A Quick Update

Morning everyone, and how is your Sunday going?

Today I just wanted to give you all a quick update for my readers who may not know the latest status on me and my ever-changing situation.

I may be absent, or not, due to yet another setback to my condition. I suffered a fracture to my ankle on Wednesday night. This is on top of the two injuries I was already dealing with.

This was the first night. The fracture is right of my ankle I think.

Tomorrow I see my knee doc who also does ankles, thank goodness. Hopefully he will see things my way, stabilize my ankle and go ahead with my knee surgery.

More than likely though, he will stabilize my ankle and make me wait even longer to do my knee surgery. I also had a back injury that left me with sciatica all down my right leg.

Luckily, all the injuries are on my right leg. If you want the whole story, it’s over on my other blog, Words on a Page.

I’ve been forced to sit pretty much all weekend, as it’s hard to get around on crutches (no weight bearing on my right foot) and Dave has had to do for me on top of all he has to deal with (which is a lot right now.)

What is so frustrating is that as healthy as I try to be, my body keeps falling apart!

I appreciate your prayers, and patience as I work my way through all this, I’m more likely to post on the other blog right now since I can’t cook, or create anything to write about here. Thanks again, and have a blessed Sunday!!

The Good News and The Bad

The nurses preparing the stem cells for injection.


Thanks to all you prayer warriors out there I have good news to share! I was a perfect candidate for the stem cell procedure, my knee isn’t exactly bone on bone, the surgeon was only trying to help his own case. It hurt like a b*t#h but I should see improvement very soon.

The bad news is that I haven’t been able to put any weight on it since I got home, the swelling has not gone down, even after icing it all night. I’m hoping it spreads out during the night and my situation is better tomorrow, he did say to take it easy for several days.

We got a small percentage taken off the cost for attending the seminar three weeks ago, and lucky for me, I already don’t do or eat the things they tell you not to while you’re healing. I don’t smoke, eat gluten, or take NSAIDs, I’m not overweight, and I’m in halfway decent shape.

I appreciate your thoughts and prayers and will keep you posted of my progress. Good night everyone, sweet dreams!

Finally! She's's Here!

Rayven Star-my new granddaughter
Rayven Star-my new granddaughter

Everyone meet Rayven, my new granddaughter! She’s here at long last, making her debut at six pounds, four ounces and she is 17 inches long. That doesn’t surprise me, I’m 4′ 9″ and Josh isn’t much taller. I haven’t met Taylor, her mommy, but I think she’s pretty short as well. I can’t wait to meet them, it may be awhile, they live in Ohio right now and we are waaay down here in Texas. I just wanted to show her off since I’ve been going on, and on about her for several weeks now.

Baby Rayven
Baby Rayven

This one was right after she was born. I think she favors Josh right now, only she has dark hair and he was blonde until adulthood. I’m sure I’ll be posting more pics as they come in. When y’all get tired of it, just let me know. For now, I’m proud as a peacock and want to shout it to the world! I saved the best for last, here she is where you can see that hair.

Snug as a bug in a rug!
Snug as a bug in a rug!

Thanks for allowing me to brag and show off, I hope you enjoy the pics and be on the lookout for more updates. I’m out for now, I’ll be celebrating tonight on the patio! 👶🏻

A Quick Update

I’m here in the hospital, sitting with Dad as he is resting after having TURP surgery today. For those who don’t know, TURP stands for transurethral resection of the prostate. It is done to remove parts of the prostate gland through the penis. It is often done to relieve symptoms caused by an enlarged prostate. It has nothing to do with cancer. In my Dad’s case, it was needed to remove some of the prostate tissue that had grown into the bladder, causing an obstruction and making him not only retain urine, but not let it pass through either. The hope is, after the surgery he will be able to urinate normally and won’t need the catheter anymore. He will go home with it and wear it for tow or three days while he recovers, to make sure all the tiny clots get flushed out.

He’s a trooper! He’s been the usual model patient, low to no pain, eating and drinking normally, no complaints at all really. He is being flushed with bag after bag of fluid an they keep getting lighter as the day grows longer. I don’t expect him to take long to get back to normal, and thank everyone for all your prayers. I just wanted to give everyone a quick update. It’s funny, we hung out all day like we usually do-just without being able to shoot pool! 😉

Day 88- A Couple of Updates

Earlier in the week, I shared some news about my Dad and my hubby. Just a quick update on my Dad- He had to be catheterized again (as I anticipated), and he will need surgery in a couple of weeks, due to the results found in the tests they performed on Tuesday. We are hoping it is a solution to the problem and he can do without the catheter in the future, however, if this turns out not to be the case, he is resigned to learn how to self-cath for temporary relief. He understands this and has made his peace with it.

Yesterday, I went on the great gluten-free beer hunt, searching four different establishments and, to my surprise, I found the one I want my hubby to try…in three different places! Sprouts stores have a pretty good selection of gluten free beers, including Omission, the one I talked about in my post the other day. Goody Goody Liquor had a few, however, they charged more. Same for Whole Foods in Colleyville, they are expensive on all of their offerings, so I traipsed off to find Central Market because I heard they will let you “create your own 6-pack”, this was not the case at the Southlake store. In fact, I couldn’t find any assistants and when I did get some direction, could not find any of the beers in singles. I wanted him to try one to see if he liked it before committing to a whole 6-pack. Alas, this was not to be, I will probably go back to Sprouts and pick up a 6-pack of the Lager Omission offers and try to find a different gluten-free beer to try myself, since none of the other stores offered the Treason Ale by Dogfish Head.

It was interesting that I did find a few to choose from though, and I’m sure as it catches on, there will be more. I can’t wait to see his reaction and share it with you guys. Meanwhile, I’ll just sip my latest cabernet I picked up from Goody Goody, called Darkhorse. It was pretty good as I remember from past experience. It’s allowed on Paleo if y’all remember me saying so once upon a time…as well as vodka, tequila…anyway, now I sound like a lush so I’ll be quiet and go try to dream up a story for the writing prompt “scissors”. Any suggestions?? I’d appreciate some, the due date is midnight tomorrow if I want to be featured on The Weekly Knob this week. Comment below and I’ll be watching for them on the pato. 🙂