What A Beautiful Tuesday!

Morning everyone, or should I say afternoon? I have a lot to do today so I will make it quick for now. I got my lab work done this morning for next week’s appt. with Dr. Epstein, my wonderful nephrologist. Pretty sure he is from Jersey or New York, he is such a card and also a snazzy dresser!

Handsome devil too, although he is a little whiter up top these days.

Yes, he is from New Jersey, as I just read in his bio. I really enjoy our twice-yearly get-togethers, I’m hoping I can keep this up forever!

After my lab work, I made a QT for some coffee, and went to visit Stephanie and drop off my spare key so it could be used by Aimee! (I just wrote a rap!)

Her dad and I had a nice visit and caught up on her mom’s health. Lynn (her dad) offered some advice on my wig but said he liked it, and I found out his neighbor Fred is not adjusting to his new place in Minnesota so well. Steph looks good and I’m so happy things are working out well with Aimee and she was the perfect person to fill my spot and give Stephanie the care and companionship she really needs. I miss everyone but I’m so glad I live close enough to visit often. Sadly I took no pictures to share, maybe next time!

I saw this quote on Facebook and copied it to my timeline, as it has meaning for not only me but one of my boys as well: actually, all my boys!

Don’t let fear hold you back from accomplishing your goals and dreams

I think I have been guilty of this myself but I think it applies to my son right now as he questions his job and his relationships.

I am looking forward to tomorrow’s meeting with my new girlfriend group-the over 40/50 girls who are also members of the RHS (Red Hat Society). We are going to see the new adaptation of Murder on the Orient Express at Movie Tavern. Which reminds me, I need to go call them again and see if I can finish the process of joining up. Then I will be a Red Hat too!

If anyone wants more info on how to join either group, please call Laura Smallman at (817) 583-9420 or The Red Hat Society 1-866-386-2850 (toll-free)

Membership to the RHS is open to all women of any age now. Go have some fun!

By the way, the weather is gorgeous outside today, I may have to get in a walk later, for now though, I’m happy with writing to the sound of nothing more than my windchimes busily tinkling away as the wind blows hundreds of acorns atop my roof, down my sidewalks and all over my lawn. :/

So I realized just now that I never hit publish this afternoon! Oops! My walk ended up being a furious hour and a half in the front yard, sweeping, raking, and bagging up leaves and acorns. We got upsetting news from my son about his court date today and that was my outlet. Say a prayer please that he is ok and that his continued battle for vindication turns out better than things did today. Goodnight all. 😕

New Week New Theme-What Do You Think?

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I thought I would change my theme and start with something fresh and clean this week. It’s getting close to the holiday and also closer to my surgery date (Nov 30) so I was feeling like a change. I think it has one of those rolling headers that changes every time you look at it.

I also changed my profile pic on Facebook to the selfie in my new wig, since I will be wearing that a lot now that the weather is cooling down. When it’s warm, I’ll opt for a hat. I even tried a wig AND a hat one day, not bad!

I had a record writing week last week (according to Grammarly) and today I’m just not feeling it. Ever have one of those days? My challenging but interesting jobs at Crowd Content dried up and I looked for work for a while and then decided to take a break and clean up the house. Last week I blogged every single day without even thinking about it or trying hard for that matter, and today I’m just bleh. Grammarly is a great app to have because it corrects your bad grammar or other writing mistakes as you’re typing, so there isn’t as much self-editing to do! I posted my results on Facebook since I got a productivity achievement and all, lol.

Grammarly gives you weekly updates on your progress.

I did go to Bunco Saturday night, and Jenna Lasanta’s baby shower yesterday! So I have a couple of pics to share…I won’t share them all since some of you see/follow me on facebook, you’ve probably seen them already. Jenna is the wife of my son’s high school friend Ryan Lasanta.

Jenna and her sweet mom Donna
Snacks for the guests
Ryan getting his grill on before the big game
All the kids wanted to feel the baby moving, so cute!

A good time was had by all, we left early because we were doing family dinner last night. There was only five of us but we got all the gumbo, lol. I’m off to fold clothes and get more writing inspiration. Have a happy Monday everyone!


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Day 127-31 Day Blog Challenge (day 5)


Day 5 of the 31 Day Blog Challenge asks what’s my guilty pleasure?

