Day 8-Games Week-Trivia Crack

In the spirit of the games of the Olympics, I’ll be talking about games this week, but not those games however. Psyche! It’s kind of silly, but I want to talk about the games I like to play on my iPad, and iPhone. Some are kind of like team sports in a way, since you play with friends or some random person and some are to be enjoyed alone.


Unlike being ranked first like the US was today in volleyball, I do get a weekly ranking in some games. Why, today I was ranked 3rd for the week on one of my favorite games, Trivia Crack, in which you answer questions from several different categories like sports, history, arts, geography, entertainment and science, but my ranking was only because I’m only playing one other person right now. My worst category is history, so I’m trying to improve that (see, it’s educational) and my best categories are science and the arts.

I don’t feel bad about playing these games because in their own way they are helpful, whether just giving me something to do when experiencing down time (like while I’m watching the Olympics) or making me use the ole noggin, like this game which makes me remember facts.

image¬†First person spins and gets a category in which they have a multiple image image imagechoice answer. You get to spin and guess your answers until you miss one, then it’s the other person’s turn. As you move through, you get chances to get each of the 6 characters that represent each category. First one to get all 6 wins.

Who wants to play next? My user name is kimberlysmyth. ¬†What games (if any) do you like to play? Let me know in the comments and I’ll see you tomorrow where I’ll discuss another of my favorite games.