it’s inherited-I’m not sure. I’ve tried thickening shampoos, medicated shampoos, essential oils and vitamins. Right now I’m on added Biotin, it seems to be helping somewhat.

My hair now-me with my brother

I do have to admit, while I like the look of long hair, having it short is sooooo much easier to take care of. There are days when I feel like washing it, adding some mousse and running out the door, but I just can’t do it. I feel naked if it isn’t fixed somewhat, like putting on a little make-up…I like to be at least presentable when leaving the house. 🙂 I have even considered wigs, scarves and hats, maybe it will come to that one day, but by then, hopefully I will be living by the beach and everyone knows you don’t care what your hair does there!



Day 227-Throwback Thursday-Meet Kaye

My Best Friend, Kaye

This is Kaye Wood, she’s my best friend, the one who has stuck with me for over twenty years, through thick and thin. We live an hour away from each other, yet we hardly ever see each other any more. We do talk on the phone and keep up on social media. She just lost her dad. It’s been and continues to be a rough year for death in the family. It has touched mine and many of my friends, is it do to us aging, I don’t know.

This pic must have been taken in the eighties, look at those specs, and the feathered hair. I bet we were at the skating rink for one of our kids birthday parties-then again, it might be the nineties and this is a night club…ugh my dang memory!

Kaye and I met when we moved into our first NRH home back when she and I were in the second grade. I still remember running up to meet her over our back fence, swinging and singing in my back yard and staying up til all hours if the night (once we were older) playing acey duecy on her backgammon set. We have shared so much with each other over the years, heartbreak, joy, sadness, elation and we have both known the pain of losing a parent now. (she has lost both of hers) We raised kids and compared notes. I saw her get married and divorced and remarried. She has seen me stay true to my man for over thirty years now. It makes no difference to our friendship, we just share our experiences.

We love each other like sisters, even when we haven’t seen each other for months. I love her smile and her laugh and the way she tells it like it is. I don’t know what it is she loves about me but there must be something for our friendship to have lasted as long as it has. I met Kaye as Kaye Polson, one of six kids that I grew up next door to. They all had names that started with K-Karl, Kaye, Kerry, Kim, Kris and Kent. Their parents were Georgia and Marv (George and Marv to us), and they were in the medical field. George was a nurse and Marv was a chiropractor. Maybe that influenced my decision to work in the medical field, who knows? All I know is that they took good care of us and all of our boo boos.

Who’s to say what private joke we were sharing in this pic? It was funny, whatever it was, and I snapped it just in time to catch that genuine smile! I just thought you’d like to meet the girl who’s been my friend since I was seven years old, so you can appreciate her like I do. She helped me get through losing my mom, and listens to all of my problems without judging me or trying to change me. I love her and will be her friend til the end!

Join me back here tomorrow for Flash Fiction Friday and the next installment of the series Angels of Arvada-Rescued! I hope to see you all and have a happy Thursday!



Day 213-Throwback Thursday-Cousin Love

Good morning everyone! Today my feature photo shows my baby, who is now 29, holding his infant cousin, who he now works with, lol! The irony!

Chris and Stephen
Chris and Stephen


This was taken right after we moved into our home in NRH, the same town we live in now. The look Christopher is giving me is priceless, (like he’s saying, chill mom, I got this)  and Stephen seems so happy and content in his arms. Today, they work together at the company Stephen’s dad (my brother-in-law) works for and they get along famously. This picture must have been taken within the first month of us moving in, because there is still paneling on the walls. That’s always the first thing to go when we buy a house we have to update. Then the carpets, and so on. This picture is especially funny when you consider the difference in height of the two boys. Stephen now towers over Chris, he must be around 6’4″ or so, and I’m not sure but I believe Chris is around 5’10”, maybe a little taller. Look at the hairstyle on Chris, rocking the mullet, like does everything else. Haha, he may kill me when he reads this.

I hope your day is great and the sun is warm and shining down on you wherever you are. Take care and I’ll see you all later, on the patio!  

Day 206-Throwback Thursday-My Man & Me

Dave and I from around 1989
Dave and I from around 1989

Back when the kids were little, we used to get family pictures made often, usually at Olan Mills. As they grew older and became teens, the frequency became less and now, with the advent of cell phones and such, no one hardly ever takes professional pictures anymore. I kinda miss that-except for the high cost of the packages.

This picture was taken around 1988-89 and is one of my favorite pictures of us. I need to put it in a frame and hang it up in fact, along with lots of others I haven’t had time to mess with. I love looking at it because it makes me think of how young and perfect we were, we just didn’t realize it at the time. Look at that hair, the perfectly clear and beautiful completions, I even had most of my original teeth!!! David’s hair was at the perfect length, and I love that haircut. My only regret is that I should have worn a darker colored shirt, white always makes me look washed out.

This was part of a family picture grouping I’m sure, I just happened to see it in the shoebox with lots of my other pics. Someday I’ll sit down and put all of our pictures in albums. Yeah, right! No, I really want to, it’s just so hard to find the time. It’s been on my to-do list for about 15 years! Tomorrow is his birthday, it’s his turn to be 55 and I think he still looks great, gray hair and all. Me, I wish I had a magic wrinkle eraser and all my hair back, just sayin. 😉

Day 199-Throwback Thursday-Sidewalk Cuties

Mary, myself, Edie and my brother Kevin
Mary, myself, Edie and my brother Kevin

In retrospect, I probably should have consulted my Dad before I thought about today’s post-my memory being what it is and all. Having said that, I believe this is a picture of us in California, when my cousins came for a visit. If not, I’m sure they will set me straight. I think it is though because of the age my brother is, the fact that there are sidewalks and nice houses in the picture, and I know that is around the time we lived there because I look about five or six, I went to kindergarten and half f first grade there, before we moved to Texas. Aren’t my cousins a couple of cuties?

This really illustrates the point that folks should put info on the backs of the pictures-something I neglected to do with mine as well, for people like me that can’t remember yesterday! Anyway, Mary Kate and Edie were the daughters of Shirley and Bob, Bob was one of my mother’s five brothers. The only surviving brother is the baby, Uncle Tony. He still lives in Lucedale with his wife Tammy and their clan of kids and grandkids. I really hope we get to go there for summer vacation this year, I miss everyone terribly and I believe Mary and my other cousin Glenn still live in the area as well. I’m not sure if Edie still lives there or if she moved to Washington where her son lives.

It’s so sad that we are out of touch, yet I understand that we all have busy lives, living in separate states makes it difficult to stay close and we don’t get the yearly family reunions like we did as kids to catch up with each other. My cousin Rosie and I were just talking on Facebook the other day about how nice it would be if we lived closer, and she could pop over for coffee and some of her oatmeal nut butter bars. Oh my, that would be Heaven to me! We would stay in trouble if I had my girls that close, I’d have them over all the time!

You can see from the picture that the sun was in our eyes, another reason I think this is California. My brother is peeking at us, or something down the sidewalk, I’m not sure. We are standing in order of age, I think. Mary is older than me by one year, Edie is one year younger and Kevin is three years younger than me. Again, if I’m wrong…sorry about my bad memory. I think it’s Rosie that’s the same age as me. My hair is long enough for pigtails in this pic, that was unusual, my Mom usually kept it short in pixie cuts because it was easier for her to take care of.

That’s my throwback for today…I’m off to stretch and take a hot bath. Did y’all do your stretches yesterday? I must not have done enough because my back is all tingly and my muscles are still tight. It will take a while to get back in the swing after neglecting it for so long. Join me tomorrow for Flashback Friday, Ill see you then, on the patio!