Well, it used to be a certain tv show-back in the days when sin and decadence wasn’t on every channel. Now that we are desensitized however, I can’t even think of the name of it, there have been so many. You know, those shows where either the sex or the violence is so  vivid and in-your-face you say to yourself, “I can’t believe I’m watching this!” Yea, that’s it. I believe it might have been Sons of Anarchy or something. Or was it American Horror Story? That’s pretty explicit as well. So, it’s a guilty pleasure because although I feel guilty watching them, I actually enjoy them. My little secret. Of course, there’s always margaritas! That one is pretty high on the list too!! 😉

What is yours? Can’t wait to read all about it folks! Bring it on, this girl wants to live vicariously through you! Stay warm, stay dry, have a great day-I’m off to venture out in the cold and see what Miss Stephanie is up to today. Oh, we get our kitchen cabinets today-Yea!! I’ll be a happy camper when I get home. Dave is staying home until they are installed to make sure it all goes smoothly.



Day 112-Free Days-Saturday Fun

Yesterday we made more progress in the kitchen with the help of my youngest son Christopher. It is so nice to have his help and for him to be so knowledgable and skilled, really helps my husband out and makes the job go so much faster.

Another step closer as walls go back in
Another step closer as walls go back in

I serve as food service and clean up crew,  as walls go back in and electrical boxes are reworked. I saw my husband get shocked twice, something that scares the crap out of me-my Dad almost lost his life to the very same thing. (Although that was a work accident, not something he did at home)

While the guys  work, I talk to Chris, trying to glean as many facts as I can to help me understand his busy life and relationships. He is doing well, working hard and managing his own finances, spending as much time as he possibly can with his girlfriend and roommates, although it’s not much-he is on call most of the time, due to the nature of his new job.  He works for a large disaster and  restoration company (Belfor) and has to go when disaster occurs.

While challenging, the job has taught him many new skills and will continue to do so. He gets to travel sometimes as well, depending on what the nature of the disaster is. So far, he has been lucky and not had to deal with anything gruesome. That day will come though, I just pray he has the strength and stomach to deal with it.  They go to everything from floods to fires, weather related disasters and man made messes.  The job has helped him not only hone his construction skills, but people skills as well. Some day he will be managing crews on big jobs, so learning to deal with homeowners and listening to supervisors teaches him valuable lessons.

I’m lucky to have skilled handymen in my life, from my Dad to my hubby and kids-my sisters- and brother-in-law all help to save us money and help us create a better, more productive use of our space and modernize the dated condition our house was in when we purchased it a year ago.

When the work was done for the day, my husband and I headed off to Dallas for an electric expo that was going on, stopping at the mall for a short shopping break (I needed new jeans) and I saw the most expensive television I’ve ever laid eyes on! This monster was 100 inches and featured LED technology-the cost? $60, 000!!! What?? Why? How could anyone afford that? It was too much for my mind to process, so we moved on to the theater room, where I was treated to the experience of viewing a movie (or a few minutes of one anyway) while sitting in motion activated seating. That was cool! As the action happened on the screen, the chairs rocked and rolled, making you feel like you were riding along.  I could get used to that!

The Bunco Queens showing off their prizes
The Bunco Queens showing off their prizes

img_3642 img_3645After we got back, I hurried off to a night of Bunco with the group I played with a couple of months ago. It was a fun night, complete with snacks and prizes-although I didn’t win one. It’s fun to get out and socialize with the ladies every once in a while. Funny thing, the older we get, the more that health problems become the topic of conversation. I was glad when it turned around to crafts and was treated to pictures one very talented lady showed us of her latest crocheted creations.

All in all, it was a fun and productive Saturday and I’m getting ready to go and help the family ready my mother-in-law’s house for the coming Thanksgiving celebration. There is much work to do, so I’ll catch y’all later. Stay warm and I’ll catch y’all later!

Day 36-Free Days-Reason to Celebrate


Ok, I found this flag pic on Pinterest and thought it represented my hope that you all had a fabulous Labor Day weekend. 🇺🇸 It kind f reminds me of the old ads where the kid says, with arms out wide, “I love you this much!”

I “worked” a few hours this morning and spent the afternoon with friends, I say worked that way because my job isn’t like work at all, I’m simply helping someone out and we’ve created such a bond that it doesn’t feel like work at all.  Since the holiday is about   celebrating the achievements of American workers, I thought it appropriate to say I did work for a little bit today.

Labor Day is really a tribute to the American Labor force and what it took to improve work place conditions. On this day in 1882, several thousand workers took to the streets of New York to participate in possibly the first Labor Day parade ever. They took time off with no pay. It was important to get the message across and became so popular that other states soon passed legislation to make it a holiday as well.

The official holiday wasn’t approved until 1894 and while the founder of it is still in question, that doesn’t stop millions of people from observing it. So, I do hope you had fun in whatever way you chose to celebrate today, I know we did-alcohol free for me, but plenty of pool time and fun in the sun. We also ate bbq, a very popular thing to do. How do you celebrate Labor Day? Did you work or get the day off? Let me know in the comments and I’ll see you tomorrow, when hopefully I’ll have come up with a new theme for this week. 😉