Day 52-Tips and Tricks Week-Car De-Icer

Ok folks, it’s Wednesday morning, one of my days off from working with Miss Stephanie, and I have lots to do. So, this post will be short but helpful for those of you who live in colder climates. Here in the DFW metroplex, we seldom get snow, however, what we do get is ICE! Rarely, but it happens, and it’s a pain when you are in a hurry and you have to stop and scrape ice off your windshield. (normally my car is in the garage, so I don’t have to worry much, but this tip/trick will help someone I’m sure, lol)

By the way, Miss Stephanie’s mom fell over the weekend and fractured her arm, she hopefully gets out of the hospital today so, send prayers for quick healing won’t you? That would be great, and thanks ahead of time.

This tip comes from and is so easy anyone can whip this up real quick.

All you need is a spray bottle filled about 1/3 with water.  Fill the rest of the bottle with Isopropyl Alcohol and shake it up! Spray your frozen windshield, car lock or whatever with the mixture and wait a few seconds and voila! Turn on the windshield wipers and you will be on your way! Keep a bottle in the car (labeled of course) and share this tip with your friends and family so they can take one with them too.

That’s it! You can head over to my Pinterest page under tips, tricks, hacks and books and find steps and pics if you need a nice visual. Thanks to Jessica over at for sharing the tip!

Can you believe it made it to 100 degrees here yesterday, and here I am talking about ice and snow, lol. It will be here sooner than I want it to. I’m a summer girl, water baby and I. Hate. Cold. That being said, 100 is a little much to take at this time of the year when its’s supposed to feel like fall. Good news is, we can still use the pool if we so desire-then again, there hasn’t been much time for that! So much to do, see, write about etc. Anyway, I’m off and running so, see y’all tomorrow when I share another useful hint, tip, trick or hack! Enjoy your day everyone!

Day 51-Tips and Tricks Week-How to Clean Your Crockpot (The Easy Way!)

Ok, I’m not going to necessarily make all the tips this week about cleaning, however, this one is a favorite of mine and after proving to myself it works, you should too!

No one likes to put a brand new meal in a stained, ugly crockpot. I know I don’t. I tried many methods to get that ring that wants to stay baked on off, but this is the one that works the best, very time!

I found this little gem on the website, and pinned it to my Pinterest board a long time ago. She has a video tutorial that makes it easy to follow, but I thought I’d just cover the steps here-it’s easy peasy! I’m not trying to copy anyone, I just know not everyone has Pinterest, so I wanted to share the best tips from around the web to help you all save time and money.

Ok- Step 1

Fill the crockpot with water to just above the ring of crud

Step 2

Add one cup of white vinegar for a 6 qt cooker, or 1/2 cup for a 3 qt

Step 3

Slowly add a cup of baking soda a spoonful or so at a time-wait until the bubbles die down between each spoonful

Step 4

Cover and turn your crockpot on to low for 4 hours

Step 5

Let the crockpot cool down and wash normally with soapy water.

Thats it! The ring will be totally gone and your crockpot will shine like new!

I hope you enjoyed this tip, feel free to check it out on my Pinterest board for the full tutorial with pics or go straight to the website I mentioned above. Thank you to Sarah for the awesome tip.

Feel free to comment below or ask a question and please keep those content comments coming in. I’ll be checking to see what everyone has voted for. I appreciate all the advice so far. I hope everyone has a lovely day, I’ll see you tomorrow when I share another cool tip to help with the coming cold weather (eventually :))!

See y’all then, I’ve got to go clean up my patio!